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IBM 000-751 Exam -

Free 000-751 Sample Questions:

1.A retailer has requested an integrated POS solution which needs to include a printer, 2sided display, 50key keyboard, credit card reader, and a handheld scanner. The solution team is recommending a 4694247.
Which of the following best describes the feasibility of this solution?
A.The 4694247 will meet the customer's requirements.
B.The 4694247 does not have enough I/O ports for this solution.
C.The 4694247 base unit will not integrate with a cash drawer.
D. The 4694247 will require a Ycable to support the twosided display.
Answer: A

2.Which of the following are attributes of the 4690 OS architecture for thin clients?
A.All processing takes place on the POS controller.
B.Clients can boot off local media or via Remote Program Load.
C.The POS client OS boots locally, while the application loads from the POS controller.
D.Both OS and application are loaded from the POS controller.
E.Processing takes place on the POS client, and data is retained on the POS controller.
F.Thin clients are only supported over ethernet.
Answer: D, E

3.Which of the following approaches is best when installing a new 4690 system in multiple stores?
A.Send the installation files down from the host.
B.Install software via diskettes at the store.
C.Preinstall software at a central site.
D.Install software via ROP from the host.
Answer: C

4.There is a fix available for a customer 4690 environment. The customer has tested and validated the fix and wants to roll it out to 100 stores in the chain via Wide Area Network. Which of the following is the recommended method of implementing the fix throughout the chain?
A.Remote Operator
B.Install.BAT process
C.Store Loop Adapter
D.Remote ASM process
E.FTP the file to each store
Answer: D

5.A Retail Technical Specialist is setting up a 4694247 for a 4690 OS demonstration. During startup, the 4694 gets stuck at U005. Which of the following is the most appropriate action to take?
A.Check the terminal device group.
B.Run the Clear 4694 NVRAM Utility.
C.Make sure all of the peripherals are plugged in securely.
D.Verify LAN or loop connection is sound.
Answer: B

6.A Retail Technical Specialist has been asked to perform a demonstration of a 4690 POS system with dual controllers. He does not have access to an ISP or host. Which of the following functions will he be unable to demonstrate?
A.Terminal Offline Feature
B.3270 Emulation
C.Credit Tender
Answer: B

7.When configuring a 4690 system to support multiple concurrent telnet sessions, which of the following is necessary?
A.Define the telnet background application in controller configuration.
B.Ensure enough serial line definitions are added in controller configuration.
C.Add multiple auxiliary consoles in controller configuration.
D.Configure VT100 emulation using controller configuration.
E.Replace the standard telnet server entry in the INETD data file with the enhanced telnet server entry.
Answer: C, E

8.In addition to recreate steps, what other piece of information is required to recreate an application error?
A.ROP number
B.Terminal dump
C.Store/terminal options
D.TCC trace
E.Serial number
Answer: C

9.During a demonstration, the retailer asks if adding memory to the 4690 controller will increase transaction speed. Which of the following best answers this question?
A.Adding memory will reduce caching and improve performance.
B.Adding memory will not improve transaction speed.
C.Adding memory will increase caching and improve performance.
D.Adding memory will increase the number of transactions that can be processed concurrently.
Answer: B

10.eyed file record insertion performance warning?can be caused by which of the following problems?
A.File is almost full.
B.Disk fragmentation
C.Poor record distribution
D.File corruption
E.Disk is full.
F.Missing records
Answer: A, C

11.A retailer wants to convert their SDLC Credit Authorization in an existing tokenring store to Frame Relay TCP/IP Credit Authorization as part of their conversion from 4690 V2 to 4690 V3.
Which of the following is a valid concern with this migration?
A.Changing MCF to ethernet
B.Obtaining TCP/IP licenses for the controllers
C.Coordination of the change with the Credit Authorization provider
D.Changing TCC to ethernet
E.The need to increase terminal memory
Answer: C

12.Which of the following are preferred methods of piloting new terminal functionality in a store environment?
A.Select a store and reload all terminals with the new terminal application.
B.Install the terminal application in selected terminals.
C.Stop the controller and reload to activate the new changes.
D.Install new function in the backup controller and take the primary controller offline.
Answer: A, B

13.A supermarket has an average of 30 items per transaction. Which of the following will give the best performance boost to customer checkout speed?
A.Migrate to 360 degree scanners
B.Upgrade to a faster terminal
C.Switch to 100 Mbps ethernet
D.Implement selfscan lanes
Answer: A

