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IBM 000-742 Exam -

Free 000-742 Sample Questions:

1.A customer has a single controller IBM TotalStorage DS4300 Storage Server. What is the maximum number of expansion drawers that can be attached?
Answer: A

2.A customer has a requirement for 9 TB of data to be stored onto tape. If the customer wants the most costeffective
LTO3 solution, the best technology choice would be:
A.IBM TotalStorage 3581 Tape Autoloader.
B.IBM TotalStorage 3582 Tape Library.
C.IBM TotalStorage 3583 Tape Library.
D.IBM TotalStorage 3584 Tape Library.
Answer: B

3.A customer mentions that they are evaluating Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) for their open server environment. Which of the following best describes AIT technology?
B.Linear recording
C.Helical scan recording
D.IBM TotalStorage 3592 compatible tape
Answer: C

4.A customer needs to limit the total time it takes to back up an existing database. Which of the following is NOT required to understand the customer requirements?
A.The amount of data to be backed up
B.The kind of data being backed up
C.The maximum desired time the backup process should take
D.The number of days backups are scheduled
Answer: D

5.A customer has a heterogeneous environment that is backed up using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager attached to a tape silo. Due to network congestion, the expanding data within the environment can no longer be backed up within the time available. The data growth is expected to increase rapidly over the next few months. The average recovery window for this environment is
currently estimated at 72 hours. Which of the following options would resolve the network problem?
A.Install an IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500.
B.Utilize LAN free backups over the SAN.
C.Install iSCSI to improve block I/O throughput.
D.Increase the number of tape drives within the silo.
Answer: B

6.A customer owns a 150 GB usable RAID 5 SCSI disk subsystem attached to a single host and wants to increase data throughput, reliability, availability, and serviceability. Cost is a significant consideration. Which of the following is most likely to satisfy all of these requirements?
A.Convert the RAID 5 subsystem to a RAID 1 subsystem.
B.Convert the existing subsystem to dualattached SCSI.
C.Replace the existing subsystem with an IBM TotalStorage DS4000 Storage Server.
D.Replace the existing subsystem with an IBM TotalStorage DS8000 Storage Server.
Answer: C

7.A distributor is planning to open five locations, with each location requiring a local nightly backup of 500 GB of data from a Sun server. Performance and cost are key requirements. Which of the following is the best solution?
A.IBM TotalStorage 3581 Tape Autoloader
B.IBM TotalStorage 3590 Model H11 Tape Drive
C.IBM TotalStorage 3592 Model J1A Tape Drive
D.IBM TotalStorage 7205 Model 550 External SDLT320 Tape Drive
Answer: A

8.A customer is currently running a mail server application and is interested in a new storage subsystem. Which of the following will have the most impact in sizing the subsystem?
A.Record size
B.Logical volume partitioning
C.Data security
D.Number of users
Answer: D

9.A large customer environment consists of 16 Intelbased servers that support electronic mail. The servers have exceeded their disk storage capacity and the customer would like to centralize disk storage. Which of the following solutions should be recommended?
A.IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500
B.IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller
C.IBM TotalStorage DS4000 Storage Server
D.IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management
Answer: C

10.A customer is running a SAP R/3 application using Oracle Parallel Server as the database manager on an IBM eServer pSeries server. The customer would like two servers to share the same Oracle database. Which of the following IBM storage products would NOT be recommended to meet the customer's requirement?
A.IBM TotalStorage EXP Plus
B.IBM TotalStorage SAN Filesystem
C.IBM TotalStorage NAS Gateway 500
D.IBM TotalStorage SAN Volume Controller
Answer: C

11.A customer will be using an IBM TotalStorage DS4000 Storage Subsystem. In order to provide the highest data availability for a database server, which of the following is the most appropriate hardware RAID technology to recommend?
Answer: C

12.A customer is migrating a 600 GB Oracle database from an older IBM eServer pSeries server to a new one. The data is on a 2 TB IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) that is 80% full.
What is the easiest way to move the data to the new server?
A.Assign new LUNs to the new system, backup the data with the existing tape library, and restore it on the new system.
B.Use IBM TotalStorage ESS Specialist to assign the existing LUNs to the new server and use AIX LVM importvg to acquire the existing data.
C.Create new LUNs as targets, perform FlashCopy to those LUNs, and assign the target LUNs to the new server.
D.Create new LUNs as targets, perform Metro Mirror to those LUNs, and assign the target LUNs to the new server.
Answer: B

13.Which of the following is a feature of all IBM TotalStorage Ultrium tape drives?
A.Statistical Analysis and Reporting System (SARS)
B.Native switched fabric 2 Gb Fibre Channel interface
D.64 MB buffer
Answer: A

14.After a long competitive sales cycle, the customer has decided to implement their first centralized storage solution on the IBM TotalStorage DS4500 Storage Server. To help ensure a successful installation, which of the following should be proposed as part of the solution?
A.Service Alert
B.Business Continuance Services
C.3Year Warranty Service Upgrade
D.Planning and Implementation Services
Answer: D

