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IBM 000-784 Exam -

Free 000-784 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
In some sales situations, involving the client LAN networking team in the PureFlex discussion can potentially result in a competitive Cisco UCS bid. Consequently, the sales team may choose to engage with the client networking team as late as is reasonably possible in the sales process. At the very least, what networking information must be determined before an accurate order can be placed?
A. Required physical connectivity from the system to the client network for Ethernet connectivity
B. Required physical connectivity from the system to the client network for SAN, LAN and management
C. Required physical and logical design from the system to the client network for Ethernet connectivity
D. Required physical and logical design from the system to the client network for SAN, LAN and management
Answer: B

Q: 2
Before capturing a Virtual Appliance into the VMControl Image Repository, which software component must be installed in a VM so the image can be customized during deployment?
A. Activation Engine
B. Installation Engine
C. Virtualization Engine
D. Reconfiguration Engine
Answer: A

Q: 3
A cost conscious client wants to purchase a two POWER node PureFlex solution. Each node will have 16 cores, two AIX LPARs, and they need four ports of FCoE communications. A critical requirement is there can be no single point of failure. Which solution will meet all the client's requirements?
A. p24L
B. p460
C. p270
D. p260
Answer: B

Q: 4
A client is thinking about implementing virtual desktops and they need help on the sizing of the hardware. They ask for advice. The technical expert recommends an IBM Flex System solution. What
resource would be used to help this client with the sizing?
A. IBM PureFlex Interoperability Guide
B. Alinean Total Cost of Ownership web based calculator
C. IBM Advanced Technical Support Server Consolidation Monitor
D. IBM SmartCloud Desktop Infrastructure Solutions Reference Architecture
Answer: D

Q: 5
A Flex System prospect is evaluating IBM Flex System x86 compute nodes and the Flex System Manager (FSM). This prospect will adopt a dual-vendor strategy, and prefers to manage all vendors' ESXi hosts via a single console. Which of the following options best meets their management needs?
A. IBM Flex System Manager base feature set
B. IBM Upward Integration for VMware vSphere
C. IBM Upward Integration for Microsoft System Center
D. IBM Flex System Manager advanced upgrade feature set
Answer: B

Q: 6
A client is thinking of implementing SAP landscape virtualization manager (LVM) for faster cloning of their SAP instances from production to test and from test to production. They have heard that IBM can integrate SAP LVM into the Flex System Manager which would save management cost for the client. Which configuration would the technical expert recommend in this situation?
A. IBM PureFlex with p26O nodes and a Flex System Manager
B. IBM PureFlex with x24O KVM nodes and a Flex System Manager
C. IBM Flex System with p26O nodes for SAP LVM and x24O KVM nodes for SAP databases
D. IBM Systems solution for SAP HANA connected to a PureFlex system with a Flex System Manager
Answer: A

Q: 7
A large financial institution is in the planning phase of migrating some of their workloads onto the IBM Flex System Power compute nodes. A key requirement is to have the ability to use Live Partition Mobility to relocate virtual machines between compute nodes. Which IBM PowerVM Edition is required to use this feature?
A. Entry Edition
B. Express Edition
C. Standard Edition
D. Enterprise Edition
Answer: D

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