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IBM 000-869 Exam -

Free 000-869 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following must the customer keep current in order to avoid a Marketing After License fee?
A. Hardware maintenance
B. Software maintenance
C. SupportLine contract
D. ConsultLine contract
Answer: B

2. User management has decided to track average and maximum interactive response times in a partition dedicated to order entry transactions. Management wants notification when response times reach a specific threshold. Which of the following methods will accomplish this task?
A. Use the CRTPFRMON command to create a performance monitor with the interactive threshold limit set.
B. Create a performance monitor in Management Central to monitor response times in the order entry partition.
C. Create a command definition in Management Central to monitor all the partitions on the machine and put an event alert in the order entry partition.
D. Use Performance Tools management feature to set an interactive response time threshold on the order entry partition and send a break message to the system operator.
Answer: B

3. PTFs have just been installed on a System i with multiple i5/OS partitions. DSPPTF displays the status message 'Server IPL is Required.' Which of the following will cause this message to be cleared?
A. A power down and IPL of the managed system
B. IPL of the service partition to apply the PTFs
C. Installation of the latest service package on the HMC
D. An IPL of one or more partitions to apply PTFs and service packages
Answer: A

4. Which of the following is unique to System i 595 firmware updates?
A. Synchronizing FSPs
B. Saving upgrade data
C. Bulk Power Controller
D. Saving critical console data
Answer: C

5. What is the general rule for support of multiple i5/OS releases with Management Central?
A. n+2 release from the central system
B. n-2 release from the central system
C. Either n+2 or n-2 release from the central system
D. All systems must be at the same release of the central system
Answer: C

6. Which of the following is the appropriate command to work with software agreements?
Answer: C

7. A customer has a System i model 550 with 16 GB of memory and with six 10K RPM disk drives. The system has high database disk activity and low CPU utilization. Which of the following would be the least disruptive approach to improving the overall system performance?
A. Add more disk drives.
B. Activate Expert Cache.
D. Set System value QPFRADJ to 2.
Answer: B

8. Which i5/OS V5R4 VPN service enhancement improves security when it transfers sensitive data?
A. Traffic Flow Confidentiality in Tunnel mode
B. AES Extended Sequence Number in Tunnel mode
C. Traffic Flow Confidentiality in Transport mode
D. AES Extended Sequence Number in Transport mode
Answer: A

9. A customer has the following configuration:
Partition A: i5/OS: Shared Uncapped Processor: 1.75; Virtual Processors: 2
Partition B: i5/OS: Shared Capped Processor: 0.60; Virtual Processors: 1
Partition C: i5/OS: Shared Capped Processor: 0.40; Virtual Processors: 1
Partition D: Linux: Shared Uncapped Processor: 1.25; Virtual Processors: 2
The customer is currently in compliance with i5/OS licensing requirements.
Management wants to convert the capped processor partitions to uncapped processing to meet dynamic workload requirements. Which of the following correctly describes the i5/OS licensing consequences of this change?
A. The existing i5/OS licensing will be adequate.
B. One additional i5/OS processor enablement will be required.
C. Two additional i5/OS processor enablements will be required.
D. Three additional i5/OS processor enablements will be required.
Answer: B

10. A customer has a System i model 520 with two i5/OS partitions: Production and Development. Management wants the firmware updated from i5/OS on the Production partition. In addition to designating the Production partition as the "service partition" in the HMC Managed System configuration, which of the following items must also be completed?
A. Sign on to ASMI with user ID ADMIN. Expand System Configuration>Firmware Update Policy, and change the setting from "HMC" to "Operating system."
B. In iSeries Navigator, expand the Production partition, then expand "Configuration and Service." Click Logical Partitions and check the "Firmware Service" checkbox.
C. On the Production partition, sign on to DST at the system console. Select option 5 (Work with DST Environment), then option 4 (System Values). Set the QFSPSRV value to 1.
D. In the HMC, expand "Server and Partitions>Server Management>Partitions." View the properties for the Production partition and add FSPUPDATE to the partition workload group in the "Other" tab.
Answer: A

11. A customer has a System i model 520 Enterprise Edition with a single i5/OS partition. The HTTP server and WAS 6 Express for iSeries are installed. Management wants an additional instance of WAS 6 configured. Which of the following correctly describes how to create an additional instance of WAS 6?
A. Access the HTTP Administrator interface with a browser. Select the HTTP server configuration, then the Manage Application Servers tab.
B. Start QSHELL and start the WebSphere console with the following commands:
cd /QIBM/ProdData/WebASE60/ASE/bin startManager -instance new
C. In iSeries Navigator, access the system Networks>Servers>TCPIP>HTTP Administration. Right click to view the server properties and click the Application Servers tab.
D. From a 5250 terminal, use the CFGTCP command to access the TCP/IP configuration menu. Select the option to configure HTTP, then the option to configure WebSphere Application Server.
Answer: A

12. A customer has scheduled a job using the Management Central Scheduler. The system operator has noticed that the job has stopped running and errors are appearing in the Management Central server job logs. Which of the following could have caused these error conditions?
A. The system value QACTJOBS has been set to 1.
B. The system value QDSCJOBITV has been set to 1.
C. The CHGJOB command has been issued to change the job schedule.
D. The WRKJOBSCDE command has been used to modify the scheduled jobs.
Answer: D

13. A customer wants to prevent end users with no special authority from viewing spool files that will be printed
on printer P1. Which of the following commands would they use?
Answer: D

14. Which system value must be set to '1' before the Universal Connection Wizard is functional?
Answer: D

15. A System i model 520 customer currently has a 1 Gb Ethernet adapter and is running V5R4. They have SNA data that needs to go over the TCP/IP network. Which of the following procedures will address the requirement?
A. Configure Enterprise Extenders.
B. Configure Websphere MQ for System i.
C. Configure a TCP/IP controller and device description.
D. Configure an SNA APPC controller and device description.
Answer: A

16. When using the HMC to set up a scheduled move of an IOP or IOA, the screen prompts for the "target." Which of the following correctly describes the "target" of the operation?
A. The IOA/IOP that is moved.
B. The partition to which resources are added.
C. The managed system that houses the partitions.
D. The partition from which resources are removed.
Answer: D

17. The CFGSYSSEC command does which of the following?
A. Turns on security auditing, changes system values, and turns on job accounting.
B. Turns on security auditing, changes user profiles, and modifies job descriptions.
C. Turns on security auditing, changes system values, and modifies system supplied user profiles.
D. Turns on security auditing, changes security level, and removes *ALLOBJ authority from profiles.
Answer: C

18. Which of the following is a valid reason to implement non-switched iASPs?
A. To improve backup performance
B. To separate processors among applications
C. To consolidate servers with the same libraries onto one system
D. To enhance application performance by forcing utilization to a single disk pool
Answer: C

19. A V5R4 customer desires the most complete backup for disaster recovery purposes with the shortest recovery time. The backup window is not an issue. Which parameters should he set on the save library command?
Answer: C

20. Which of the following correctly describes the type of tape drive emulated by virtual tape at V5R4?
A. A multiple tape drive library
B. Multiple tape drives with autoloaders
C. A single tape drive with auto-cartridge loader set to random mode
D. A single tape drive with auto-cartridge loader set to sequential mode
Answer: C

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