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IBM 000-859 Exam -

Free 000-859 Sample Questions:

1. The Chief Information Officer indicates that their company is pursuing a website expansion because of growing e-business sales. Which of the following people will be able to provide the necessary information to perform Return On Investment (ROI) analysis for this project?
A. Director of Purchasing
B. Chief Executive Officer
C. Chief Financial Officer
D. Vice President of Sales
Answer: D

2. A customer is considering either a new IBM eServer i5 520 or a used Model 820 with comparable CPW. Which
of the following are most important to emphasize for the 520?
A. 12-month warranty, lower maintenance costs, and software tier
B. Lower costs for future upgrades, IBM-paid shipping, and CE setup
C. Faster processor because of POWER5, Fibre-channel SAN attachment, and lower TCO
D. Lower prices for components (memory, disks and PCI features) and the ability to use 15K RPM disks
Answer: A

3. A prospect perceives that the iSeries is a proprietary system. Which of the following is an appropriate response to the concern?
A. Explain that Windows, AIX and Linux run native on POWER5.
B. Explain that open systems are susceptible to viruses, security breaches.
C. Explain that Linux provides a new open software platform for i5/OS and iSeries.
D. Explain that i5/OS supports a wide range of industry standards and iSeries runs AIX and Linux.
Answer: D

4. An IBM eServer i5 570 customer is considering a disaster recovery solution. They can accept outages of up to 24 hours but must protect their data with minimal data loss. They also want to protect their data from damage due to fire, flood, earthquake, etc. Which of the following should they purchase?
A. CBU Edition located in a remote location
B. Solution Edition with Cross Site Mirroring
C. Enterprise Edition located in a remote location
D. High Availability Edition with redundant Power, redundant PDUs and water resistant power cords
Answer: A

5. A customer has an 810 Enterprise Edition with 1470 CPW running at 80% utilization. They would like to add a workload requiring 1000 CPW, retain the same serial number, and allow for unpredictable utilization peaks. Which upgrade meets the customer's requirements?
A. IBM eServer i5 520 Enterprise Edition with 2400 CPW
B. IBM eServer i5 520 Standard Edition with 3300 CPW
C. IBM eServer i5 550 Enterprise Edition 1/4-way with 3300-12000 CPW
D. IBM eServer i5 550 Solution Edition 1/4-way with 3300-12000 CPW
Answer : C

6. A customer has identified an application that runs on both Oracle and UDB DB2. They have Oracle database experience. Which advantage of UDB DB2 on iSeries should be emphasized?
A. UDB DB2 integration provides lower database administration costs
B. UDB DB2 supports more SQL standards than Oracle
C. The ability to use Oracle in an i5/OS partition
D. The ease of integrating Oracle running in an AIX partition with an i5/OS application
Answer: A

7. A prospect with multiple Intel servers installed would like to replace these servers with an iSeries and new application software. How can the disk requirements best be determined?
A. Add a growth factor to the total amount of disk on all existing processors.
B. Use an equal number of disk arms because response time is dependent on the number of disk arms. C.Complete a disk sizing based on the application volumes, number of users, and file size requirements. D.Check on each server for unused disk space and propose the amount of disk currently being actively used.
Answer: C

8. A new prospect is considering an e-business solution. They are comparing the i5/OS solution to a freeware Linux solution built by a local systems integrator. Which of the following i5/OS advantages should be emphasized?
A. Availability of Linux on i5/OS
B. Initial cost and availability of skills
C. Operating system reliability and virus protection
D. Better TCO and availability of open source software
Answer: C

9. A customer has asked for a proposal to combine several computing groups within their company. They have an i825 that is fully utilized, a small HP/UX system with an engineering application, and almost 40 Microsoft Windows servers with very low utilization. They also plan to add a Linux firewall. Which of the following is the appropriate next step?
A. Use Workload Estimator to size the i5/OS, AIX, Linux, and Windows workloads.
B. Propose an iSeries running LPAR with i5/OS, Linux, AIX, and IXS to handle the combined workloads.
C. Use LPAR Validation Tool (LVT) to model the existing and proposed workloads. Factor in the mutually agreed growth factor.
D.Propose a study to review the applications, processing, storage, communications, and other considerations for all existing and proposed systems.
Answer: D

10. An iSeries prospect wants to communicate with their major supplier using a dedicated communication line and have their customers use a Web interface. They are also considering a small 5250-based application and want growth within the same serial number. Which of the following meets the customer's needs at the lowest cost?
A. IBM eServer i5 520 Enterprise Edition (1000 CPW)
B. IBM eServer i5 520 Standard Edition (2400 CPW)
C. IBM eServer i5 520 Value Edition (1000/60 CPW)
D. IBM eServer i5 550 Standard Edition (3300 CPW)
Answer: C

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