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IBM 000-799 Exam -

Free 000-799 Sample Questions:

1. A customer wants to start a elpdesk department for their business. Which part of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Storage Manager) allows the helpdesk personnel to do remote restores upon request?
A: Web client
B: move node data
C: Administrative GUI
D: remote client access
Answer: A

2. A customer using a SAN has experienced several hardware failures over the last several months. A storage consultant has decided to validate data as it is being backed up to ensure its integrity. What is the correct way to perform this validation?
A: Setup new copy storage pool.
B: Schedule an audit library on a daily basis.
C: Use the volumevalidate option in the server options file.
D: Use the validateprotocol option to enable Cyclical Redundancy Checking (CRC) at the client.
Answer: D

3. How can it be proven that a current backup session is transferring data over the SAN path?
A: check the dsmerror.log
B: check the dsmsched.log
C: run the q session command on the Managed Systems for SAN (Storage Agent)
D: run the q stgpool f=d command on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Storage Manager) server
Answer: C

4. Which server command can be used to verify that the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Storage Manager) client machines are connected to the Storage Manager server and are performing the backup/archive task?
A: query status
B: query clients
C: query sessions
D: query connections
Answer: C

5. A customer is planning to upgrade their IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Storage Manager) server to version 5.3. The project manager has asked the deployment team to determine the version of all Storage Manager clients in the environment. Which option or utility can be used to do this?
A: q node
B: use the Storage Manager Client Reporting (TSMCR) utility
C: select node_name,client_version,client_release from nodes
D: select node_name,client_version,client_release from clients
Answer: C

6. What is the effect of caching data in the disk storage pools?
A: decreases time for backups
B: improves network performance
C: improves collocation performance
D: increases the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database size
Answer: D

7. Which two features of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Storage Manager) are designed to save disk storage pool space? (Choose two.)
D:database mirroring
E:incremental backups
Answer: C, E

8. Which three issues should the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Storage Manager) project team consider before beginning implementation? (Choose three.)
A:if the archive bit is set in the file attributes
B:bandwidth and settings of hubs and switches
C:the number of applications installed on the client
D:Storage Manager client restore time requirements
E:number of disk storage devices on a client platform
F:amount of Storage Manager client data that changes each day
Answer: B, D, F

9. On a Windows IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Storage Manager) server, which option improves high-speed tape performance for LAN-based clients?
A: streaming=ON
B: movebatchsize=2
C: IPXbuffersize=YES
D: uselargebuffers=YES
Answer: D

10. What are three reasons for creating a disk storage pool? (Choose three.)
A:high frequency of backups
B:ability to do a faster restore
C:large number of tape drives
D:more clients than tape drives
E:enables sequential disk write-backs
F:takes advantage of disk multistreaming
Answer: A, B, D

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