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IBM 000-842 Exam -

Free 000-842 Sample Questions:

1. What should the tester open to view Test Objects, Main Data Area and Recognition Data?
A. the test script
B. the test comparator
C. the object map
D. the log viewer
Answer: B

2. How do you add line numbers within the script editors view?
A. use a third party plug-in because this option is not available within the tools interface
B. download the latest version of the plug-in
C. select the option under the main menu > Window > Preferences > Debug
D. select the option under the main menu > Window > Preferences > Editor
Answer: D

3. When you enable web browsers, what is the best way to select the Linux or UNIX web browser?
A. You use the Search button, choose Search All, select the executable, and provide all the needed parameters.
B. Modify the registry to enable Linux or Unix web browser support
C. Modify the Internet Explorer settings to refer to a Linux or Unix web browser
D. You use the Search button, choose Search In, browse to the executable, and provide all the needed parameters
Answer: D

4. A recording is started by:
A. Entering script_record on the command line
B. creating a script and then pressing the record button in the RFT application
C. starting the application under test
D. Starting RFT
Answer: B

5. While recording a script, the recording monitor _________.
A. appears at the conclusion of recording
B. is only displayed on the toolbar
C. does not appear
D. displays a message for each action
Answer: D

6. How do you start the application under test?
A. use the Windows Start menu
B. simply begin recording
C. open a command line and start the application by typing its name
D. click the Start Application button on the recording toolbar
Answer: D

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