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IBM 000-867 Exam -

Free 000-867 Sample Questions:

1. A customer is migrating from a Model 720 to an eServer i5 520. They want to validate the performance improvement after migrating to the new system. Which statement defines the correct method of verifying the application's performance on the 520?
A. Run STRPFRMON on both systems and compare CPU utilization on both systems.
B. Run WRKSYSSTS on both systems and compare the CPU utilization on both machines.
C. Have users manually measure response time of the applications on both systems and document the results.
D. Run the Management Central system monitor on both systems with the same users and job mix to produce system reports for analysis.
Answer: D

2. A customer's application is fully journaled and uses commitment control. They would like to use the Save-While-Active function. Which of the following correctly implements this?
A. Use the SAVWHLACT command.
B. Install the BRMS Save-While-Active function.
C. Use the SAVACT parameter on the SAVJRNRCV command. All users can continue working.
D. Use the SAVACT parameter on the SAVLIB command. Have all users exit the application until a checkpoint is reached.
Answer: D

3. An eServer i5 520 configuration includes the system unit, two FC #5095 towers, and two IXA attached xSeries servers. When cabling this system, what is the recommended placement for the units in the HSL loop?
A. 520 > IXA > FC #5095 > FC #5095 > IXA > 520
B. 520 > IXA > FC #5095 > IXA > FC #5095 > 520
C. 520 > FC #5095 > IXA > IXA > FC #5095 > 520
D. 520 > FC #5095 > FC #5095 > IXA > IXA > 520
Answer: C

4. Which of the following is the minimum requirement to run SuSE Linux in a logical partition on an eServer i5?
C. SLES 8 with fixpack 3
D. SLES 8.1
Answer: A

5. A customer's iSeries has a #2805 PCI Quad Modem IOA, and their PCs have modems and iSeries Access. What can be configured in iSeries Navigator to provide access to the iSeries with no additional hardware requirements?
A.SNA connections to connect to Net.Comm on the PCs
B.Netserver on each PC with SNA over TCP/IP protocol on the PCs
C.PPP connections to connect to Microsoft Windows Dial-up Networking
D.Dial-up access to the V.24 lines to connect to Host Connect on the PCs
Answer: C

6. Where in iSeries Navigator is the remote system authentication validation list for dial-in access maintained?
A. Security
B. Users and Groups
C. Receiver Connection Profile
D. Originator Connection Profile
Answer: C

7. Which of the following is required to receive Licensed Internal Code PTFs?
A. SupportLine contract
B. iSeries Software Subscription
C. IBM hardware maintenance coverage
D. Electronic Service Agent for iSeries
Answer: C

8. A customer has a 3590 Model E11 installed using a PCI tape adapter in an existing AS/400e Model 740. A processor upgrade to an i840 is being planned. What changes are needed to ensure the highest possible tape performance?
A. Install an HSL loop and install an HSL adapter on the 3590.
B. Migrate the existing tape adapter to Bus 0 of the i840 system unit.
C. Install an HSL loop and include the existing tape adapter for the 3590 in the Migration Tower on the i840.
D. Install a PCI Fibre Channel tape controller in the i840 and install a Fibre Channel feature conversion on the 3590.
Answer: D

9. A customer wants to configure a TCP/IP attached ASCII laser printer for use with their iSeries system. Which configuration method will allow for the most printer functionality?
A. Configure a remote output queue for the printer device.
B. Configure a printer device description with class *VRT and attachment of *IP.
C. Configure a printer device description with class *RMT and attachment of *IP.
D. Configure a printer device description with class *LAN and attachment of *IP.
Answer: D

10. A customer has a FC #2791 Integrated xSeries Server (IXS) with an 850 MHz processor running Microsoft Windows NT Server Version 4. The external LAN connection from the IXS is a 100Mbps Ethernet. They would like to replace the FC #2791 with a FC #4710 IXS with a 2.0 GHz processor. Which of the following is required in order to replace the adapter?
A. Microsoft Windows Server 2000 or 2003 must be installed on the FC #4710.
B. The external IXS LAN Ethernet port must be upgraded from 100Mbps to 1Gbps.
C. Service Pack 5 (or later service pack) for Microsoft NT Version 4 must be installed.
D. An additional iSeries LAN IOA must be installed for the shared i5/OS LAN connections.
Answer: A

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