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IBM 000-817 Exam -

Free 000-817 Sample Questions:

1. An application service provider who hosts university courses is experiencing heavy website usage in the months of December and January. Providing quality of service is the key for the Solution Designer. Which of the following should a Solution Designer pay MOST attention to while verifying the proposed design for quality of service?
A: The design incorporates virtualization option.
B: The design incorporates autonomic computing option.
C: The design solution includes the measurable criteria for the Service Level Agreement.
D: The design solution incorporates open standards.
Answer: A

2. A manufacturer of computer chips has been experiencing high growth. The current process requires components from multiple suppliers. When new orders are placed, it is difficult to ascertain whether all the parts are available. Multiple phone calls between various locations and suppliers occur to determine part availability. The growth is pushing the organization to respond in four hours or less. The current systems do not support this turnaround time.
Which of the following should the Solution Designer recommend to move the customer toward a long-term solution?
A: Recommend a DB2 Express database to compile the parts inventory from the various suppliers.
B: Recommend the customer require that suppliers submit current inventory electronically to the customer's supply chain management software package.
C: Recommend a supply chain management software package to help with parts inventory.
D: Recommend the customer model the business process with key monitors to ensure optimization.
Answer: D

3. One of the critical aspects of the implementation of an On Demand solution is the transition strategy. A Solution Designer has to make sure that the infrastructure and the critical business processes will continue to work after the solution is deployed. Which of the following aspects will have to be taken into consideration when validating the design functionality into the actual infrastructure?
A: Available skilled professionals to understand the design and deploy the solution
B: Available resources to deploy the designed solution in parallel to the existing systems
C: Available time to present user training on the new solution
D: Available software licenses to install the proposed software
Answer: B

4. A proposed solution provides "on-the-glass" integration and single unified access to all internal applications via a personalized web-based interface. In order to help the project manager scope this effort, which of the following skills should the Solution Designer recommend?
A: Portal and Green Screen Enablement
B: Transaction Servers and Monitors
C: Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Service Bus
D: J2EE and XML
Answer: A

5. When designing a solution, which of the following processes does IBM recommend for better User Experience (UX)?
A: User Centered Design process
B: Ease-of-use design process
C: User experience process
D: User enabling design process
Answer: A

6. An On Demand Solution Designer proposes to automate an existing business process which includes human interaction steps. Which of the following patterns should be considered first?
A: Direct Connection Application Pattern
B: Serial Process Application Pattern
C: Broker Application Pattern
D: Parallel Process Application Pattern
Answer: A

7. Which of the following methods should an On Demand Solution Designer adopt to re-engineer a business process?
A: Understand and streamline the "as-is" process by adding more human or technical resources and implement the "to-be" process.
B: Review the "as-is" process and propose the automation solution for the "to-be" process based on the IT requirements.
C: Understand and analyze the "as-is" process and simplify, define, and automate the "to-be" process.
D: Measure the "as-is" process, propose monitoring of the business processes, and implement the "to-be" process.
Answer: C

8. A retail bank providing consumer loans wants to optimize the overall cycle time and cost associated with processing consumer loan applications. What is the most critical step in designing an On Demand solution?
A: Identify their IT architecture enabling the consumer loan processing.
B: Identify the roles of the employees executing the steps in consumer loan processing.
C: Identify the applications automating the consumer loan processing.
D: Identify the critical business processes involved in consumer loan processing.
Answer: D

9. A specialty retailer opened up the Internet as a new sales channel alongside their in-store sales. The last holiday season their e-commerce site could not support the volume of customers, which was twice the volume for the rest of the year. The company has asked a Solution Designer to help. Which of the following should the Solution Designer consider?
A: Service Oriented Architecture
B: Adding new components to the current architecture
C: 3-Tier Architecture
D: Scalable Architecture
Answer: D

10. A Solution Designer has been assigned to develop an On Demand solution to leverage and integrate legacy system/mainframe assets and resources using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). It has been pointed out to the Solution Designer that the mainframes may not support XML/SOAP. Which of the following SOA patterns should the Solution Designer leverage to arrive at an On Demand solution?
A: Adaptor solution pattern
B: Self Service pattern
C: Extended Enterprise pattern
D: Service Gateway solution pattern
Answer: A

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