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IBM 000-775 Exam -

Free 000-775 Sample Questions:

1.What is the greatest obstacle in successfully automating a process?
A.a process that is complex
B.a process that currently spans multiple organizations
C.a process that currently has no selfimprovement metrics
D.a process that depends on the knowledge and/or actions of a few specific individuals
Answer: D

2.Click the Exhibit button to review the Aviation Supply Company scenario. What are two benefits enseandRespond
provides to Aviation Supply Company's (ASC's) new strategic imperatives? (Choose two.)
A.ASC will improve server utilization.
B.ASC is able to deploy resources faster.
C.ASC can respond faster to competitor offerings.
D.ASC will reduce total cost of ownership of IT resources.
E.ASC is able to manage more effectively with an understanding of threats and opportunities.
Answer: C, E

3.An advertisement company, ABC Ads, wants to reengineer their advertising process. Their current annual budget is $1B. As many as 26 people are necessary to complete the process that involves: taking a photo, having the photo priced, and placing the photo into the online or printed catalog. ABC Ads executives initiated a project to automate their photo preparation and posting
process, while integrating company marketing, purchasing and accounting systems with Enterprise Advertising systems. What is an example of a short term objective outlined in a RFI (request for information) document that aligns this with an On Demand initiative? request more servers with capacity on standby capability request an outsourcing agreement that could provide the additional server capacity request more servers that support dynamic LPAR capability to meet service level agreement thresholds request that any idle IT capacity in the existing online stores catalog website be shared between online shoppers, and the advertisement campaign
Answer: D

4.Current research indicates that half (56 percent) of IT companies increased server capacity last year based on an increase in commerce activity, with 53 percent expecting to increase server capacity again next year. Of this 53 percent, one in four expect to utilize the justincase capacity (effectively sitting idle most of the time). What should a customer consider before acquiring new
A.On Demand solutions incorporate the new flexible financing offered by the new eServer hardware.
B.On Demand solutions provide quicker deployment of newly acquired hardware for justincase environments.
C.On Demand solutions increase growth through flexibility and agility by utilizing the existing environment in a more efficient manner. There is no need to acquire new capacity since On Demand solutions evolve from justincase IT environments to justintime.
D.On Demand solutions create an integrated portal for an IT environment, linking users, processes and IT infrastructure. Rather than purchasing new capacity, an On Demand solution uses the existing hardware in a justintime fashion within the portal environment.
Answer: C

5.Click the Exhibit button to review the Aviation Supply Company scenario. What are two ways Aviation Supply Company (ASC) can benefit from being responsive, focused, resilient and variable? (Choose two.)
A.ASC can respond faster to changing market conditions.
B.ASC can significantly reduce customer service staffing.
C.ASC can better identify parts of the business to outsource.
D.ASC can build an IT infrastructure that is totally secure from external threats and natural disasters.
E.ASC can take advantage cost savings from efficient and effective IT processes to compete more aggressively with innovative services and lower prices.
Answer: A, E

6.What is the value of an On Demand strategy to the Line of Business Manager?
A.On Demand enables critical business applications to operate without any downtime concerns.
B.On Demand leverages industry standards such as: ITIL, CMM, CoBIT to enable the implementation of best practice processes.
C.On Demand institutionalizes technical knowledge so that more IT problems are solved more quickly with less human intervention.
D.On Demand enables the IT organization to quickly adapt to changing business conditions so that a business units can respond with speed without the IT infrastructure acting as a barrier.
Answer: D

7.A company's IT and Line of Business Managers view IT as key in productivity and business growth. The company needs to manage rapidly expanding amount of applications, information and systems in the face of extreme budget pressures. IT expense must be kept in line with business goals, without sacrificing performance and functionality. What is the main benefit of
having an application instrumented within an On Demand solution?
A.On Demand solutions provide a service provider model, so the costs can be billed back to the requestor.
B.On Demand solutions integrate users, processes and technology to fulfill service levels under peak usage.
C.On Demand solutions have predefined transaction flows that allow predictable cost structures and performance.
D.On Demand solutions are designed to help improve resource utilization and find the optimal mix of servers, bandwidth, storage and middleware requirements to meet business priorities and service level objectives.
Answer: D

