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IBM 000-740 Exam -

Free 000-740 Sample Questions:

1.A customer wants their LANbased applications to access their SAN storage; however, they do
not want to pay the high expense required for Fibre Channel HBAs or application of a NAS
gateway. Which of the following IBM System Storage products would be appropriate for this
A.IBM Switch L10 (2006L10) Switch with Arbitrated Loop
B.IBM SAN16BR multiprotocol router (2109A16) with iSCSI
C.IBM SAN24M1 (2026224) Switch
D.IBM SAN File System
Answer: B

2.If the NVRAM in one of the nodes in a dual head filer fails, which of the following actions will the
IBM N3700 take?
A.All writes on the node with the failed NVRAM will be written through.
B.The filer will notify the administrator to issue a CF takeover command so that activity fails over to the other node.
C.The filer will notify the administrator to power off the failing node so that a forced takeover is done by the other node.
D.The failing node will automatically failover to its partner filer node and serve data.
Answer: D

3.The IBM N Series subsystems include which of the following nocharge features?
Answer: C

4.In the seven tiers of disaster recovery, which of the following tiers requires physical
transportation of backup media?
A.Tier 6 Zero or little data loss
B.Tier 5 Transaction integrity
C.Tier 4 Pointintime copies
D.Tier 2 Data backup with an offsite facility
Answer: D

5.What is a key characteristic of the IBM N Series Write Anywhere File Layout that differentiates it
from other file systems and allows a filer to reboot in a short time period when an unclean
shutdown is performed?
A.WAFL caches the journal of unexecuted file system requests in NVRAM.
B.WAFL stores metadata in three files the inode file, the blockmap file, and the inodemap file.
C.WAFL has a two phase commit on journaling.
D.WAFL creates a consistency point using a special Snapshot.
Answer: D

6.Which of the following IBM N Series licensed functions enables a writable replica of data volumes and data sets?
Answer: B

7.Which of the following IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) products has functionality that would
enable a customer to backup an existing SAN in some other way than across a LAN?
A.TSM for Storage Area Networks
B.TSM for Hardware
C.TSM Extended Edition
D.TSM for System Backup and Recovery
Answer: A

8.A customer has an IBM SAN16BR (2109A16) Multiprotocol Router. They have a server in fabric A, and a storage device in fabric B. Which of the following protocols would be used to share storage resources among the fabrics without merging them?
Answer: A

9.Using multiple IBM SAN M14 Directors (2109M14) requires which of the following enabled licenses to support FICON?
A.Port Tunneling
B.Expanded Port Feature
C.Enterprise Passthru
D.Advanced Security with CUP
Answer: D

10.For an IBM N3700, what is the minimum root volume size?
Answer: B

11.What are the minimum and maximum raw capacities for an IBM N3700 (2863A10) subsystem?
A.1TB to 8TB
B.1TB to 16TB
C.2TB to 16TB
D.2TB to 32TB
Answer: B

12.A customer wants LANfree and serverfree backups. They plan to offload storage processing from servers and move this function onto an independent network. Which of the following should be recommended?
A.Storage Area Network (SAN)
B.Internet SCSI (iSCSI)
C.Network Attached Storage (NAS)
D.Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
Answer: A

13.A customer wants a storage subsystem that will act as a file server to multiple workstations via LAN connections. Which of the following is the most appropriate technology?
A.Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
B.Internet SCSI (iSCSI)
C.Network Attached Storage (NAS)
D.Storage Area Network (SAN)
Answer: C

14.The IBM N3700 is less susceptible to software hacking than other Microsoft Windowsbased offerings for which of the following reasons?
A.It has WAFL.
B.It has Data ONTAP.
C.It has SecureShare.
D.It supports Kerberos and CHAP.
Answer: B

15.Which of the following protocols is included free of charge in the IBM N3700?
Answer: C

16.Which of the following IBM N Series licensed functions enables creation of private logical partitions in filer networks?
Answer: C

17.Which feature of Cisco Fabric Manager is designed to integrate with other management tools?
A.The specific vendor plugin offered by Cisco
B.The Cisco Agent on the host system
C.A request form for a feature enhancement to Cisco
D.The Application Program Interface
Answer: D

18.A customer has two sites located several kilometers apart. The customer has both highspeed Internet link and dark fiber between the sites. The customer wants to utilize storage resources at either site such as peertopeer copy and disaster recovery implementation. To link these two sites together, installing which of the following would provide the highest performance and be
most reliable?
A.DWDM or CWDM pipe
B.An iFCP router
C.An FCIP router
D.An FCP extender
Answer: A

19.A customer has a SAN that includes storage from multiple vendors. The storage growth rate is over 60%. The customer is concerned about having older technology. They want to migrate data with little disruption. Which of the following solutions would best address the requirements?
A.Determine the total amount of storage used and add additional storage for growth. Recommend IBM N series to replace all systems including additional storage in order to accommodate the growth calculation. Recommend using NFS copies to migrate data.
B.Determine the total amount of storage used. Recommend DS6000 and DS8000 subsystems to replace all subsystems, use remote copy for migrating data.
C.Determine the total amount of storage used. Recommend SAN Volume Controller, DS6000 and DS8000 to replace all subsystems including additional storage to accommodate the growth calculation. Recommend using remote copy for migrating data.
D.Determine the total amount of storage used and add additional storage for growth. Recommend the IBM SAN Volume Controller and additional DS6000 and DS8000 subsystems to accommodate the growth calculation. Recommend using SVC to migrate data.
Answer: D

