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IBM 000-750 Exam -

Free 000-750 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 ABC Retail is planning on opening a new store and is asking Best Systems Business Partner what the IBM hardware configuration should be. Best Systems is meeting with ABC Retail to determine the configuration. Which of the following is the most important question Best Systems would need to ask to prepare an accurate terminal hardware configuration?
A. What model PC Controller will be used?
B. What is ABCs host system?
C. What host communication program does ABC use?
D. What software application and operating system does ABC plan to use?
E. How many cashiers will be needed?
F. Will ABC be using Remote Operator?
Answer: D

Q: 2 Which of the following features are included in the base price of the 4840-5x3 register?
A. 12 inch active matrix LCD
B. 20 GB hard disk drive
C. Customer display (2x20)
D. 128 MB of memory
E. Receipt printer
F. 256 MB of memory
G. 1.2 GHz Intel processor
Answer: A, D

Q: 3 RPM Cycles has looked at the Retail Solutions Sales representatives proposal for the point of sale replacement for their stores. While they liked the proposal a great deal, they would like to lower the price a little more. In order to do that, they are looking at using SureMark Model TI3 printers rather than the SureMark Model TI4 printers. When they make this switch, which of the following features will they be sacrificing?
A. 52 lps print speed
B. MICR reader
C. Document station
D. Check flipper
E. Ability to attach via either RS-232 and RS-485
Answer: B, D

Q: 4 ABC Retail has 4800-752 (64MB RAM) registers with the 4690 OS in each of their stores. They are interested in implementing RF connectivity for certain remote registers. Which of the following courses of action are required to enable RF on the registers?
A. Check/update proper OS level and OS features.
B. Disable internal ethernet adapter.
C. Install RF Adapter and add additional memory.
D. Upgrade In Store Processor to support RF and disable TCP/IP on ISP.
E. Install RF Adapter and survey store (for repeaters/access points).
Answer: A, E

Q: 5 Which of the following features are NOT included in the base price of the 4840-543 register?
A. Windows XP operating system
B. Keyboard
C. Customer display
D. Hard drive
E. 128 MB of memory
Answer: A, B, C

Q: 6 Harry is demonstrating the IBM 4800 POS system to Sallys Card Shop and learns from the MIS director that there is a need to attach an OEM pinpad to do credit/debit transactions. Which of the following items should Harry consider when attaching this device to the 4800?
A. Interface of the pinpad
B. Model of the Hub
C. Software support
D. Communication software
E. Pinpad cleaning card
Answer: A, C

Q: 7 Keystone Food Grocery Store is opening a new store and needs a configuration prepared for them. There will be 10 lanes with scanner scales, integrated EFT, 15 color customer monitors, single controller, check verification, and host communications to an IBM iSeries.
Which of the following components must be included in a valid system configuration?
A. Two IBM PCs listed on the IBM Controller Matrix
B. Ten 4800 Point of Sale Terminals
C. Ten scanner scales
D. Ten pen readers
E. 4690 Store Loop cables
F. Token ring adapter
Answer: B, C

Q: 8 When initially sizing the revenue for a retail opportunity of a new prospect, which of the following is the most important consideration?
A. Total number of transactions
B. Total number of stores
C. Total number of POS terminals
D. Number of personnel per store
Answer: C

Q: 9 A retail solutions prospect is anticipating installing new Point of Sale systems in 20 stores. In order to determine the implementation timetable, which of the following questions should a Retail Solutions Sales representative ask the customer?
A. Is store wiring compatible?
B. Are resources available and assigned?
C. What are the financing terms?
D. How many cashiers are there?
E. What are the training resources?
F. What is the average number of transactions per store?
G. What are your competitors installation activities?
Answer: A, B, E

Q: 10 Jim, a Retail Solutions Sales Rep, has found a viable prospect, ABC Retail Store. He has scheduled a meeting to determine the Point of Sale (POS) budget for the year. Which of the following questions need to be asked during the meeting?
A. How many stores do you anticipate opening?
B. How many personnel do you plan on adding?
C. How many trucks do you plan on adding to your fleet?
D. How will your stockholders react to your plans?
E. How many registers will be in each new store?
F. How much inventory does an average store carry?
Answer: A, E

Q: 11 A customer has indicated that a competitive solution is 20% less than the IBM price, and they will not be able to justify the gap. The IBM Business Partner price already reflects a Special Bid from IBM. What should the Retail Solutions Sales representative do to handle this situation?
A. Move on to the next opportunity because discounting will hurt the brand value in the marketplace.
B. Remind the customer of any known implementation issues with the competitive solution and attempt to quantify the cost of failure.
C. Set up a presentation to differentiate the value of each of the solution components.
D. Obtain competitive information from IBM Retail Store Solutions to diminish the value of the competitive solution.
E. Set up a meeting to determine if the component mix can be changed.
Answer: C, E

