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IBM 000-851 Exam -

Free 000-851 Sample Questions:

1.An iSeries customer with V5R2 plans to change I/O and memory resources in a Linux partition. Which of the following describes when the Linux partition must be restarted?
A.When resources except memory are moved
B.When memory resources are added or removed from the partition
C.When processor resources are moved without using iSeries Navigator
D.When processor resources are removed from the partition but not when resources are added
Answer: B

2.What is the maximum number of active Linux partitions that are supported on an iSeries POWER4 processor?
Answer: C

3.A customer with an i810 is considering adding a dedicated Linux server to host a new application. The current iSeries application has significant offhour processing requirements, and the Linux application has large processing requirements during normal business hours. Which of the following would be an advantage of running Linux on iSeries?
A.The OS/400 Dynamic resource allocation will move processor capacity as needed.
B.The i810 provides On/Off Capacity on Demand suppport for Linux on iSeries.
C.Adding a Linux partition to the existing iSeries can be implemented by activating a processor for Linux.
D.Using OS/400 dynamic partition assignments, processor resources can be moved between OS/400 and Linux partitions on a scheduled basis.
Answer: D

4.How is virtual disk I/O provided in an iSeries Linux partition?
A.An independent disk storage pool (ASP) is assigned to Linux.
B.An iSeries disk controller and associated drives are assigned to Linux.
C.An OS/400 server storage space object is defined and assigned to Linux.
D.iSeries service tools define a disk pool that is assigned to Linux.
Answer: C

5.An iSeries customer with an i810 is running the Apache Web server on a Linux partition. The users are not satisfied with the performance of the website. Which of the following is the proper course of action?
A.Add a processor using CUoD.
B.Upgrade the L2 cache memory on the i810 processor.
C.Add a second Linux partition to balance the workload.
D.Dynamically allocate additional CPW to the Linux partition.
Answer: D

6.A customer has an i810 with two Linux partitions. Which of the following describes how the partitions communicate at lowest cost?
A.Virtual LAN
B.External LAN connections
C.V.24 connection with a modem eliminator
D.OS/400 Linux integration virtual console
Answer: A

7.A customer has an i820 FC #2437 (2way SStar) with one DVDRAM installed as the alternate IPL device. Three Linux partitions are planned: one for a firewall application and the others to host applications with occasional DVD requirements. What is the minimum required number of DVDRAM drives to be added?
Answer: A

8.An i830 customer is planning to implement a Linux partition on their existing system. Which of the following is the minimum requirement to implement a Linux partition?
A.The i830 must be upgraded to an i825.
B.Create a logical partition on the i830 containing at least .25 of a processor.
C.Create a logical partition on the i830 containing at least one full processor.
D.Create a logical partition on the i830 containing at least .10 of a processor.
Answer: C

9.A customer is considering a proposal to add Linux to their eServer i5 server to replace Windows infrastructure applications. Because this will be the first Linux server in the environment, what skill issues should be discussed?
A.i5/OS and Linux integration minimize skill requirements.
B.Managing Linux is very similar to managing Windows servers.
C.Windows technicians currently supporting the infrastructure applications can be trained on Linux.
D.The customer should hire additional Linux skills.
Answer: C

10.A customer with an i825 is considering a threetier CRM package with a DB2 database backend, Linux Apache, and browser access. Which of the following recommendations satisfies this need at the lowest cost?
A.Implement LPAR with OS/400 and Linux partition with a separate server for Web access and firewall.
B.Implement a Linux partition on the customer's existing iSeries and connect the partitions with the Virtual LAN
C.Implement LPAR with two OS/400 partitions and a Linux partition and connect the partitions with their existing LAN
D.Implement a dedicated Linux system with DB2 for Linux and the server function. Use a LAN link to the existing iSeries server.
Answer: B

11.Which of the following describes Linux implementation on an iSeries?
A.Linux uses the iSeries Virtual storage.
B.Linux runs in separate dedicated ASP.
C.Linux runs on an iSeries with a Pulsar processor.
D.Linux requires an iSeries system with more than one processor.
Answer: A

