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IBM 000-816 Exam -

Free 000-816 Sample Questions:

1.IBM recently delivered a new StartNow Solutions offering called Tsunami WebStream. The solution offering is to improve business operations such as eprocurement, esales, and einventory based on WebSphere and DB2 technology. As a solution advisor, what is the best way to begin to identify appropriate customers to target for this solution?
A.Identify customers in their target region and initiate an email campaign.
B.Identify a target market profile for their region and develop a strategy to market the solution to the target market.
C.Determine which customers have Web implementations in their target region and develop a telemarketing campaign.
D.Develop a value proposition that shows the experience and the number of implementations of IBM and IBM Business Partners.
Answer: B

2.A solution advisor who demonstrated IBM solutions at a recent regional car dealer conference identified several dealership owners who expressed a concern about optimizing their customer relationship, sales, and order and inventory management systems. He schedules calls with some of these dealers the week following the conference. What are logical next steps the solution advisor should take? (Select two answers.)
A.Develop a proposal and recommend an automotive dealer management system.
B.Develop a high level vision that will support the dealer's business strategy.
C.Research key issues and business problems relative to automotive industry and dealer operations.
D.Locate an ISV with solutions in the automotive industry and have them make the call with the solution advisor.
Answer: B, C

3.During a conference, the solution advisor hears the CEO of a national grocery store chain discuss competitive pressures. The CEO believes he could offer a competitive advantage by enabling shoppers to tally their store purchases as the products are selected, providing faster checkout capability. Which of the following technologies is most applicable to this situation?
A.Wireless handheld scanners
B.Automated Grocery Inventory System
C.Grocery Information Grid Technology
D.Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Answer: A

4.A major manufacturer recently acquired eight new companies to increase their market share and streamline operations. The manufacturer's current fixedcost business model operations have exceeded the projected operational costs. What potential on demand opportunities exist for this customer?
A.Outsource core business operations
B.Maintain decentralized business units
C.Centralize most of the business units
D.Standardize services with a variable cost structure
Answer: D

5.A financial services customer is seeking ways to improve their customer services capability. The CEO for this midsized
company attended an IBM financial seminar and expressed an interest in improving customer service and Web responsiveness. What is the first step a solution advisor should do in planning for this initial call?
A.Recommend Web hosting services to the customer to improve Web responsiveness.
B.Create a high level product map between IBM products and banking industry processes.
C.Use the industry points of view information to develop a highlevel understanding of the customer's pain
D.Call on an IT professional to determine if expanding the customer's current installation and upgrading the hardware will provide capacity expansion.
Answer: C

6.IBM has announced a revolutionary new technology that enables communication capability between different types of databases and software. What kind of companies should a solution advisor target using this new technology to gain new customers?
A.Global companies with complex networking requirements
B.Companies who are users of products from a single vendor
C.Companies using a combination of manual and automated processes
D.Companies with longstanding applications and heterogeneous systems
Answer: D

7.A solution advisor targeting regional banks has recently learned that several of these banks have failed internal security audits because their procedures did not meet newly announced government requirements. On which key business issues should the solution advisor focus when developing this opportunity? (Select three answers.)
A.Risk Management
B.Fraud Management
C.Workload Management
D.Compliance Management
E.Customer Response Management
Answer: A, B, D

8.The results of a leading industry publication survey showed that the consumer travel industry is leveraging Web services for common transactions. In addition to hotels, which of the following businesses should the solution advisor also target?
A.Travel agencies and airlines
B.Ground transportation services and airports
C.Travel industry associations and aviation equipment suppliers
D.Travel goods manufacturers and ground transportation services
Answer: A

9.Pharmaceutical companies spend as much as 10 years in research and development for a new drug. They are under constant pressure from patients, insurers, and governments to produce highquality drugs more quickly for a lower price. What on demand solution will be most appropriate to help a pharmaceutical company accelerate new product development?
A.A flexible, responsive, and integrated product lifecycle management solution
B.A collaborative portal solution that facilitates team interaction
C.A hosting solution to manage the company's IT operations
D.A standardized, common file system for sharing data between the research and development teams
Answer: A

10.A primary objective of becoming an on demand business is to be able to respond flexibly and rapidly to new challenges and opportunities from virtually any source. IBM research has shown that management in both large enterprises and mediumsize
businesses consider which of the following pairs of factors will be crucial in achieving this kind of responsiveness?
A.Optimized and centralized
B.Adaptive and proprietary
C.Innovative and productive
D.Consolidated and insourced
Answer: C

11.A successful personnel placement business has recently begun to lose market share to competitors. They believe the problem is their poor Internet presence which does not allow them to respond quickly to customers or provide customized services as their competitors can. They have invited a solution advisor to discuss their future course of action. Which of the following
strategies should the solution advisor recommend to help the customer regain their market share?
A.Revamp their existing Website with a better look and feel.
B.Create a campaign strategy with direct mailers, print and audiovisual ads.
C.Create a portal strategy to provide more valueadded services to their customers.
D.Upgrade their servers for better response time and analyze their network for bottlenecks.
Answer: C