8.What is the value of an On Demand strategy to the Chief Information Officer (CIO)??
A.On Demand enables the company to be: resilient, variable, responsive and focused.
B.On Demand enables core business models to quickly adapt to changing market conditions.
C.On Demand leverages technology standards (such as: SOAP, XML, J2EE) that simplify the integration of IT resources across the organization.
D.On Demand enables development of new service delivery models that dynamically support the unique needs of each business unit and enable efficient and effective utilization of IT assets.
Answer: D

9.Click the Exhibit button to review the "Aviation Supply Company" scenario. How does the On Demand characteristic "Resilient" support Aviation Supply Company's (ASC's) strategic imperatives for systems availability and business continuity?
A.Resiliency helps ASC focus on core business operations.
B.Active monitoring of IT resources guarantees optimum uptime.
C.Service delivery is not disrupted and service level agreements are never breached.
D.Data management and archive policies ensure ready access to critical information in the event of a serious failure.
Answer: D

10.You have successfully created a vision with someone you deem to be a power sponsor within the client organization. You are asked by the client to sell the same vision to other key stakeholders. What must you do to sell the vision to a larger audience?
A.offer several demonstrations of various Tivoli products
B.understand and address their technical and political objections
C.communicate how these tools will help to automate their operational tasks
D.communicate the short term and long term benefits envisioned by your power sponsor
Answer: B

11.What are three key steps in defining an automation vision for the client? (Choose three.)
A.get buyin
from technical support resources
B.establish the strategic benefits of an automation initiative
C.identify a team to target with a specific automation product
D.identify the process and skill gaps to get to an automation vision
E.establish a baseline of the current processes in the business and infrastructure
F.scope out the timing and resources to move the client organization to automation
Answer: B, D, E

12.The IT infrastructure is the heart of business operations. Ensuring the reliability and availability of IT resources is vital for business success. Given the increased complexity of IT infrastructures, intelligent performance and availability management tools are essential for proactive identification and resolution of IT problems before they impact business performance. Which
open standard is needed to monitor the total transaction path within an IT environment?
Answer: C

13.Based on previous assessment(s), you believe that you have a good understanding of the client's strategy and direction. What must you do before you can identify where to begin implementing automation solutions?
A.identify agents of change within the client organization
B.understand the client's technical barriers for automation opportunities
C.negotiate with the various teams to rationalize their boot server technologies
D.understand if there is a Chief Information Officer (CIO) mandate to consolidate applications and servers
Answer: B

14.The On Demand transformation journey involves many aspects of a client's business. Technology is only one consideration when developing a complete On Demand transformation strategy. Clients must also consider organizational impact, operations impact, culture and market dynamics, and the various On Demand strategies available in the market today. It is essential that
the client select a strategic partner who has the breadth and depth to support all the demands of a complete On Demand transformation strategy. What is required in a strategic partner?
A.The strategic partner must adopt and promote industry, technology, and open standards.
B.The strategic partner must have a global reach and maintain consistent practices in all geographies.
C.The strategic partner must adopt On Demand transformation strategies within their own organization.
D.The strategic partner must have proven methods, techniques and technology that have delivered results.
Answer: A

15.You identify a good opportunity to start with an automation solution. What is the first task you should perform?
A.provide a scoping session to validate what you have learned
B.understand and communicate a business transformation plan
C.get buyin from other groups that may be impacted by the automation solution
D.ensure that the opportunity is associated with someone who will benefit politically within their organization
Answer: C

16.Which sequence of steps is most effective in aligning IBM's On Demand automation strategy with an IT environment?
A.identify organizational priorities > assess automation impact > establish operational baseline > outline automation strategy >
prepare business case
B.establish operational baseline > assess automation impact > identify organizational priorities > outline automation strategy >
prepare business case
C.identify organizational priorities > establish operational baseline > assess automation impact > outline automation strategy >
prepare business case
D.prepare business case > identify organizational priorities > assess automation impact > outline automation strategy >
establish operational baseline
Answer: C