12.A customer with a single eServer i5 520 is planning a file serving solution using SAMBA. Which of the following is an advantage of using Virtual storage on the iSeries?
A.Existing disk drives can be leveraged.
B.New high performance drives can be purchased for Linux.
C.FastT storage can be attached to each Linux partition.
D.Virtual storage can be managed with Management Central.
Answer: A

13.A global company wants to implement their WebSphere applications on an iSeries Linux partition. Which of the following distributions will allow the customer to minimize help desk time by offering a consistent code base for all geographies?
D.Red Hat
Answer: D

14.An iSeries customer has a model 810 processor with FC #2469 (2700 CPW). Processor utilization averages 75% or higher through the business day. Their customer website currently runs on an Intel processorbased system under Apache/Linux and utilizes Perl and Java, requiring several CPU cycles. The website accesses data from the iSeries. The customer wants to move the
website onto the iSeries to leverage its reliability and provide a singlepoint backup solution. Which of the following is the best solution for this customer?
A.Move the website onto the Apache server under OS/400 on the current iSeries 810.
B.Upgrade the processor to an eServer i5 520 FC #8955 (6000 CPW) and move the website onto the Apache server under i5/OS.
C.Connect an xSeries model 445 (887042X) with four 3.0 GHz processors with an IXA. Run Linux on the xSeries to support the website.
D.Upgrade the processor to an eServer i5 520 FC #8955 (6000 CPW) and move the website onto the Apache server on a Linux partition.
Answer: C

15.An iSeries customer with an i810 is running SAMBA for file and print sharing on a Linux partition and is experiencing performance problems. Which of the following would most likely need additional resources to resolve this issue?
A.L2 cache
Answer: C

16.Linux on iSeries offers many infrastructure solutions. Which of the following is a valid method of ordering a supported Linux distribution?
A.Order Debian for POWER from IBM.
B.Order Red Hat for POWER from IBM.
C.Order Red Hat for POWER from
D.Order SUSE for POWER from Mandrake.
Answer: B

17.A customer with an eServer i5 520 is planning to add a Linux application. The customer has not yet made a decision on which hardware platform to use for Linux. Which of the following features is an advantage of Linux on iSeries?
A.Linux on iSeries can use the same disk storage as i5/OS.
B.Linux support is included in iSeries Support Line contracts.
C.Linux on iSeries runs open source binaries without modification.
D.Linux partitions support all the Linux applications that run on Intel.
Answer: A

18.An iSeries customer is considering applications implemented using Microsoft SQL server, Linux, and iSeries. They are concerned about the interserver traffic on the network. Which of the following iSeries solutions will satisfy the customer's requirements?
A.An iSeries server hosting one Linux partition for that workload and a second Linux partition with SAMBA and Wine to support the Windows applications with all network traffic over the iSeries Virtual LAN
B.An iSeries server hosting an Integrated xSeries Server (IXS) and a Linux partition with all interserver network traffic carried on a separate physical network supporting just these servers
C.An iSeries server hosting an Integrated xSeries Server (IXS) and a Linux partition with a shared external adapter
D.An iSeries server hosting an Integrated xSeries Server (IXA) and a Linux partition with all interserver network traffic carried on the iSeries Virtual LAN
Answer: D

19.A customer plans to implement an ebusiness application in a Linux partition on iSeries but has a requirement to access data from OS/400. Which of the following enables Linux applications to access data from OS/400?
B.Linux remote SQL
C.WebSphere on Linux
D.OS/400 Virtual DB2 table
Answer: A

20.Which of the following describes how the Linux console is configured in an iSeries environment?
A.An iSeries console IOA is dedicated to the Linux console.
B.A communication card must be dedicated to support the Linux console.
C.The Linux console is provided as a GUI interface in iSeries Navigator.
D.A TCP/IP connection is created on the iSeries for a Telnet client to access Linux.
Answer: D

