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IBM 000-747 Exam -

Free 000-747 Sample Questions:

1. A customer has a heterogeneous environment that is backed up using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager attached to a tape silo. Due to network congestion, the expanding data within the environment can no longer be backed up within the time available. The data growth is expected to increase rapidly over the next few months. The average recovery window for this environment is currently estimated at 72 hours. Which of the following options would resolve the network problem?
A. Install an IBM System Storage N5000.
B. Utilize LAN free backups over the SAN.
C. Install iSCSI to improve block I/O throughput.
D. Increase the number of tape drives within the silo.
Answer: B

2. A customer is installing an IBM System Storage DS6800 at their backup data center. Which of the following will be used to implement Metro Mirror with the main data center?
A. IBM DS4800
B. IBM ESS 2105-800
C. IBM 2104 EXP Plus
D. IBM N5500
Answer: B

3. Which of the following phrases best describes the IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data to a non-technical person?
A. Automates data backup and restore functions.
B. Provisions computing resources for changing workloads based on policies.
C. Delivers enterprise monitoring, reporting and policy-based automation to help improve storage utilization. D.Combines easy administration and heterogeneous, cross-platform sharing of NAS with the high bandwidth of SAN.
Answer: C

4. A customer has ten IBM System p servers, with each system having a dedicated set of IBM TotalStorage Serial Disk Systems (7133) with a total of 5 TB of data. The customer is planning to consolidate their storage in an IBM TotalStorage DS8100 to better serve their data warehouse application. Only two hours of downtime are available for migration. Which of the following is the best method to migrate the data?
A. Backup data to tape and restore on the new IBM DS8100
B. Reinstall IBM 7133 drawers in an IBM DS8100 Expansion frame
C. Host Mirror the data from the IBM 7133 drawers to the IBM DS8100
D. Stop processing; initiate copy command to copy data to the new IBM DS8100
Answer: C

5. The IBM System Storage Tape Library Specialist for the TS3500 tape library enables which of the following features?
A. Remote Management Capability
B. DLT support
C. Enhanced Communications with the IBM System Storage DS Manager
D. LAN free backup with Tivoli Storage Manager
Answer: A

6. A customer has an existing IBM DS4500 Storage Server with 3TB of Data and IBM 2109-F16 switches. They now need to set up a remote mirror of their data at their new remote site 50KM away, which is connected via dark fiber, for BC/DR. Which group of products will meet the customer's needs at the lowest cost?
A. DS4800 with ERM, ERM for the DS4500, two new IBM System Storage SAN 18B-R with FC/IP Activation
B. DS4800 with ERM, ERM for the DS4500, Long wave SFP for their 2109-F16 Switches and one new IBM System Storage SAN 18B-R with long wave SFP
C. DS4800 with ERM, ERM for the DS4500, two new IBM TotalStorage SAN 32B-2 with FC/IP Activation
D. DS4800 with ERM, ERM for the DS4500, two new IBM TotalStorage SAN 32B-2 with long wave SFP
Answer: D

7. A client has deployed an IBM N5500 to support a Microsoft Exchange implementation via iSCSI. The client has determined that I/O response time needs to be improved. Which of the following should be recommended?
A. Add FCP support to the N5500.
B. Mount the Exchange files via NFS.
C. Mount the Exchange files via CIFS.
D. Migrate the data to SATA drives.
Answer: A

8. A client has installed an N5500 in their primary data center. They want to replicate the data to a secondary N series system in a remote data center 1,000 miles away. Which advance feature will be required to provide asynchronous remote mirroring over IP?
A. SyncMirror
B. SnapVault
C. SnapMirror
D. FlexClone
Answer: C

9. A customer needs to limit the total time it takes to back up an existing DB2 database. Which of the following would be required to understand the customer requirements?
A. The amount of data to be backed up
B. If the data is random or sequential
C. The size of the disk array
D. The number of days backups are scheduled
Answer: A

10. A customer wishes to use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager to back up five Microsoft Windows 2003 file and print servers and is asking for advice on storage. The customer's anticipated daily backup increment is approximately 10 GB, which represents 1% of all of the customer's data. The customer is also anticipating an average retention period of 60 days. The customer makes off-site storage pool backups daily and sends database backups off-site. Which of the following would be the most appropriate storage device in order to provide the best long-term solution?
A. IBM System Storage TS1030 Tape Drive
B. IBM System Storage TS3100 Tape Library
C. IBM System Storage TS3310 Tape Library
D. IBM System Storage TS3500 Tape Library
Answer: C

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