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IBM 000-749 Exam -

Free 000-749 Sample Questions:

1. A customer utilizes DFSMShsm Migration Level 2, and has 10,000 IBM 3490E Enhanced Capacity cartridges. How many IBM 3592 JA Tape Cartridges are required for this amount of data if the cartridges are written in EFMT1 format?
A. 17
B. 27
C. 37
D. 57
Answer: B

2. How many (minimum to maximum number) of physical tape drives can be attached to a single cluster IBM TS7700 Virtualization Engine?
A. 3 to 6
B. 4 to 6
C. 4 to 16
D. 6 to 12
Answer: C

3. Which tape library solutions supports high availability in a z/OS environment?
A. IBM TS3200
B. IBM TS3500
C. IBM 3584-L53
D. IBM 3494-B20
Answer: B

4. Which of the following determines the target library for a SPECIFIC allocation in an SMS managed tape environment?
C. ACS routines
D. Library Manager categories
Answer: B

5. How much more uncompressed data could be transferred in an hour to an IBM 3592-E05 tape drive than the STK 9840C?
A. 100GB
B. 152GB
C. 252GB
D. 540GB
Answer: C

6. What information is necessary to determine the number of cartridge slots currently under STK silo automation?
A. The number of installed Timberline drives (9490)
B. The number of installed Library Storage Modules (LSM)
C. The number of installed Library Management Units (LMU)
D. The number of installed Automated Cartridge Systems (ACS)
Answer: B

7. Which of the following is used in a System Managed Tape environment to correlate the tape volume serial numbers and the library slot location?
B. VTS Database
C. Tape Management Catalog
D. Library Manager Database
Answer: D

8. Which of the following does IBM Tivoli Storage Manager on IBM System z use to manage its tape volumes?
B. ITSM Database
C. CA-1 database
D. ITSM Tape file
Answer: B

9. A customer has three data centers currently using IBM 3590-B11 tape drives with 2500 cartridges per location on IBM System z.
The manager wants to consolidate everything into one location to reduce and simplify their backup operations.
Considering data growth, reduced tape mount time and tape operations personnel, which solution best meets this customer's needs?
A. Upgrade IBM 3590-B11 to IBM 3590-H11 drives.
B. Install an IBM TS3500 Tape Library and copy the 3590 data.
C. Install rack-mounted IBM TS1120 tape drives and copy the 3590 data.
D. Install an IBM TS3500 with an IBM TS7700 Virtualization Engine and copy the 3590 data.
Answer: B

10. A Request for Proposal (RFP) has been received describing the implementation of a centralized data backup solution.
The customer has five campus buildings inter-connected with 100 Mb coaxial Ethernet.
Every building has three servers and each server has a 2 GB database that requires nightly backup. The backups must be completed in a four-hour window.
A technical staff person attending an IBM roadshow heard about IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and is considering implementing this solution. What is the next step to be performed by a Business Partner sales representative?
A. Call IBM TechLine/PartnerLine to provide the solution
B. Commit to a six week trial of an integrated solution
C. Contact Tivoli for an analysis and software quote
D. Engage a technical specialist to develop a solution
Answer: D

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