Q: 12 Chang, an IBM Retail Solutions Sales representative, has a customer, ABC specialty store, that has high regard for NCR Dynakey hardware. Which of the following would be the best course of action for Chang to take to persuade the customer that IBM offers a better solution?
A. Simply maintain contact with the account because circumstances sometimes change.
B. Submit an unsolicited proposal to the customer.
C. Determine why Dynakey is so well liked and highlight IBMs strengths in those areas.
D. Highlight Dynakeys weakness as undermining any potential benefit.
E. Propose a CRT solution with a keyboard because it is less expensive than Dynakey.
Answer: C

Q: 13 ABC Retail has decided to purchase POS equipment for all 100 of their stores over the next 10 months. ABC will purchase equipment for 10 stores per month during the rollout.
Amy, the Retail Solutions Business Partner, has found out that the new equipment will be out of
production in 3 months time. ABC does not want to purchase the equipment all at once for cash flow reasons, but they also do not want to switch hardware models during the rollout. What is the best option Amy has for helping ABC?
A. Suggest that ABC apply for credit financing and negotiate with the credit company to defer payments for several months.
B. Suggest the company purchase all of the equipment as the end user and then resell ABC the equipment as used equipment as needed.
C. Convince ABC to purchase the replacement POS product even though it will cost more per lane.
D. Offer ABC the option of used equipment as a source for the old configuration.
Answer: A

Q: 14 Jim, a Retail Solutions Sales representative, has determined that a prospect is planning on increasing their number of stores in the next 12 months. It has been determined that NCR is the main competitor. Which of the following is the most important item to be aware of in order to sell an IBM retail solution?
A. Price of competitive equipment
B. Current solution in use
C. Proposed NCR solution
D. Identity of NCR salesperson
E. Location of new stores
Answer: C

Q: 15 Hans is a Retail Solutions Sales Rep and is staffing a booth at a trade show.
Which of the following, other than business card, is the most important piece of information to gather from each visitor?
A. Area of interest
B. Retail budget projections
C. Retail revenue projections
D. Most used retail vendor
E. Least used retail vendor
F. Number of lanes per store
Answer: A

Q: 16 Ted is a Retail Solutions Sales representative, and his manager wants him to define the opportunity at a new prospect, a large retail company. How can Ted determine the current and future opportunity?
A. Determine the current MIS decision process and timeframe.
B. Determine the customers view of competitors solutions.
C. Determine the customers view on leasing.
D. Determine where POS fits in the current budget.
E. Determine where the customer sees the industry segment going.
F. Determine the growth rate of transactions per store.
Answer: A, D

Q: 17 Joseph is a Retail Solutions Sales representative and has been given no documented requirements, yet is responsible for a customer demonstration. Which item is MOST likely an appropriate source of information to make the demonstration customer-specific?
A. Direct Store Delivery vendor indicates customer needs Electronic Journal Capabilities.
B. MIS manager discloses elements of his budget.
C. Joseph obtains an RFP for the retail prospects biggest competitor.
D. Joseph finds an article in a trade publication listing the chairmans initiatives.
Answer: D

Q: 18 XYZ Retailer is beginning a new marketing initiative that incorporates gift cards and customer loyalty programs in each store. The POS equipment that XYZ is using today is unable to accommodate gift cards and has no flexibility for implementing customer loyalty modules. XYZ would like to implement one or more kiosks per store to allow customers to sign up for Gift Registry. XYZs priorities are to focus first on the kiosks and customer interface and lastly on the POS.
What combination of IBM POS equipment would suit XYZs requirements BEST?
A. 4840 at the POS and 4614 for the kiosk
B. SureOne at the POS and 4694 at the kiosk
C. 4800 at the POS and 4840-563 at the kiosk
D. 4800 at the POS and 4835 at the kiosk
Answer: D

Q: 19 Jerry, a business partner, has a customer, Skate Sports that is considering new POS hardware. At the POS, Skate currently uses dumb computer terminals with cash drawers to connect directly to the iSeries host at the corporate office. Skate wants to purchase POS terminals for all of their stores, but due to the leasing arrangement is forced to keep their existing stand-alone credit authorization and check authorization machines for another year. Also, Skate likes the features and functions of the IBM business partners POS application with touch screen capabilities. What could Jerry recommend that will help Skate with their existing POS needs and accommodate their current and future authorization needs?
A. Jerry should recommend SurePOS 700 with an IBM Model 4 printer.
B. Jerry should recommend the IBM SureOne due to its low cost and small footprint.
C. Jerry should recommend the SurePOS 700 with an IBM SureMark printer.
D. Jerry should recommend a SurePOS 500 to accommodate Skates need for a full screen touch application.
Answer: C

Q: 20 Which one of the following methods best contributes to gathering customer requirements information?
A. Talk to the IBM team regarding the customers purchase history.
B. Talk to other vendors that service the account.
C. Read trade publications with stories pertaining to the customer.
D. Ask the CIO to describe the company strategy.
Answer: D