12.A customer is considering a competitive business consulting firm that has stated that IBM and their business partners are not vendorneutral and are shortterm focused. Which of the following is the most effective response for the solution advisor to make?
A.Describe the IBM hosting facilities for nonIBM platforms.
B.Highlight IBM strengths as the only endtoend solution provider.
C.Highlight IBM's investment in the Open Source Foundation and Linux platform.
D.Discuss IBM's network of business partners and support for heterogeneous operating system.
Answer: D

13.A solution advisor has identified several potential customers to target. She has created a value proposition to discuss with these customers that includes describing industryspecific solutions that her company has experience implementing. Using this type of approach early in the sales cycle is called which of the following?
A.Developing a prototype
B.Establishing credibility
C.Designing an opportunity workshop
D.Articulating an endtoend solution
Answer: B

14.The solution advisor has met with the IT manager of a prospective customer several times. The IT manager wants a new server because the applications on their pSeries server keep going down. The solution advisor knows that application down time has a larger impact than just with the IT infrastructure. What is the most appropriate action for the solution advisor to take?
A.Meet with the executive to whom the IT manager reports and discuss alternatives to replacing the server.
B.Identify the applications running on the pSeries server and explore the root cause of the applications instability problem with the IT manager.
C.Explain that several customers have been able to enhance performance on pSeries servers in the past and request the opportunity to present a solution.
D.Determine if the customer's Web applications run on the pSeries server and explore the Service Level Agreement set by the IT manager for the Web applications.
Answer: B

15.A stock brokerage firm wants an online portal so its clients can trade online. They have met with an IBM on demand business solution advisor as well as with two other vendors. On a follow up call, the solution advisor noticed that the stock brokerage is still not sure how IBM can help with a solution that meets their immediate business need. What are the recommended steps for
the solution advisor to build the relationship? (Select two answers.)
A.Develop a solution roadmap for the customer along with the solution architect and present.
B.Present the customer with five pillars of IBM software and IBM on demand business strategy.
C.Take the customer to a site which has a similar business solution from a similar industry running successfully.
D.Present the customer with case studies and success stories from the similar industry addressing similar business need.
Answer: C, D

16.An IT solution provider's mobile laptop solution is not up to the standards of the provider's other offerings. Their customers must reconfigure laptop settings manually when changing access locations. A lack of centralized laptop administration also prevents the provider's IT staff from quickly responding to corrupted connections and customer's laptops are not equipped with
strong security features. The solution provider wants to make it easy for the customers to connect to any system remotely, in realtime with secure connections. On which areas should the solution advisor recommend that the client focus? (Select three answers.)
A.Standardizing the connection processes
B.Replacing all laptops with newer high speed models
C.Centralizing laptop administration for better control
D.Requiring customers to adapt to the client's security standard
E.Providing the ability to supply realtime
information anywhere, any time
Answer: A, C, E

17.A solution advisor has identified the key business initiatives and associated decision makers in a targeted account. Which of the following IBM sales tools is most appropriate to help the sales team develop an opportunity plan that bridges new opportunities to the customer's business initiatives?
A.Competitive Advisor
B.Automation Assessment Tool
C.Opportunity Mining for ebusiness
D.IBM Profiler for on demand business
Answer: C

18.The IBM Profiler for on demand business uses what method to identify their current stage and state of on demand business?
A.Twoday workshop
B.Telephone interview
C.Online self assessment
D.Responses to a questionnaire
Answer: D

19.Why are the on demand Industry Points of View useful for identifying problems or requirements?
A.They provide client solutions to problems that are common across all industries.
B.They focus on the behaviors and actions that influence the customer's decisionmaking process to address a particular problem.
C.They provide insight into the forces that are driving customer change and suggest ways for businesses to adapt and evolve within the marketplace.
D.They provide a specific roadmap of the steps and activities needed to identify a customer's problem and the solutions that address the specific problem.
Answer: C

20.A supplier of parts for the automotive assembly market has moved his locations to fulfill the endtoend requirements of his customers. However, this caused a distribution of IT systems running the same version of the application and causing problems in cost calculations and cost reporting at the company level. What should a solution advisor do to map this requirement to a
business solution?
A.Propose an efficiency study for each location.
B.Review the discrete manufacturing cost issues at each location.
C.Review the current alignment of the cost calculation process in each location.
D.Propose a centralization of the distributed IT systems in each location at the headquarters level.
Answer: C