20.If a company wants to move its customer order data to a N3700 and needs a high availability solution, which of the following features should be considered?
A.Snapshot licensed on two (2) N3700 filers
B.SnapRestore licensed on two (2) N3700 filers
C.DFM installed on two (2) N3700 filers
D.A dual node N3700
Answer: D

21.A customer has an IBM pSeries server with 2TB of high I/O OLTP DB2 data, an IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC), and an IBM DS4800. They need to plan for disaster recovery with a 30minute Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and last transaction Recovery Point Objective (RPO). Assuming the production and DR facilities have iFCP routed SAN with acceptable bandwidth, which of the following is the best solution?
A.This requirement cannot be met.
B.Use host mirroring to mirror boot and data LUNs.
C.Use host mirroring to mirror the boot LUN(s) and SVC to mirror data LUNs.
D.Use the SVC to mirror boot and data LUNs.
Answer: C

22.If a customer is using an N Series filer and wants to enable NFS access security with Kerberos, which of the following must be considered?
A.Whether the NIS authentication is turned off
B.The client encryption software that is being used
C.The assignment of client group IDs
D.The client operating system levels
Answer: D

23.A customer installed an IBM DS4300 Controller. The DS4300 connects to their existing SAN via multiple paths. The customer wants to ensure data path failover in the event of an HBA or link failure. Which of the following products should be installed on the servers that access the data stored on the DS4300?
A.Dynamic Link Manager
C.Redundant Dual Active Controller (RDAC)
D.Subsystem Device Driver (SDD)
Answer: C

24.A customer's storage requirements have grown over time. Storage management has become more complex, primarily due to the inclusion of EMC, HDS, and IBM storage subsystems. Their Microsoft Windows and Linux hosts must run vendor compatible failover and multipath drivers to access the storage. Installing which of the following IBM storage solutions would simplify this
customer's storage management complexity, address the interoperability issues, and minimize cost?
A.PowerPath, Dynamic Link Manager and IBM SDD driver
B.IBM SAN File System (SFS)
C.IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and RDAC driver
D.IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and SDD driver
Answer: D

25.A customer has an N Series filer installed. The filer is accessed only through their intranet so iSCSI initiator authentication is not enabled. A new supplier has been added to the client's network. The supplier needs to update a shared tracking tool from outside the intranet using iSCSI. What action should the customer take to secure their N Series filer?
A.Configure NFS security.
B.Configure CIFS security.
C.Change default security authentication method from none to deny.
D.Enable Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol.
Answer: D

26.A customer wants to consolidate their existing environment which consists of an IBM DS8300 attached via FICON to an IBM zSeries server. The customer has an immediate need to add Fibre Channel connections on the DS8300 for eleven (11) AIX servers and twenty (20) Microsoft Windowsbased servers. Future plans include: using an existing WAN link to a remote data
center, and implementing iSCSI on the existing IP infrastructure. The customer has asked for a proposal for a single director that can meet their needs. Which of the following products would be the most appropriate to meet the customer's current and future needs?
A.IBM SAN140M (2027140)Director
B.IBM SAN16BR(2109A16)Multiprotocol Router
C.Cisco MDS 9506 Multilayer Director
D.IBM SAN256N (2045N16) Director
Answer: C

27.A retailer has a online catalog that is available 24X7. The business cannot afford any outages. The customer uses a DB2 database on an IBM pSeries server. The DB2 database uses SAN storage through Fibre Channel switches. Which of the following solutions would satisfy the customer's high availability needs?
A.Perform backups of the data every 2 hours.
B.Copy the database to another subsystem every 2 hours.
C.Provide a single HBA on each pSeries server and the SAN storage subsystem.
D.Use at least two separate paths from the pSeries server to the SAN storage.
Answer: D

28.A customer is experiencing random server hardware failures during tape backup operations of their IBM DS4000 and DS6800 storage subsystems. A review of their mtype switch SAN fabric determines that the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager clients can communicate with tape and disk resources on all HBA ports. What is the least disruptive corrective action to consider?
A.Modify fabric zoning to separate tape and disk traffic.
B.Create an extra VSAN to handle tape resources.
C.Implement LUN masking on the disk storage.
D.Implement a tape SAN fabric.
Answer: A

29.A small customer requires shared storage due to application requirements. Performance and security are priorities for the new SAN. Which of the following protocols should be implemented to satisfy the requirements?
Answer: D

30.A customer has eight (8) switches in two different Fibre Channel networks. Cisco is used for Network A and Brocade for Network B. They would like a fabric management solution that consolidates, simplifies, and provides automated management. Which of the following would best address their needs?
A.Install IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Fabric, with well placed agents.
B.Install an IBM SAN Volume Controller to virtualize the heterogeneous storage and manage the fiber storage from the SAN Volume Controller.
C.Write a script that calls the SAN scanner and execute against each endpoint and compile the information in a single file.
D.Create an ISL between all of the SAN switches and manage from one of the fabric management interfaces of one of the switches.
Answer: A

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