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IBM 000-745 Exam -

Free 000-745 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following is a key characteristic of the IBM N series Write Anywhere File Layout that differentiates it from other file systems and allows a filer to reboot in a short time period when an unclean shutdown is performed?
A. WAFL caches the journal of unexecuted file system requests in NVRAM
B. WAFL stores metadata in three files - the inode file, the block-map file, and the inode-map file
C. WAFL has a two phase commit on journaling
D. WAFL creates a consistency point using a special Snapshot
Answer: D

2. If a storage specialist would like to connect a DS4800 to an N series Gateway, what is the correct host connection type to set on the DS4800?
B. Solaris
C. SUSE Linux
D. Redhat Linux
Answer: A

3. A customer wants to upgrade an N series system from an N5200 to an N7600. What must be done to complete this upgrade?
A. Simply change the N series heads - all configuration data stays on the disks.
B. Purchase a head , new disks, and shelves. Then use SnapMirror to migrate the volumes.
C. Purchase a head , new disks, and shelves. Then use ndmpdump to migrate the volumes.
D. Purchase a head , new disks, and shelves. Use Data Fabric Manager to migrate the data.
Answer: B

4. A customer just unpacked his N7000 cluster system and ready to perform initial installation Customer wants to configure the system with a high-availability configuration. Which of the following is required for interconnect?
A. NVRAM5 in slot 3
B. NVRAM6 in slot 1
C. NVRAM5 in slot 1
D. NVRAM6 in slot 2
Answer: B

5. What feature in Data ONTAP implements link aggregation on a storage system and provides a mechanism to group together multiple network Interfaces (links) into one logical interface (aggregate)?
A. FlexShare
B. FlexNet
C. vlan
D. VifS
Answer: D

6. A customer has four Cisco 9509s in their SAN. One was recently replaced. How can the customer restore their large zoning configuration?
A. Copy the configuration file from one of the 9509s to the new unit.
B. Use Fabric Manager to migrate the configuration from the rest of the Fabric
C. Swap Supervisor cards with one of the intact 9509s and copy its configuration
D. Rely on zone configuration update during fabric merge process
Answer: D

7. A customer has an IBM SAN 18B-R (2005-R18) Multiprotocol SAN Router. They have a sever in fabric A, and a storage device in fabric B. Which of the following protocols would be used to share storage resources among the fabrics without merging them?
Answer: A

8. If an N series storage system has multiple tape drives and a volume with two to four qtrees, how can the backup rates be improved?
A. By running multiple dump commands in parallel, each reading a different qtree and writing to a different tape drive.
B. By running multiple FilerView sessions in parallel, each performing backups on different N Series Systems.
C. By running multiple reallocate commands in parallel, each reading a different volume and writing to a different tape drive.
D. By taking all aggregates and volumes that are not being backed up off-line.
Answer: A

9. Which sever based management tool provides a single point for downloading, installation and activation of firmware on a target switch or director?
A. Fabric Manager
C. Totalstorage Productivity center for Performance
D. Fabric Watch
Answer: B

10. A customer with two b-type switch fabrics wants to consolidate the fabrics into a single fabric. When preparing for the fabric merge, the customer requests a quick method for reviewing the current zoning using their existing management tools. Which of the following reports should be suggested to the customer?
A. Configuration Analysis and Device Accessibility
B. Configuration Analysis and Zoning Wizard
C. Zoning Wizard and Effective Configuration
D. Device Accessibility and Effective Configuration
Answer: A

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