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IBM 000-866 Exam -

Free 000-866 Sample Questions:

1.A customer has an i820 running V5R2, processor feature #2435 (600 CPW) with interactive feature #1522 (70 CPW). Currently, 50 CPW interactive and 540 batch CPW are being used. A Webfaced application is being added that uses 120 CPW. What changes are needed to meet the new requirements?
A.Upgrade to i5/OS V5R3.
B.Upgrade the processor to feature #2436 (1100 CPW).
C.Upgrade the existing processor interactive feature to #1524 (240 CPW).
D.Install the Webfacing V5R1 PRPQ to eliminate the interactive component of Webfacing.
Answer: B

2.What is the maximum number of OS/400 and/or Linux partitions that can be configured on a single processor of an i810?
Answer: B

3.A business partner is developing a proposal to upgrade a customer's installed i825. The business partner is unable to access the customer's PM/400e data on the Web. What is the most likely reason for this problem?
A.The business partner is not at the Premier level.
B.The business partner does not have the latest software or service pack required to query the online database.
C.The database record may be in use, and the business partner needs to try again later.
D.The customer has not authorized the business partner to view the data.
Answer: D

4.An iSeries administrator is attempting to download PTFs via the IBM FTP server but is unable to get an Internet connection. The administrator can PING any address in the private network but cannot PING any Internet sites. Which of the following is a probable cause of the problem?
A.A default route to an Internet gateway is not configured.
B.The iSeries needs to have a dedicated Ethernet IOA for Internet.
C.The iSeries Firewall is not active.
D.The iSeries FTP server is not running.
Answer: A

5.A customer has a Model 720 with thirtyfive 8.58GB disk drives with RAID protection running heavy OLTP. The Business Partner proposed an upgrade to an i810. What should be recommended as the best performing disk configuration?
A.Add four 70.56GB drives RAIDprotected
B.Use the 810's single load source drive and attach the 720 as a migration tower
C.Add a 7116 Expansion unit and use twelve 35.16GB drives
D.Order one new 2757 PCIX RAID controller and migrate all the old 8.58GB to a 5094 Expansion Tower
Answer: C

6.A hospital is planning to migrate all of its applications to an iSeries. There is a strict requirement for system availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Which of the following solutions should be recommended?
A.Two iSeries systems with ObjectConnect/400
B.One iSeries system with mirrored disk storage
C.Two iSeries systems and a thirdparty high availability software solution
D.Two iSeries systems and DataPropagator Relational Capture and Apply for iSeries
Answer: C

7.A customer is installing a new LAN and wants to use TCP/IP. They intend to connect to the Internet at some time in the future. Why would they want to use Class A addresses in the range of to for the internal network?
A.Class A addresses in this range can be routed to the Internet.
B.IP addresses in this range are not used as a host IP address on the Internet.
C.The governing body for IP addressing (InterNIC) requires internal networks use this address range.
D.It is easier to set up IP addresses in this range and provides a wide range of options for future expansion.
Answer: B

8.A customer has an i825 with the following features installed: ? 1 FC #2757 disk controller ? 1 FC
#9793 Integrated Modem ? 1 FC #4746 Twinaxial workstation IOA ? 2 FC #2844 64MB IOPs ? 1 FC
#5712 PCIX
Tape IOA ? 1 FC #4710 Integrated xSeries Server with a 10/100 Ethernet IOA Due to growth in the load on the existing xSeries server, the customer needs an additional Integrated xSeries Server. What must be added to install the second Integrated xSeries Server?
A.FC #2844 64MB IOP
B.FC #5034 Migration Tower
C.FC #5094, #5095, or #0588 PCIX Expansion Tower
D.FC #5094, #5095, or #0588 PCIX Expansion Tower and a #2844 64MB IOP
Answer: C

9.In an OS/400 Logical Partitioning (LPAR) environment with a primary partition running V5R2 on a POWER4 processor, which of the following operating system combinations are supported as secondary partitions?
A.OS/400 V5R1, OS/400 V5R2, and Linux
B.OS/400 V5R2, AIX, and Linux
C.OS/400 V5R1 and OS/400 V5R2
D.OS/400 V5R2 and Linux
Answer: D