21.A customer with an installed i825 is interested in setting up SAMBA on Linux to consolidate several Windowsbased
file servers. Which of the following should be the initial action?
A.Start the 70day Linux trial.
B.Order the nocharge OS/400 Linux integration LPAR feature.
C.Contact IBM Linux SupportLine to activate a processor for Linux.
D.Engage the support of an iSeries Linux and LPAR technical specialist.
Answer: D

22.Which of the following provides a benefit to a Linux on iSeries customer with regard to utilization of system resources?
A.Support for SMP
B.Support for Micropartitioning
C.Support for multiple LAN adapters
D.Support for Logical Volume Management
Answer: B

23.An eServer i5 520 customer plans to implement Linux in a partition. They are concerned about support for setting up Linux on iSeries. Which of the following will provide telephone support in this situation?
A.IBM Rochester Opportunity Center
B.OS/400 Software Maintenance (SupportLine)
C.Linux distributor
D.Rochester Technical Competency Center
Answer: B

24.Which aspect of the IBM Linux on iSeries strategy is designed to assist customers in reducing the dependency on Microsoft Windows servers?
A.Running Windows applications under Linux on iSeries
B.Consolidating file and print serving to Linux on iSeries
C.Stabilizing software costs by running Linux in iSeries partitions
D.Implementing Linux on one iSeries instead of numerous standalone Linux servers
Answer: B

25.Why can Linux be used to help improve a customer's existing mail environment?
A.It supports SAMBA for domain controlling.
B.It provides security through firewall and spam detection.
C.It provides Web services through Apache.
D.It supports Kerberos authentication.
Answer: B

26.An eServer i5 520 prospect would like to add a firewall to an application rollout but is concerned about security exposures with a single server. What feature of the eServer i5 server's support for Linux addresses this issue?
A.Logical partitions
B.Virtual Storage
C.Virtual Ethernet
D.iSeries Navigator
Answer: A

27.An iSeries customer is purchasing a Linux application that requires i5/OS database access. They would like to implement the application with minimal hardware cost. Which of the following satisfies these requirements?
A.Create a Linux partition with virtual disk and use virtual Ethernet to access DB2 on i5/OS.
B.Create a Linux partition with dedicated disk and use a dedicated LAN adapter in the Linux partition.
C.Install DB2 in the Linux partition and replicate files from i5/OS using Virtual OptiConnect.
D.Install Linux on an IXA­attached xSeries and use the Virtual LAN to access the DB2 database.
Answer: A

28.An iSeries customer plans to implement two OS/400 and two Linux partitions. One Linux partition will utilize dedicated disk resources. Which of the following describes the minimum requirements to back up this system?
A.OS/400 save commands and one switched tape unit accessible by all partitions scheduled with iSeries Navigator
B.OS/400 save commands, one switched tape unit for the OS/400 partitions, and one switched tape unit for Linux
C.OS/400 save commands for the OS/400 partitions and hosted Linux storage, Linux save commands for the dedicated Linux disk, and one tape unit
D.OS/400 save commands for the OS/400 partitions with a dedicated tape unit and Linux save commands for the Linux partitions with a dedicated tape unit
Answer: C

29.Which of the following is a customer benefit to Linux on POWER?
A.POWER exploits Linux architectural capabilities.
B.The same Linux on POWER applications can run on IBM iSeries and pSeries.
C.A POWERbased Linux kernel is significantly smaller than its Intel counterpart.
D.Linux on POWER runs on both the iSeries partition and the IXS.
Answer: B

30.A customer is considering an i810 to deploy OS/400 and multiple Linux applications. Which of the following is the key advantage of the eServer i5 520 that should be considered?
A.The 520 can automatically support changes in processing demands.
B.The 520 supports the new SUSE 2.4 kernel.
C.The 520 can support up to 254 partitions.
D.The 520 supports Capacity on Demand.
Answer: A

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