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IBM 000-774 Exam -

Free 000-774 Sample Questions:

1.How is the gateway address for a configured TCP/IP network determined?
A.look in the hosts file
B.lookup a README file
C.ask the network administrator
D.reference the network event map
Answer: C

2.How many documented methods are used to install an IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) Agent?
Answer: B

3.How is the current patch level for AIX determined?
B.lppchk v
C.oslevel r
D.lslpp h level
Answer: C

4.What are the minimum requirements to support an IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) Agent installation in a Windows environment?
A.1 GHz Processor, 512 MB disk space plus 100 MB temporary, 1 GB RAM
B.2 GHz Processor, 800 MB disk space plus 100 MB temporary, 2 GB RAM
C.400 MHz Processor, 200 MB disk space plus 100 MB temporary, 256 MB RAM
D.800 MHz Processor, 400 MB disk space plus 100 MB temporary, 512 MB RAM
Answer: C

5.When using the Clear History feature in IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM), it clears history for which of the following?
A.all discovered devices
B.the zone that is in a critical status only
C.the fabric that is in a critical status only
D.the device that is in a critical status only
Answer: A

6.What is the command and syntax used to list the current enabled IBM Tivoli SAN Manager
(ITSANM) filter rules? up SANEvent List up ListFilterRules up SANEvent ListFilterRules up SANEvent ListFilterRulesEnabled
Answer: C

7.Which version of DB2 Universal Database (UDB) is supported for IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) V1.3?
A.6.1 or higher
C.7.2 with fixpack 7a
D.7.2 with fixpack 10a or higher
Answer: D

8.What is the best way to determine if DB2 and WebSphere are using a single user ID and password?
A.examine the password file
B.ask the system administrator
C.verify through Tivoli Access Manager
D.use the Windows Computer Management Console
Answer: B

9.Which information should be gathered to identify a customer's pain?
A.number of users
B.location of offsite facility
C.availability of storage resources
D.roles for administrators for Tivoli Enterprise Console
Answer: C

10.Why would the second level of fabric management for IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM), outband agents and manual identification of endpoints, be implemented? view detailed information about endpoints identify endpoints and collect LUN information obtain zoning information and endpoint attributes monitor connection information and identify endpoints by name and icon
Answer: D

11.During an installation of IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) Remote Console, the installation fails during the NetView portion. What is one possible option for what went wrong?
A.The rexec service is not active.
B.The SNMP trap service is not running.
C.The WebSphere Application Server is not running.
D.The SNMP service has not been installed or is not active.
Answer: D

12.Using any process monitoring utility, what is the name of the process that should be monitored to ensure availability for IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) Manager for Windows?
B.IBM Application Server V5 ITSANMManager
C.IBM WebSphere Application Server V5 ITSRMServer
D.IBM WebSphere Application Server V5 ITSANMManager
Answer: D

13.Which two issues need to be addressed in a SAN environment to identify which IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) features to implement? (Choose two.)
A.Are the interswitch links (ISLs) saturated?
B.How much NAS storage do you want to manage?
C.Which SAN components are failing, or ready to fail?
D.Are all switch administrator user ID/passwords the same?
E.Are all application servers connected to the fiber switches?
Answer: A, C

14.In Linux, what must be added in front of the hostname before installing the IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) Agent?
B.IP address
C.registering site name
D.ITSANM Manager name
Answer: B

15.When installing IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM), which information is needed concerning the customer's password policy?
A.password sharing restrictions
B.the naming restrictions for user IDs often users are required to reset their passwords
D.the number of users that can access ITSANM concurrently
Answer: B

16.IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) can be configured to use the Tivoli NetView Web Console but has limited functionality. Which two views are not available from the Web Console? (Choose two.)
A.topology view
B.ITSANM menus centric view
D.device centric view information in the topology view
Answer: B, E

17.Which two actions verify that the installation of the manager component is complete? (Choose two.) the output report from the agent
B.view the ITSANM ServiceManager URL in a browser
C.check the installation directory for installed files on the agent
D.verify the Windows services or UNIX processes for ITSANM are running
E.examine the installation.log file on the IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) Manager
Answer: B, D

18.How are properties of the message log file defined?
A.srmcp log set
B.srmcp log get
C.srmcp log update
D.srmcp log define
Answer: A

19.If the ServiceManager webpage for the IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) Manager fails to launch, and the ITSANM manager service is running, which diagnostic action should be taken? the verifyITSANM.bat command
B.check the ITSANM message logs for error messages
C.issue the WebSphere command to check the server status
D.view the WebSphere Application Server Console for server status
Answer: C

20.Once a customer's SAN topology has been provided, what is the best way to verify its accuracy?
A.use NetView
B.use the Tivoli SAN configurator tool
C.ask the customer if the toplogy is accurate
D.use the switch vendor's management tools
Answer: D

21.What must be done before iSCSI device discovery is initiated?
A.IP discovery must be enabled in NetView.
B.IP discovery needs to be disabled in NetView.
C.The gtmd deamon must be running in NetView.
D.Polling must be enabled on the IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) Manager.
Answer: A

22.Which file lists the ports in use in an AIX environment?
Answer: D

23.Where is the syntax for the srmcp ConfigService setSinglePw command found?
A.NetView for Windows User's Guide
B.ITSANM Planning and Installation Guide
C.NetView for Windows Programmer's Guide
D.IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) User's Guide
Answer: D

24.Where are the SNMP trap parameters set in IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM)? the event.conf file the file the Set Event Destination panel in the ITSANM SAN Configuration panel the Switches and Other SNMP Agents panel in the ITSANM SAN Configuration panel
Answer: C

25.Before performing an offline IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) database backup, what must be done to ensure data consistency?
A.stop NetView
B.stop all ITSANM Agents
C.No action is required to perform an offline backup.
D.stop ITSANM Manager and ensure all connections to the database are closed
Answer: D

26.What should be done when an agent shows as "Not Contacted?
A.uninstall and reinstall the failing agent
B.look in the agent's msgITSANM.log, and check for heartbeat failure messages
C.verify that the manager and agent IP address can be resolved using a forward DNS lookup
D.verify that the manager and agent fully qualified domain names can be resolved using a reverse DNS lookup
Answer: D

27.Which command performs a silent install of IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) in an AIX environment?
A.install silent options
B.setup.aix silent options
C.installp u tivgid options ITSANM.install silent options
Answer: B

28.In which default directory are the logs for a failed installation of the IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) Manager on a Windows machine found?
Answer: C

29.What is the proper way to change the label on an icon in the SAN topology map so that the change remains permanent? the icon, through the SAN Properties change the description in the Label field the icon, through the SAN Menu select Configuration, change the description in the Label field the icon, rightclick on the icon and select Object Properties, change the description in the Object Name field the icon, rightclick on the icon and select Object Properties, change the description in the Display Label field
Answer: A

30.Which options are available when using IBM Tivoli SAN Manager (ITSANM) to perform zone administration?
A.Create zones, and Change zones
B.Create zone alias and Change zone alias
C.Create zones, Delete zones, and Change zones
D.Create zone alias, Create zones, Delete zones, and Change zones
Answer: C

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