10.A customer has installed Lotus Domino on an iSeries system. What command must be part of their backup strategy to ensure that their Lotus Domino data files are backed up?
Answer: A

11.A customer currently has a nonIBM rack and wants to use it for their new eServer i5 520. What needs to be done prior to installation?
A.Contact the local IBM CE to get approval to use.
B.Validate that it is a industry standard rack.
C.Document it is a standard relay rack.
D.Verify it is a standard open frame rack.
Answer: A

12.Which of the following allows the iSeries to continue operating even with a failed disk?
A.Cross Site mirroring
D.Single level storage
Answer: B

13.Which nocharge function of OS/400 provides iSeries file and printer sharing through Windows Network Neighborhood?
C.iSeries Navigator
D.Integrated File System
Answer: B

14.A customer with a fully utilized iSeries Model 800 Value Edition (300/25 CPW) would like to implement WebSphere Portal on the iSeries. What is the minimum eServer i5 520 processor that meets the requirements?
A.i5 520 Express Edition 500/30 CPW
B.i5 520 Value Edition 1000/60 CPW
C.i5 520 Enterprise Edition 2400 CPW
D.i5 520 Standard Edition 3300 CPW
Answer: C

15.Which of the following is a benefit of attaching an xSeries to an iSeries with the Integrated xSeries Adapter?
A.The xSeries can share the DASD of the iSeries.
B.The xSeries can share the system console of the iSeries.
C.OS/400 users can access Windows applications from twinax terminals.
D.The xSeries can share the DASD of a Linux Partition with file update capability.
Answer: A

16.A company's policy requires the following for its Internet connection: ? Protection against SYN floods ? Protection against address spoofing ? No inbound traffic on any port not specifically opened ? Translation of private addresses used internally to public addresses Which of the following will best meet the requirements?
A.Remote access server
B.Proxy server
Answer: D

17.A customer is evaluating a new eServer i5 520 and plans to implement Logical Partitioning (LPAR). The customer will have three logical partitions, two i5/OS partitions, and one Linux partition. What is the minimum number of processors the system must have to support this configuration?
Answer: A

18.A customer with a Model 830 and a FC #5079 1.8M I/O Expansion tower attached plans to migrate to a new eServer i5 520. The #5079 has 8.58GB 10K RPM and 17.54GB 10K RPM disk units.
The customer is unsure whether they should migrate the #5079 to the new 520. What are the configuration considerations for optimum I/O performance?
A.HSL2, PCIX adapters, 15K RPM disk units
B.Cross Site Mirroring, HMC, SPD attachment
C.Virtualization, LPAR, hot swappable disk units
D.RAID5 IOP redundancy, POWER5, rack mountable
Answer: A

19.A customer is building a new machine with five LPARs. Equipment will be POWER5, and the OS will be i5/OS. Three of the LPARs will have significant data transfer between them utilizing the virtual LAN. Performance of the data transfer is critical. Which of the following should be taken into consideration when designing the LPAR environment?
A.All of the IOP/IOAs running disk storage must be on the "short" side of the Multi Adapter Bridge Boundary.
B.The IOP/IOA combinations of the LPARs must be the same to optimize disk utilization.
C.The HSL configuration must be all HSL2 (RIOG) and utilize the shortest cable possible.
D.The amount of memory in the base pool of each of the LPARs involved in data transfer must be higher than usual.
Answer: D

20.A customer running V5R3 needs to have weekly access to a 250GB database history file on their iSeries. Which of the following would provide an economical method for storing this data?
A.Disk Mirroring
B.Object Connect
C.Disk compression with 35.16GB drives
D.RAID5 with a FC 2757 RAID controller and 70.56GB drives
Answer: D

21.An i825 customer has a department that currently runs independently on a Microsoft Windows LAN with a variety of PC clients attached (Microsoft Windows workstations). This department now needs access to iSeries 5250 applications as well as their current applications. Which of the following should be recommended to allow these devices to connect to the installed iSeries?
A.Install a Microsoft SNA Gateway in the LAN server and use TN5250 software on the PCs.
B.Install 5250 emulation cards in all PCs and run Personal Communications/400 software on the PCs.
C.Install an Integrated xSeries Server for iSeries with a single LAN adapter.
D.Utilize the iSeries' integrated LAN adapter and install IBM iSeries Access for Windows on the PCs.
Answer: D