21.The solution advisor is developing a Web catalog solution for a prospective customer. However, a recent guilty verdict of a top executive of this company has had a negative impact. The solution advisor believes the company can rebound, but is concerned with its ability to pay for the solution.
How should the solution advisor handle this situation?
A.Develop a plan with the key decision maker to address cost and financing alternatives.
B.Schedule a meeting with the key decision maker and IBM executives to discuss the situation.
C.Contact the Chief Financial Officer to discuss the shortterm effect of the negative press on the bottom line.
D.Provide a proposal that demonstrates a quick implementation of the Web solution so advertising can begin to draw the attention away from the negative press.
Answer: A

22.A biotechnology company has very high attrition within their R&D staff. Their current IT infrastructure prevents the R&D staff from leveraging already completed work, resulting in duplication of efforts and other inefficiencies. Which problem area should the solution advisor discuss with executives of this company?
A.Low bandwidth and poor health of the internal network to access data
B.Poor information management and limited availability of needed content
C.High attrition rate due to poor management practice prevailing in the organization
D.Lack of operational efficiency due to ineffective collaboration among the R&D staff
Answer: D

23.The solution advisor used the Competitive Advisor tool to assess how competitive a customer is in his industry. The output of the tool listed problems in four business areas. How can the solution advisor work with the customer to determine which problem to address first?
A.Let the customer decide which problem would be most interesting to solve and work with them on it.
B.Use the solution area that is associated to just one stated business problem and focus on that business problem.
C.Review with the customer the problems identified and prioritize next steps to evaluate which problem to focus on.
D.Select the problem that identifies the greatest number of potential solutions because this will generate the most revenue.
Answer: C

24.Business analysts at the customer site are unable to access uptodate information about product sales coming from a variety of office systems. Which of the following pieces of information is the most critical for the solution advisor to understand the issue?
A.The data extraction and transformation processes used
B.The process by which the transactional data is created
C.The presentation tools the business analysts are using
D.The topology of the office systems, including the networking setup
Answer: A

25.A solution advisor completed the IBM Profiler for on demand business with a client. The results indicate that the client is in the "Integrate Internally" state. Which of the following benefits should the solution advisor use to recommend moving to the next higher state of on demand business?
A.Integrating suppliers and buyers so both benefit from an expanded revenue base, increased profit margins and greater competitive standing in the marketplace
B.Providing a Website that supports transactions to enable reduced orderprocessing costs and improved customer service, while often reducing the cost to provide it
C.Integrating processes enterprisewide leads to increased productivity, streamlined operations, reduced costs and better customer service through personalized offerings
D.Demonstrating that in an on demand business environment, disparate on demand business initiatives converge, resulting in faster timetomarket and a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership
Answer: A

26.A large automotive supplier has developed a frontend application for its dealer network. The integration of this application with the backend applications has caused problems for its dealers when new products are released. Why is it important for the solution advisor to determine the customer's objective when addressing this integration issue?
A.The solution advisor should recommend a Tivoli solution to solve the problems in the dealer network.
B.The solution advisor needs to clarify the objectives in order to communicate new products to the dealer network.
C.Both the frontend and backend applications should be replaced with a newer application designed for new product release.
D.The automotive supplier needs to integrate the backend processes to the frontend application so the new product launch problems are corrected.
Answer: B

27.A midsize retailer integrated its systems across the enterprise, enhancing the visibility of available inventory online, improving the accuracy of orders and cutting inventory costs. Which of the following financial objectives will the company most likely achieve as a result?
A.Revenue growth
B.Improved margins
C.Risk management
D.Optimized capital
Answer: B

28.A retailer is concerned about a project that allocates and deallocates users to multiple applications. Due to recent downturns in the economy, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is under pressure to reduce the overall IT costs and is concerned about funding this project. These requirements and issues came out of a meeting between the solution advisor and the CIO. What is
the best next step for the solution advisor?
A.Explain that IBM has the best security provisioning solution with the best ROI on the market.
B.Identify other business initiatives that would benefit from the initial requirements in order to enhance the potential ROI.
C.Use the Tivoli ROI Analyst tool with the customer to create a preliminary ROI representing the cost savings that can be achieved.
D.Explain that implementing a security provisioning solution will save them money by enabling them to deliver new applications faster.
Answer: B

29.A midmarket customer spends 80% of their time diagnosing IT problems and is further challenged in finding skilled resources to detect and resolve these problems. Which of the following tools offers recommendations and solutions that have selfmanaging
technologies that quickly identify and address problem resolution?
B.Automation Assessment Tool
C.Integration Assessment Tool
D.IBM Profiler for on demand business
Answer: B

30.A retailer wants to analyze stock turnover on a seasonal basis to determine the profitability of each item. Which solution best meets this business need?
A.OLAP and data mining
B.Data and business process integration
C.Retail Industry DB2 Solution Offerings
D.WebSphere Business Integration with retail collaborations
Answer: A

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