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IBM 000-857 Exam -

Free 000-857 Sample Questions:

1.A customer with an i810 server has an IXS installed. The Windows administrator needs to be notified of errors. Which of the following can provide this functionality?
A.Create an iSeries NetServer file share against the Windows event logs.
B.Write an program to monitor the errors in the /QIBM/ProdData/NTAP/logs directory.
C.Set up an iSeries Navigator Management Central monitor for the Windows event logs.
D.Configure the Windows event log to be mirrored to an iSeries message queue and monitor this queue.
Answer: D

2.An IXAattached xSeries with two LAN cards is configured on two different networks. Client workstations from one network lose connection to the xSeries, and the network administrator suspects the xSeries hardware. How can it be determined whether the xSeries hardware is functioning properly?
A.Check the light path diagnostic LED's on the xSeries server.
B.Use the iSeries work problem menus to run diagnostics over the hardware path.
C.Look in the QVNAVARY job log for error messages relating to the *NWSD hardware.
D.Use Hardware Service Manager in Service Tools to determine if the xSeries Ethernet adapter is operational.
Answer: A

3.An iSeries customer with IXS cards installed in systems at three remote locations has just completed installation of the current Cumulative fix package. A Windows integration code Service Pack is included in this package. Which of the following methods will allow the administrator to install the Windows integration code Service Pack on the remote IXS servers in the least amount
of time?
A.On each system use 'GO PTF option 8' to apply the appropriate PTFs to product 5722WSV
B.Contact each site and have the local administrator run 'Start/Programs/IBM iSeries/Integration for Windows servers'
C.Use the Management Central task scheduler to submit a remote command 'D:\AS400NT\MASTER\SETUP.EXE' to each of the IXS servers
D.Using iSeries Navigator open 'Network/Windows Administration/Integrated xSeries Servers' and select 'Server Integration Software/Install Latest Service Pack' for each of the systems with IXS installed
Answer: D

4.Domain user enrollment using iSeries Navigator is failing but had been working previously. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?
A.The QVNAVARY job on the iSeries is not active.
B.The NetServer guest user profile has been disabled.
C.The User Administration service on Windows is not active.
D.The QAS400NT user profile is not enrolled to the local server.
Answer: C

5.A customer has an i810 with one attached I/O tower. They want to add an IXAattached x236 server to their existing HSL/SPCN configuration. In addition to the IXA card, what hardware will they need to order?
A.1 HSL cable and 1 SPCN cable
B.1 HSL cable, 1 SPCN cable, and an RSA card
C.2 HSL cables and 2 SPCN cables
D.2 HSL cables, 2 SPCN cables, and an RSA card
Answer: B

6.A customer has found an Intel Linux application that they would like to implement. How can this application be integrated with their iSeries and IXA environment?
A.Use the INSLNXSVR command to install Linux on their IXA and xSeries server.
B.Create an iSeries guest partition and *GUEST NWSD for a Linux installation on the iSeries.
C.Install Windows 2000 and the VMware GSX version to support a Linux partition under the Windows 2000 host operating system.
D.Install Windows 2000 and install the LINE (Linux Emulator) application to allow Linux programs to run within their Windows 2000 server.
Answer: A

7.An i825 upgrade to add a 2892002 (2.0 GHz) IXS with two FC #5701 (1Gb LAN) adapters is being planned. How many PCI slots are required for the IXS and LAN adapters?
Answer: C

8.A customer wants to connect an existing xSeries server to a model i830 server with an IXA adapter. The xSeries server is installed in a rack 60 feet from the i830 server. What is required to configure the xSeries on its own HSL loop?
A.Order two 25 meter copper HSL cables.
B.Order two 30 meter optical RIOG cables.
C.Order two 15 meter copper HSL2 cables and move the xSeries server closer to the i830 server.
D.Order two 15 meter copper HSL cables and move the xSeries server closer to the i830 server.
Answer: D

9.A web server needs to be created in a Microsoft cluster and should have all web content stored on a storage space for the clustered web server. Which of the following describes how the storage spaces should be configured?
A.Each server node will utilize a shared storage space for the quorum resource and a shared storage space for web server content.
B.Each server node needs to have a dedicated quorum resource disk but will utilize a shared storage space for web server content.
C.Each server node needs to have a dedicated quorum resource disk and a dedicated web server disk.
D.Each server node will utilize a shared storage space for web server content, but only the cluster master will have the quorum disk linked.
Answer: A

10.An iSeries administrator has set up user enrollment of the iSeries users into the Windows domain. The users are not being enrolled in the Windows domain. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?
A.The QAS400NT user profile is not enrolled in the system directory.
B.The QAS400NT user profile does not have *SECADM special authority.
C.The QAS400NT account is not a member of the Windows Domain Admin group.
D.The QAS400NT account is not a member of the AS400_Permanent_Users group.
Answer: C