Q: 21 XYZ Corporation has 150 stores and 8 year old POS equipment. The CIO calls ABC Business Partner to discuss hardware changes and/or upgrades of the current POS system. The CIO would like ABC to demonstrate the functionality of the IBM POS system. The customer has no RFP and no documented requirements. The Business Partner begins this process by doing which of the following?
A. Meeting with store operations management to determine business requirements
B. Understanding the platform strategy of the installed vendor
C. Understanding what competitors are doing
D. Coordinating a demonstration of the most recently announced IBM products
Answer: A

Q: 22 Which of the following projects would have the greatest impact on store operations from a training perspective?
A. Price promotion
B. Automated customer checkout
C. Electronic marketing
D. Store polling
Answer: B

Q: 23 Which of the following capabilities is NOT available on the SurePOS 500 Series terminal?
A. Ability to attach a laser printer locally via RS-232 port
B. Ability to attach multiple cash drawers
C. Ability to attach multiple customer displays
D. Ability to attach multiple internal hard disks
Answer: D

Q: 24 ABC Company is a small two-lane specialty store that already has a DOS-based POS application. ABC is currently using old PCs with distributed I/O, which take up very little counter space. ABC needs to replace the aging PCs with equipment that will handle ABCs growth but will not take up a large amount of counter space. Which of the following platforms fits ABCs requirements best?
A. 4810
B. 4694
C. 4800
D. 4610
Answer: A

Q: 25 The ABC company, which is currently installing IBM 4800-722s with the 4690 OS, has decided that they want to open a futuristic retail outlet. They have a desire to utilize the latest technologies, which include, but are not limited to: wireless terminal, multimedia, and kiosks. The CIO calls Acme Business Partner and states that they would like an IBM solution because they would like to avoid rewriting all the business logic at the POS. What should the Retail Solutions Sales representative recommend for a multimedia station that is still based on the 4800 platform?
A. Install a 4800-742 with a 4820 display and external speakers.
B. Install a 4800-782 with a 4820 display, Windows 2000, Terminal Services, and external speakers.
C. Install a 4800-742 with a 4820 display, Windows 2000, and external speakers.
D. Install a 4800-782 with extra memory, hard drive, and external speakers.
Answer: B

Q: 26 What advantages does the integrated SurePOS 500 offer that the 4800-782 with an IBM SurePoint touch display does not offer?
A. Support of 4690 OS
B. Smaller overall footprint of the solution
C. Retail hardening
D. Better systems management capabilities
E. Lower total hardware cost
Answer: B, E

Q: 27 The ABC company, which is currently installing IBM 4800-722s with the 4690 OS, has decided that they want to open a futuristic retail outlet. They have a desire to utilize the latest technologies, which include, but are not limited to: wireless terminal, multimedia, and kiosks. The CIO calls Acme Business Partner and states that they would like an IBM solution because they would like to avoid rewriting all the business logic at the POS. Can the registers be configured as wireless terminals to communicate back to an access point, and if so, under what circumstance?
A. No, the 722 would not support wireless.
B. Yes, the 722 supports wireless, but only using store loop protocols.
C. Yes, the 722 supports wireless using Ethernet protocol.
D. Yes, the 722 supports wireless using a Windows 2000 Controller.
Answer: C

Q: 28 A customer currently has a competitors POS equipment installed. The configuration includes a serial-attached scanner/scale, a standard customer display, and a powered RS-232 serial printer. Which of the peripherals can be directly connected when installing an IBM SurePOS 700 Series solution?
A. All except scanner/scale
B. All except customer display
C. All except serial printer
D. All of them can be directly connected.
Answer: C

Q: 29 Rex, a Retail Solutions Sales representative, has a small/medium sized retail customer that currently has a controller and a controller terminal acting as a backup controller. They would like to install a POS configuration in the store that accommodates their 4690 OS solution now and will allow them to move to a Windows 2000 based solution in the future. Of the alternatives below, which is the MOST cost-effective now and will not compromise the future requirement?
A. Install SurePOS 500 with 128 MB RAM and upgrade memory when needed.
B. Install SurePOS 700 with 128 MB RAM and no hard drive now, then upgrade when needed.
C. Install SurePOS 300 with 128 MB RAM now and avoid a site visit later.
D. Install 4614-A05 with 128 MB RAM now and avoid a site visit later.
Answer: B

Q: 30 Jo, a Retail Solutions Sales representative, has a brand new retail customer who is using electronic cash registers. The customer is convinced that a thin client-based POS solution is best for them due to the number of registers in each store and the fact that they do not want to manage the software and hard drive on each register. They are considering a 4690 OS based solution running on SurePOS 700s or a Network Computer based cash drawer solution. The same Java software will run on either hardware platform. Which of the following points should Jo use to point out the advantages of the SurePOS 700 solution over the Network Computer solution?
A. Fewer cables will be needed at the checkstand because the SurePOS 700 powers its I/O.
B. The SurePOS 700 supports the attachment of I/O via RS-232.
C. The SurePOS 700 is retail hardened and will hold up to the rigors of a retail environment better.
D. The SurePOS 700 supports a touch screen display.
E. The SurePOS 700 has USB ports.
F. The SurePOS 700 supports multimedia.
Answer: A, C

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