14.Which of the following is the most accurate estimate of the size of a file with 508 byte record length, 12 byte key length, and space for 10,000 records?
A.500 KB
B.1.2 MB
C.5 MB
D.10 MB
E.50 MB
Answer: C

15.Which of the following will allow remote monitoring of 4690 events across an enterprise and automation of a 4690 process based on the occurrence of one, or a sequence, of these events?
A.Advanced Data Communications for Stores (ADCS)
B.Tivoli PointofSale Manager
C.Remote Operator
D.Retail Connectivity Option (RCO)
Answer: B

16.The output of a Solutions Assurance Review (SAR) of the store implementation project plan is critical for which of the following reasons?
A.Provides answers to outstanding questions
B.Contains a list of risks and exposures
C.Determines the final cost of the solution
D.Determines the conditions of satisfaction
E.Finalizes technical aspects of the design
Answer: B

17.A retail customer headquarters wants to retrieve reports hourly from their stores. Which of the following is most relevant to determine if this is possible?
A.LAN speed within the store
B.Type of database being used to store data
C.Average transactions per hour
D.Size of the file(s) being transferred to the home office
Answer: D

18.Which of the following directories contains storecritical files that change daily?
Answer: E

19.After controller configurations are activated, when do controller configuration changes take effect in a Multiple Controller environment?
A.When controller configuration changes are distributed
B.When each controller is reIPL
C.When the Terminal LAN is IPL
D.When host communications are established
Answer: B

20.Which of the following would be appropriate to demonstrate a solution for software version control on a 4690 system?
A.Tivoli POS Manager
Answer: B

21.To prepare for potential questions the retailer may ask during the solution proposal meeting, which of the following is the best source of information about available products and features?
A.4690 Messages Guide
B.Retail Store Solutions Web site
C.4690 Store System General Information Guide
D.IBM Retail Sales and Marketing CDROM
E.Retail Store Solutions Publications CDROM
Answer: B

22.A retailer wants to migrate from 4690 OS V2 to 4690 OS V3 using the CDROM method. Which of the following steps is required?
D.Select copy files for Migration
Answer: D

23.What is the primary intended use of the ICE browser that is supported under OS V3?
A.Provide Intranet applications for the terminal
B.Provide Internet applications for the terminal
C.Provide graphical user interface for POS applications
D.Provide windowing capability at the terminal
Answer: A

24.How should a Retail Technical Specialist increase the probability that the retailer expectations will be met during the rollout phase?
A.Establish milestones in the project plan
B.Communicate progress against project plan milestones
C.Involve store personnel in rollout
D.Perform regular system testing
Answer: B

25.A retailer is planning to install 4690 OS V3 and needs the ability to send and receive files. Which of the following options are viable in this situation?
B.Remote Operator
C.3270 Emulation
Answer: B, E

26.After migrating from a 4690 environment to DDS/CSF on Windows 2000, where does one look to find DDS error messages?
A.The event viewer
B.4690 messages screen
C.DDS system log
D.CSF error log
Answer: A

27.Which of the following are the best reasons for a retailer to have more than one LAN adapter in a 4690 controller?
A.A store with 4683 registers and a token ring connection between the controllers wants to add new 4694 cash registers.
B.The controllers communicate to an existing host by token ring but communicate with terminals through the ethernet adapter.
C.The number of terminals in a large store can exceed the addressability and/or throughput of a single LAN adapter.
D.More than one LAN adapter provides some additional redundancy without the added cost of additional controllers needed with the multiple controller feature.
E.A store with existing token ring terminals may add terminals with builtin ethernet.
Answer: A, B

28.A retailer is having a problem with the terminal sales application abending on the front end terminals throughout the day. When the application abends, it only occurs on one terminal at a time. What is the best documentation to gather to analyze the problem?
A.Terminal Abend Log
B.Terminal Storage Dump
C.Keyed File Analysis
D.LAN Trace Report
E.Controller Dump
Answer: B

29.In a 4690 OS multiple controller environment, which of the following 4690 functions would be best to recreate files after replacing a controller hard disk in an active store?
A.File Distribution Utility
B.LAN Disk Rebuild Utility
C.Keyed File Utility
D.Apply Software Maintenance
Answer: B

30.Which statement is true in a 4690 single controller environment?
A.TCP/IP cannot be used.
B.DHCP cannot be used.
C.Frame Relay network cannot be used.
D.The controller cannot be assigned as Master.
Answer: D

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