15.A customer would like to integrate a Windows file server into the centralized IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) backup solution. The servers are SAN attached to an IBM Total Storage DS4500. There is very little LAN bandwidth to spare. What should the Storage Specialist recommend?
A.Implement an IBM TSM LAN Free solution.
B.Add a larger dedicated tape drive and have IBM TSM manage it remotely.
C.Install IBM TSM for Application Servers.
D.Install the IBM TSM client and backup over the network.
Answer: A

16.A customer wants to migrate their database off of EMC and has agreed to purchase an IBM solution if it can be demonstrated to meet their throughput requirements. What is the appropriate next step?
A.Calculate the expected performance based upon published throughput values.
B.Describe the architecture of the IBM solution explaining why it is superior to the EMC solution.
C.Make arrangements to provide an IBM TotalStorage solution through the Try and Buy evaluation program.
D.Call the IBM SupportLine and request throughput calculations based upon the proposed solution.
Answer: C

17.When choosing between an IBM TotalStorage 3582 Tape Library and an IBM TotalStorage 3583 Tape Library for an open system environment, which requirement differentiates the two libraries?
A.Standalone or rack mounted
B.SCSI or FC attachment
C.Logical library sharing
D.Upgradeable storage slot capacity
Answer: D

18.A customer has reviewed the Storage Specialist's proposal for a centralized disk solution supporting Sun, HP, Intel, IBM eServer pSeries and iSeries servers. The customer's feedback indicates that the solution exceeds their budget. They also indicate that they have signed an agreement outsourcing their iSeries applications. Which of the following would be the most
appropriate change to the proposal?
A.Reduce the amount of disk configured in the subsystem.
B.Reduce the amount of disk configured in the subsystem and reduce the SAN port count.
C.Reduce the amount of disk configured, change the subsystem to a NAS solution and eliminate the SAN.
D.Reduce the amount of disk configured, change the subsystem to IBM TotalStorage DS4000 and reduce the SAN port count.
Answer: D

19.Which of the following is a competitive advantage of the IBM TotalStorage DS4300 compared to the HP MSA1000?
A.FlashCopy option
B.Remote Mirroring option
C.Additional host configuration options
D.Better reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) characteristics
Answer: B

20.A customer has a requirement for recall of tape data. The media choice must have the longest archival life. Which of the following would be the most appropriate selection?
Answer: A

21.Which of the following cable connector types is required when connecting an IBM TotalStorage 3592 Tape Drive Model J1A directly to an IBM TotalStorage SAN Fibre Channel Switch (2005B32) with shortwave SFPs?
A.SC to SC cable
B.SC to LC cable
C.SC to ST cable
D.LC to LC cable
Answer: D

22.A customer requires offsite storage for 500 GB per night in backups. The backup site is 350 miles (560 kilometers) away. The customer does not require the backup site to run the application in the event of failure at the main site. Which of the following is the most costeffective and practical strategy for the data center?
A.Make online image backups.
B.Ship nightly backup tapes to the remote site.
C.Install an HACMP environment and mirror data.
D.Install IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive at the backup site.
Answer: B

23.A customer has an existing rackmounted IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drive (3590) Model B with ACF and wishes to decrease the time necessary to complete backups. If floor space is a concern, which of the following should a Storage Specialist recommend to the customer?
A.Upgrade to an IBM 3590 Model H1A.
B.Upgrade to an IBM 3590 Model H11.
C.Replace with an IBM 3590 Model A60.
D.Replace with an IBM 3590 Model C12.
Answer: B

24.A customer has Veritas NetBackup installed and is complaining about restore times. Which of the following IBM Tivoli Storage Manager features will provide the right solution for the customer problem?
D.Subfile Backup
Answer: A

25.A customer has a 100 GB database on an IBM eServer pSeries attached to a DS4300 and performs daily backups to tape from FlashCopy targets. The change repository is set to 50% for all of the LUNs. There is a new requirement to maintain an online copy of the most recent daily backup. Which of the following would be the minimum additional usable space needed in order to
minimize database downtime?
A.100 GB
B.150 GB
C.200 GB
D.250 GB
Answer: A

26.EMC, Sun and IBM all claim that they offer the highest performing disk solution. What is the most convincing way for a Storage Specialist to prove the claim?
A.Review latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report.
B.Call CompeteLine for competitive data.
C.Provide benchmark testing.
D.Provide product datasheet.
Answer: C

27.A customer wants to create an HACMP environment using two IBM eServer pSeries servers. How many Fibre Channel adapters should be used with each server to connect the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (2105)?
Answer: B

28.Which of the following is a primary feature of the IBM 2062D01 Cisco MDS 9216 Multilayer Fabric Switch?
A.Low cost
B.Small footprint
C.Modular upgrade to IP
D.Modular upgrade to 64 ports
Answer: C

29.Which of the following phrases best describes the IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data to a nontechnical person?
A.Automates data backup and restore functions.
B.Provisions computing resources for changing workloads based on policies.
C.Delivers enterprise monitoring, reporting and policybased automation to help improve storage utilization.
D.Fuses easy administration and heterogeneous, crossplatform sharing of NAS with the high bandwidth of SAN.
Answer: C

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