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IBM 000-853 Exam -

Free 000-853 Sample Questions:

1.An iSeries customer will be installing WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Version 5 on an eServer i5 520. Which of the following skills are important when installing and configuring WAS?
A.SQL programming
B.TCP/IP configuration
C.iSeries backup and recovery
D.Java programming
Answer: B

2.Which of the following is a unique advantage for the iSeries version of WAS Express?
A.It includes a Java Message Service (JMS) provider.
B.It has a graphical wizard for configuration of an instance on the iSeries.
C.It supports any J2EE 1.3 enabled application, including Enterprise Java Beans.
D.It includes a copy of the WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer, in addition to the server.
Answer: B

3.Which of the following provides access to personalized enterprise resources such as enterprise applications, corporate specific content, and collaborative environments?
A.Lotus Workplace Collaborative Learning
C.WebSphere Portal Express
D.DB2 Content Manager Express
Answer: C

4.An iSeries customer wants to add a GUI to selected RPG applications today and integrate these RPG applications with their customers' and suppliers' applications using Web Services in the future. Which of the following approaches should they take to achieve these two goals?
A.Use iSeries Access now and use the IBM WebFacing Tool in the future.
B.Use WebSphere Host Integration Solution now and WebSphere Host Access Transformation Services in the future.
C.Use the IBM WebFacing Tool now and then modularize the RPG application and use web services wizard in the future.
D.Modularize the RPG applications with HATS LE now and WebSphere Portal Enable in the future.
Answer: C

5.A customer has recently purchased a new i825 3way Enterprise Edition server that is using iSeries logical partitioning (LPAR). They are running WAS Express in a oneprocessor partition. They would like to run WAS Express on another 1.5 processor partition on the i825. How many additional WAS processor licenses must they purchase?
Answer: A

6.A company's workforce is frustrated by the complexity of finding Human Resource (HR) policies and business performance information. Which of the following solutions would allow users to more easily find their information?
A.WebSphere Host Integration Solution
B.WebSphere Commerce Express
C.WebSphere Business Integration Connect Express
D.WebSphere Portal Express
Answer: D

7.When implementing ebusiness within an enterprise, which of the following would be the most advanced stage of adoption for an iSeries WebSphere customer?
A.Integrating Web solutions internally
B.Basic Web transactions
C.Publishing Web content
D.Integrating Web solutions externally
Answer: D

8.A customer with an i270 processor FC# 2248 is using the IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache) including Tomcat supplied with OS/400. Which of the following products is supported in this environment to access iSeries resources?
B.IBM WebFacing Tool
C.WebSphere Host Publisher
D.iSeries Access for Web
Answer: D

9.A customer has both iSeries and zSeries systems in a network. They want to quickly reface all host RPG and COBOL applications and enable end users to run these applications from a browser. Which of the following products would work for both of their iSeries and zSeries environments?
A.WebSphere Commerce
B.iSeries Access for Web
C.Host Access Transformation Services
D.IBM WebFacing Tool
Answer: C

10.A customer would like for employees to be able to access iSeries applications and the OS/400 command line within a browser. They require that this be done without changing source code and with no development effort. Which of the following solutions meets these requirements?
C.Host Publisher
D.IBM WebFacing Tool
Answer: B

11.An iSeries customer would like a better understanding of WebSphere. Which of the following customer needs does WAS address?
A.Integrating CODE/400 with J2EE
B.Presenting business applications on the Web
C.Redesigning line of business applications for the Web
D.Developing integrated Java applications for line of business applications
Answer: B

12.A customer wants to acquire a portal solution that includes collaboration and virtual team room. Which of the following products would meet these requirements?
A.WebSphere Portal Enable
B.WebSphere Portal Express
C.WebSphere Portal Express Plus
D.WebSphere Portal and Exchange Collaboration Engine
Answer: C

13.A customer wants to reface their existing order entry application when they add capacity to their i840. They currently own WebSphere Development Studio and are considering using either Seagull Blue Zone or Advanced BusinessLink GUIStyle for the reface. Which of the following reasons would cause them to consider the tools in WDS?
A.Both of the partner products require a Java Application Server.
B.WDSc is an IBM product.
C.The IBM WebFacing Tool eliminates the interactive workload for the application.
D.The IBM WebFacing Tool is included in WDS at no charge.
Answer: D

14.A customer wants to provide access to applications they have deployed to the web so that each end user can personalize to their own preferences. Which of the following approaches will best fulfill that need?
A.Use HATS to reface the applications so the end users can see them via the browser.
B.Use Lotus Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing and Lotus Team Workplace to allow the end users to collaborate with one another as they see fit.
C.Use WebSphere Portal Express to provide the interface for existing applications and add additional function.
D.Install WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment and use its clustering feature to make the applications available.
Answer: C

15.An iSeries customer wants a single signon and single point of access on the Web for several business applications. Which of the following products support this personalized interface for their end users?
A.Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM)
B.Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
C.Tivoli Access Manager for Operating Systems
D.WebSphere Portal Enable for iSeries
Answer: D

