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IBM 000-858 Exam -

Free 000-858 Sample Questions:

1. A customer has a model 270 running an HTTP server in their DMZ. They also have an i825 running WAS and the core business logic behind the firewall in the internal network. SSL is set up between the end user and the HTTP server. Which of the following describes the security issue that still exists?
A: Server identification for the client
B: Data integrity between the client and HTTP Server
C: Data confidentiality between the HTTP Server and WAS
D: Data confidentiality between WAS and the core business logic
Answer: C

2. A customer has completed installation of WAS V5 on their iSeries. They have started the application server, and it is running. They cannot get the Administrative Console to connect to the active server. Which of the following could be the problem?
A: There is a TCP/IP port conflict.
B: The Configuration Manager is not running.
C: The server's default JDBC provider is incorrectly configured.
D: The iSeries Navigator plug-in for the Administrative Console is not installed.
Answer: A

3. A customer is architecting a new WAS-based solution and is analyzing security requirements. Which of the following user profiles should be granted read and/or write access for all objects and files that the Web application needs to access?
Answer: C

4. An iSeries customer has multiple Web applications across their eServer network. Users are complaining about needing many different userids and passwords to work with the applications. Which of the following could be used to simplify end user access?
A: Validation lists
B: Digital signatures
C: OS/400 User Profiles
D: Enterprise Identity Mapping
Answer: D

5. A customer would like to web enable a subset of their DB2 UDB resources, but they do not have Java development skills. How can they use WDSc to provide a solution?
A: Build SQL statements to define the database interactions.
B: Build SQL stored procedures to define the database interactions.
C: Use the WDSc wizards to define the database interactions and SQL indexes.
D: Use the WDSc wizards to define the database interactions and create the necessary Java code and web pages.
Answer: D

6. An iSeries Web application requires that users be authenticated and retain security on a Java thread level but minimize exposure to OS/400 objects. Which of the following meets this security requirement?
A: Digital Certificates
B: Native OS/400 security
C: Lightweight Directory Protocol (LDAP)
D: Java(TM) Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
Answer: D

7. Which of the following features is unique to WebSphere Commerce Business Edition?
A: Order Management
B: Online Storefront
C: Catalog Management
D: Collaborative Workspaces
Answer: D

8. Which of the following best describes a benefit from using a data source object instead of the driver manager interface when connecting to a database?
A: Access is available to a pool of connections.
B: Connections are created each time the database is accessed.
C: Resources can be allocated from arbitrary places in the code.
D: A Java Native Directory Interface (JNDI) server is not needed.
Answer: A

9. A customer has deployed a new J2EE-based application running on their iSeries with WAS 5 (Base). The transaction response time is slow, and they want to determine the relative response time of each servlet component. Which of the following tools should be used?
A: iDoctor for iSeries
B: OS/400 Performance Tools
C: Tivoli Performance Viewer
D: Performance Trace Data Visualizer
Answer: C

10. An iSeries customer has WAS 5.0 installed. They would like to measure how many database connections are being used and how long the connection wait time is so they can properly set the connection pool size in WAS. Which performance tool provides this capability?
A: Performance Explorer
B: WebSphere Resource Analyzer
C: IBM Tivoli Performance Viewer
D: Performance Tools for iSeries
Answer: C

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