11.A customer used the INSWNTSVR command with the Terminal Services parameter *TSENABLE to allow for offsite
monitoring of their server. Four months later the customer can no longer make a Terminal Services connection. What action should be taken to restore the Terminal Services connection?
A.End and restart Terminal Services on the server.
B.Reinstall the Terminal Services client on the PC.
C.Shut down and restart the Integrated Windows Server.
D.Change the Terminal Services mode to Remote Administration mode.
Answer: D

12.A customer is migrating an existing Microsoft Windows 2000 server to an IXS. The existing system has a single 60GB hard drive that is 50% used for user data. When the IXS is installed, the customer would like to allow for 120GB of disk user data. How much iSeries disk space will be required for this drive in the IXS installation?
Answer: D

13.A customer with a new i825 and an xSeries 445 with an IXA wants to start loading the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating system. Which of the following LPPs are required to be installed on the iSeries to do this?
A.5722TC1 *BASE TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities
B.5722AC3 Cryptographic Access Provider
C.5722XE1 iSeries Access for Windows
D.5722DG1 HTTP Server for iSeries
Answer: A

14.A customer with an i820 wants to replace an existing Migration Tower with a FC #5094 tower and is adding an IXA to the configuration. The customer has specified the IXA will be powered on/off during the week due to processing requirements. What HSL cables will be needed to accomplish this configuration?
A.1 HSL cable and 2 HSL2 to HSL cables
B.1 HSL cable, 1 HSL2 cable, and 1 HSL2 to HSL cable
C.3 HSL cables
D.3 HSL2 cables
Answer: A

15.A customer has a CD with Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 and wants to load it onto their IXS servers. When using Windows Explorer, the CD drive is not shown. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?
A.The iSeries optical drive is on a shared bus.
B.The virtual pointtopoint interface is not active.
C.The Windows Computer Browser service is not started.
D.The iSeries optical drive was not locked using the Windows Integration snapin.
Answer: D

16.What is an advantage of using VMware on an IXAattached xSeries server?
A.It is possible to have 4TB of disk space per server.
B.It reduces overall power requirements, floor space, and hardware maintenance.
C.VMware increases performance of applications by giving additional processing power to the server.
D.An administrator can configure Microsoft cluster server on various partitions of VMware to reduce downtime of their applications by removing single point of hardware failure.
Answer: B

17.A customer with several integrated xSeries servers upgraded all drives from basic to dynamic disks. After doing this, the servers would not vary on. Which of the following is the most likely cause of the problem?
A.The upgrade to dynamic disk formatted the drives.
B.The upgrade to dynamic disk converted the D: drive to *NTFS.
C.The upgrade to dynamic disk converted the D: drive to *FAT.
D.The upgrade to dynamic disk changed the drive letter sequence on the server.
Answer: B

18.A Windows Integration customer has a high availability requirement for their SQL Server application running on a Windows server. If there is a hardware failure, the server can be down for no more than one hour. Which of the following is the lowest cost solution that meets the requirement?
A.Implement SQL server in a Microsoft Cluster on two IXAs.
B.Implement SQL server on a single IXA and have an IXS as a hot spare.
C.Implement SQL server on a single IXA and have a second IXA as a hot spare.
D.Implement a third party high availability replication product to replicate the production server running on one IXA to a backup IXA.
Answer: C

19.A system administrator would like to back up several Windows files from an IXS. This needs to be included in a current backup process that is saving several OS/400 objects to tape. It is important that the Windows files be recoverable individually. Which of the following should be used?
A.The SAV command on the QNTC file system
B.The SAVOBJ command on the Root file system
C.The SAVBRM command on the iSeries NetServer
D.The SAVRSTOBJ command on the IXS network server space
Answer: A

20.A V5R3 iSeries customer has an IXS running Windows Server 2003 with PTFs SI13648 and SI14058 with six storage spaces dynamically attached. The sixth space is no longer required and needs to be deleted. How is this accomplished?
A.Run the DLTNWSSTG command.
B.Dynamically unlink the storage space and delete it.
C.Using Windows Disk Manager, right click on the disk drive and select Delete Dynamic Drive.
D.Delete the IFS stream file named /QFPNWSSTG/xxxxx6, where xxxxx is the dynamically linked storage space name.
Answer: B

21.Several months ago a customer installed a Windows server with a System drive (C:) size of 6GB. Their C: drive is now getting full. How can they correct the problem in the least disruptive manner?
A.Reinstall the Windows operating system specifying a larger System drive (C:).
B.Create a new, larger Network Storage Space and use the COPY option to copy the data from the original System drive (C:).
C.Create another storage space. Link it to the NWSD, then use the Windows Disk Management interface to add the drive to the System drive (C:) as a spanned volume.
D.Create a new Network Storage Space and link it to the NWSD. Create a directory on the System drive (C:). Use the Windows Disk Management interface to mount the new disk off of that directory.
Answer: D