16.A customer is looking for WebSphere installation information that is based on user experience. The customer does not have the time or funds to attend an education class. Where can this information be found?
A.IBM RedBooks and RedPieces
B.WebSphere for the iSeries ServerBuying and Selling Guide
C.PartnerWorld for Software website
D.Customer References and Testimonials database
Answer: A

17.Which of the following is the purpose of Web Services?
A.Allows developers to build graphical applications using draganddrop techniques
B.Provides browserbased access to 5250 applications without incurring interactive workload on iSeries servers
C.Enables applications to communicate with each other, regardless of the platform or programming language
D.Provides support for reliable and secure ebusiness communication transport over diverse networks
Answer: C

18.An iSeries customer would like to run IBM Telephone Directory, iSeries Access for Web, and HATS LE. Which of the following products is the lowestcost solution to support all three applications?
A.WAS Express
B.WAS 5.0
C.WAS Network Deployment
D.IBM HTTP Server (powered by Apache)
Answer: A

19.An iSeries customer wants to provide a webbased, selfservice, Human Resources oriented application for its internal employees. Which of the following products can provide the appropriate deployment environment?
A.WebSphere Portal Express
B.WebSphere Commerce
C.WebSphere Business Integration Server
D.WebSphere Everyplace Access
Answer: A

20.An iSeries customer wants their existing 5250 applications available in Web browser format. They want the ability to consolidate several screens into a single Web page and do not want to rewrite the applications. Which of the following products meets these needs?
B.IBM WebFacing Tool
C.WebSphere Host on Demand
Answer: A

21.A prospect does not have WebSphere Application Server Version 5.0 for iSeries. They insist that they will not consider ordering WebSphere without an evaluation copy. Which of the following options is available?
A.Order the product, which can be returned to IBM within 120 days when ordered through the Configurator.
B.Order the product, which can be returned to IBM within 120 days when ordered under the IBM Passport Advantage program.
C.Order the Not for Resale (NFR) PID number through the Configurator.
D.Order the Not for Resale (NFR) copy available through the IBM WebSphere website.
Answer: D

22.A customer has an iSeries, xSeries Server, UNIX and Linux servers. In which of the following cases must they plan on installing WAS somewhere other than under i5/OS?
A.A Model 800 with 300 CPW is to be used with WebSphere Portal Express
B.An eServer i5 520 Value Edition is to be used with WebSphere Portal Express
C.Using WebSphere Host on Demand to deploy an existing 5250 application to the Internet
D.Using WebSphere MQ to interoperate with an application on UNIX server
Answer: A

23.Which of following describes WebSphere Portal Server Express for iSeries?
A.It allows the portal administrator to set up separate, independent and static web sites for each individual user.
B.It allows portal administrator to build templates for user groups that can be to customized to suit their individual needs.
C.It uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to dynamically build the web content, based upon the user's browsing habits.
D.It uses included instant messaging technologies with a portal administrator to help the user navigate the web site and find what they are seeking.
Answer: B

24.An iSeries customer wants to build a customer selfservice application using Java. Which of the following products meets this requirement?
A.WebSphere Application Server (WAS) Network Deployment
B.WebSphere Application Server Base for iSeries
C.WebSphere Development Studio Client (WDSc)
D.WebSphere Application Builder (WAB)
Answer: C

25.A customer is considering implementing a WAS Javabased solution on their iSeries server.
The customer is concerned about application availability and performance because they read that processing may halt during Java garbage collection. What is the correct response to this issue?
A.A separate partition on the server can run WAS.
B.A server with a processor rating of at least 2500 CPW and at least six GB of main memory will minimize performance and availability issues.
C.The Just In Time compiler minimizes the performance and availability issue.
D.The iSeries Java runtime environment is optimized to minimize the impact of garbage collection.
Answer: D

26.A customer displays basic product information via the Internet. They also allow their trading partners to enter and track orders using a secure website. In which stage of ebusiness adoption are they operating?
C.Adapt Dynamically
D.Integrate Externally
Answer: A

27.A customer wants an iSeries upgrade to increase the number of users for an existing WebSphere Portal workload. Which of the following tools can be used to analyze data for capacity planning purposes?
A.Quick Sizer
B.Patrol Predict
C.Management Central
D.Tivoli Capacity Monitor
Answer: B

28.An iSeries customer is interested in building their own ebusiness applications to integrate with business applications on disparate systems. Which of the following WebSphere products should they use?
A.WebSphere MQ
B.WebSphere Commerce
C.WebSphere Everyplace Access
D.WebSphere Business Integration Connect Express
Answer: A

29.Which of the following is a primary function of WAS compared to an iSeries HTTP Server?
A.WAS provides application development tools.
B.WAS supports Read Ahead and Prefetch.
C.WAS supports Rule Beans.
D.WAS supports webbased
Answer: D

30.An iSeries customer is comparing WAS Express with ASF Tomcat. Which of the following is unique to Tomcat?
A.It offers a lower entry point in CPW and memory.
B.It provides a full function WebSphere MQ license.
C.It supports the Java Servlet and Java Server Page specifications.
D.It runs multiple application server instances on the same machine.
Answer: A

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