22.When using the Workload Estimator, which of the following criteria is the most important in sizing iSeries for Domino models?
A.Number of calendar users
B.Number of mail protocol users
C.Number of mail and calendaring users
D.Number of Post Office Protocol (POP3) users
Answer: C

23.A single HMC can control which of the following?
A.2 eServer i5 systems
B.10 eServer i5 systems
C.40 eServer i5 systems
D.254 eServer i5 systems
Answer: A

24.A Model 830 customer with 10 8.58GB 10K RPM disk units is migrating to an eServer i5 520 and has a requirement for an additional 350GB of DASD on the new system. What are the considerations favoring new disk units for the 520 configuration?
A.15K RPM disk rotation, throughput, HSL2
B.PCI controllers not migratable, lower cost, CrossSite Mirroring
C.Lack of SPD support, i5/0S support for #4317's and #4318's, lower cost of 35GB disk units
D.i5/OS DASD virtualization support, 35GB disk performance, lower PCIX costs
Answer: A

25.A customer running V5R2 on an i810 is planning an upgrade to V5R3 prior to a hardware change to an eServer i5 520. What is the sequence that is recommended by IBM to accomplish the upgrade?
A.Install the V5R3 upgrade PTFs and accept the software license agreements prior to the V5R3 upgrade.
B.Perform a SLIP install of the V5R3 licensed internal code, accept the license agreements, and continue the upgrade.
C.Permanently apply all of the V5R2 PTFs and perform an automatic install of the operating system.
D.Uninstall the V5R2 License Manager (5722LC1) and install the V5R3 software license agreements. Accept the license agreements and continue with the upgrade.
Answer: A

26.A customer has an AS/400 Model 720, processor FC #2061/1502 (240 CPW/120 interactive CPW processor group P20)installed. The current AS400 workload uses 80 interactive CPW. They also have three Microsoft Exchange servers with 600 mail users. The customer wants to increase interactive capacity by at least 100%, add Linux partitions for firewall, and consolidate their existing Exchange servers. Which of the following iSeries solutions will satisfy the customer's requirement for the least cost?
A.eServer i5 520 Standard Edition (6000 CPW/processor group P30)
B.eServer i5 520 Standard Edition (1000 CPW/processor group P10)
C.eServer i5 520 Enterprise Edition (1000 CPW/processor group P10)
D.eServer i5 520 Enterprise Edition (6000 CPW/processor group P30)
Answer: C

27.Which of the following benefits can be derived from iSeries ObjectBased Architecture?
A.Improved scalability
B.Improved system integrity
C.Reduced disk utilization
D.Automated storage management
Answer: B

28.An iSeries customer running i5/OS and Windows desktop workstations would like to implement single signon.
The password changes made on the user workstations should be reflected in the i5/OS environment. Which of the following meets the requirements?
A.OS/400 Windows Integration V5R3 5722WSV
B.OS/400 Enterprise Identity mapping and Windows Active Directory
C.OS/400 PASE and Kerberos
D.OS/400 SSL
Answer: B

29.A customer with an AS/400 Model 720 running OS/400 V4R5 is planning a migration to an eServer i5 520. What is the correct sequence of events to migrate the customer to the new system?
A.Save the Model 720 with upgrade menu option 30, and then perform an unload/reload to the 520.
B.Upgrade the Model 720 to V5R2, migrate the load source to the 520, and restore the balance of the data.
C.Upgrade the Model 720 to V5R3 and convert the Model 720 to a Migration Tower and connect it to the 520.
D.Upgrade the Model 720 to V5R2, upgrade the Model 720 to V5R3, and then perform an unload/reload to the 520.
Answer: D

30.When configuring an iSeries system with LAN Console and eight TCP/IP interfaces, what is the minimum number of LAN IOAs required?
Answer: B

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