22.An application and its corresponding data reside on a standalone server and needs to be migrated to an IXAattached
xSeries server. Which of the following methods will accomplish this migration?
A.Use the iSeries SAV command through the '/QNTC' file system to save the data from the standalone server and restore the data to the IXAattached xSeries.
B.Remove the disk drives from the standalone server and insert those drives into the IXAattached xSeries for direct access to application and data.
C.Install the application to the IXAattached xSeries from original install media. Use the NTBACKUP utility to save the data to backup media and restore the data to the IXA server.
D.Create a share on the standalone server pointing to the directory where the application and data reside. Use 'NET USE' command from the IXAattached xSeries to mount the shared directory to a local volume name and copy the application and data to the IXAattached xSeries.
Answer: C

23.A customer has just installed a new IXA in an xSeries server. When IPLing the iSeries, the xSeries server does not power on, and the LED display on the IXA is off. What is the cause of the problem?
A.The customer has not connected the RS485 cable.
B.The customer has not connected the HSL cables.
C.The customer did not unplug the xSeries power cord when installing the IXA.
D.The customer has not loaded the latest Advanced Systems Management firmware.
Answer: C

24.An iSeries customer has four IXS cards and an IXA installed in an xSeries server connected to their i825. They do not want to have a keyboard, mouse and display connected to each server but must routinely perform Windows application administrative functions on all five servers. Which of the following will allow them to manage those servers without physically connecting to each server?
A.Use the OS/400 administration functions included in the 5722WSV product.
B.Use the administrative share C$ to connect to the server and its registry.
C.Configure terminal services in remote administration mode on each of the servers.
D.Connect to each server via the Internal virtual LAN to utilize a single keyboard mouse and display.
Answer: C

25.A customer installed Windows 2000 Server on their 2892001 (1.6 GHz) IXS and added it to their network. Messages are appearing for duplicate IP addresses on the network. Which of the following indicates the cause of the address conflict?
A.The default address for the virtual pointtopoint configuration
B.The default address for an external Ethernet IO adapter
C.The default address for the builtin Ethernet adapter
D.The default address for the virtual Ethernet LAN
Answer: A

26.A customer is installing a 2.0 GHz IXS with a 10/100 Ethernet adapter and a FC #5701 1 Gb Ethernet adapter attached to the same network. During the Windows server phase of the install, Windows reports that the computer name already exists on the network. What should be done to remedy the situation?
A.Restart the install and use a different name for the Network server name.
B.Unplug the cable from one of the IXS LAN cards and continue the installation.
C.Select a different computer name for the IXS being installed and continue the installation.
D.Specify an IP address for the internal LAN port that does not conflict with an existing address.
Answer: B

27.An i810 customer is adding an IXS to their configuration, running Windows Server 2003 for file serving. Which of the following provides file level backup and restore of all user Windows data files at no cost?
A.OS/400 SAVOBJ command
B.Windows Backup utility
C.Tivoli Storage Manager
D.OS/400 SAVRSTOBJ command
Answer: B

28.An iSeries customer running V5R3 has just completed installation of an IXAattached xSeries server. The virtual Ethernet pointtopoint IP addresses assigned during the installation process conflict with existing IP addresses on the customer's network. How are these default addresses changed?
A.Run the CHGNWSD to change the Internet address parameter used by the NWSD.
B.From Windows, change the IP address. From the iSeries, create a new IP address.
C.From Windows, change the IP address. From the iSeries, create a new IP address and change the Internet address parameter within the NWSD using the CHGNWSD command.
D.From Windows, delete the virtual Ethernet pointtopoint adapter. Create a new IP address on the iSeries. Restart the server and let the Windows Add Hardware wizard recreate the adapter.
Answer: C

29.A customer has multiple integrated Windows servers running on their iSeries. They understand that the network storage spaces for the servers all share the same iSeries disk drives and are worried about data integrity between the servers. What should the iSeries specialist show them to alleviate their concerns?
A.Show them how to partition their iSeries for separate partitions for each server's network storage spaces.
B.Show them how to set up separate disk pools (Auxiliary Storage Pools) for each server's network storage spaces.
C.Show them the file objects that are created for each network storage space and discuss authorization requirements.
D.Show them the IFS stream file objects that are created for each network storage space and discuss authorization requirements.
Answer: D

30.An iSeries customer has an IXS installed, and they want to thoroughly test vendor application fixes. What benefit of IXS on iSeries will simplify testing of software vendor fixes?
A.The iSeries Navigator "Synchronize iSeries Integration Software" interface to send the fixes to the Windows server
B.The ability to copy the network storage spaces and link them to a test network server description. This installation can be used to test the vendor's upgrades.
C.The iSeries Integration for Windows Server snapin interface to retrieve fixes for the IXS
D.The ability to keep a hot spare server available in case the fixes cause the Windows server to crash
Answer: B

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