17.A nonprofit integrated health care provider serves approximately 8 million members. In a single year it schedules 25+ million outpatient visits, delivers 80,000 babies, performs 331,000 surgeries, and fills about 100 million prescriptions. This health care provider's business challenge is managing the rising costs of healthcare while remaining competitive and lowering operational
costs. IT plays a significant role in addressing these challenges. When reviewing the output of an automation assessment report, which three statements will be approved by the sponsor? (Choose three.)
A.IBM automation solutions require IBM hardware platforms.
B.IBM automation solutions increase administrator efficiency.
C.IBM automation solutions provide significant reductions in operational costs.
D.IBM automation solutions require significant changes to business processes.
E.IBM automation solutions drive efficiency in deployment, provisioning and in determining the business impact of critical business systems.
F.IBM automation solutions provide a web portal to integrate users and business processes so that fulfillment of orders and claims can be processed within the same context.
Answer: B, C, E

18.What are IBM's levels of autonomic maturity in the order that lead to an On Demand environment?
A.Basic, Evolved, Managed, Flexible, Resilient
B.Basic, Managed, Predictive, Adaptive, Autonomic
C.Manual, Managed, Revealed, Improved, SelfHealing
D.Manual, Defined, Proactive, Automated, Orchestrated
Answer: B

19.What is necessary to effectively present the results of a business value assessment for the proposed automation solution to a client?
A.proposed assessment must show a reduction in labor cost case must demonstrate a payback within one year case must show a return greater than the client's opportunity cost of capital
D.client sponsor must agree to the analysis assumptions and take ownership of the results
Answer: D

20.What allows you to install Windows and Linux on an xSeries server?
B.Windows Installer Service
C.Remote Deployment Manager
D.Network Installation Management
Answer: C

21.Today's IT environments are complex, and often include resources from multiple vendors and platforms. To understand the status of a particular IT resource is to comprehend only a small part of the picture. To maximize the business value of IT investments, there must be an understanding of how each resource affects the applications and business processes it supports. Which Automation capability best describes the discipline referred to in this scenario?
A.Availability Management
B.Optimization Management
C.Service Level Management
D.Business Service Management
Answer: D

22.Click the Exhibit button to review the Aviation Supply Company scenario. Aviation Supply Company (ASC) wants to support their Change Management process with a technical infrastructure. What should be done first to help automate this process?
A.develop a standardized change process
B.define the contents of the ASC Request for Change
C.define the meaning of Standard, Minor, Major, and Urgent changes
D.identify the individuals who will perform the Change Analyst, Builder, and Tester functions
Answer: A

23.Click the Exhibit button to review the Aviation Supply Company scenario. If IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is used to automate the backup of servers, which organization should have the primary input in defining the content and scheduling of the backups?
B.Business Applications
C.Architecture and Planning
D.Infrastructure Engineering
Answer: A

24.Click the Exhibit button to review the Aviation Supply Company scenario. Given the description of the current Incident Management process at Aviation Supply Company (ASC), what benefit can be achieved through automating the filtering and correlation of incidents?
A.All incidents are automatically resolved.
B.Incidents created by the monitoring tools are minimized.
C.All incidents within the infrastructure are handled via automation.
D.All incidents received by the automation are processed using the same automation rule set.
Answer: D

25.Click the Exhibit button to review the Aviation Supply Company scenario. There are tools that automate the collection and recording of configuration data. Based on the description of Aviation Supply Company (ASC's) current Configuration Management process, which aspect of Configuration Management for ASC benefits the most from use of this type of tool?
A.the accuracy of configuration data
B.timely updating of configuration data
C.controlling the distribution of configuration data
D.providing configuration data to the Change Management process
Answer: B

26.Click the Exhibit button to review the Aviation Supply Company scenario. Which process implemented at Aviation Supply Company (ASC) is the most mature?
Answer: D

27.Click the Exhibit button to review the Aviation Supply Company scenario. If IBM Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator is used for dynamic server provisioning based on current responsibilities, which organization should define the appropriate service levels?
B.Business Applications
C.Architecture and Planning
D.Infrastructure Engineering
Answer: C

28.Click the Exhibit button to review the Aviation Supply Company scenario. An On Demand strategy requires that Capacity Management be implemented at Aviation Supply Company (ASC). Based on current roles and responsibilities, where should this activity be placed?
B.Business Applications
C.Architecture and Planning
D.Infrastructure Engineering
Answer: C

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