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IBM 000-724 Exam -

Free 000-724 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An administrator needs to query the SCHSTATUS table to determine how many jobs have completed. What does the administrator need to query from the SCHSTATUS table to accomplish this?
A. select count(*) from schstatus
B. select count(*) from where scsstate='C'
C. select count(*) from where scsstate='CF'
D. select count(*) from where scsstate='C' or scstate='CF'
Answer: B

Q: 2
An administrator needs to ensure that cache is invalidated when data is updated by data feeds coming in at various times during the night. The administrator needs to configure the cache invalidation to be:
A. Time-based invalidations.
B. Command-based invalidations.
C. CACHEIVL table-based invalidations.
D. Manual invalidations using cache monitor.
Answer: C

Q: 3
An administrator needs to poblish a new Starter store using the Publish wizard. How does the administrator do this ?
A. Modify SARRegistry.xml file appropriately.
B. Modify updateInstances.xml appropriately.
C. Import the new Starter store using Publish wizard.
D. Import the new Starter store using Administration Console.
Answer: A

Q: 4
Customers cannot register on the company's WebSphere Commerce production site. The situation is critical. What should the administrator determine before contacting IBM Support?
A. The component causing the problem.
B. The person responsible for the problem.
C. The steps that need to be performed to restore the system.
D. The Problem Management Report (PMR) severity level and the customer's 24x7 contact person.
Answer: D

Q: 5
An administrator is configuring JVM heap settings for WebSphere Commerce in a 64 bit environment. As a starting value, the administrator plans to set the following:
Minimum Nursery size: 512 MB
Maximum nursery size: 1024 MB
What JVM parameters does the administrator need to add, to enable these values ?
A. -Xlp512M-Xlp1024M
B. -Xmn512M-Xmx1024M
C. -Xmns512m-Xmnx1024m
D. -Xmnys512MB-Xmnyx1024MB
Answer: C

Q: 6
An administrator can change the default behavior of the Publish Wizard by modifying the configuration parameters in the WebSphere Commerce configuration file. How can the default behavior of the publishstore utility be changed out of the box ?
A. Modify store-refs.xml file within the sar file.
B. Modiry configuration parameters in the WebSphere Commerce configuration file.
C. Default behacior of the publishstore utility cannot be chanaged.
D. Create custom parameters file and use it with publishstore utility.
Answer: D

Q: 7
An administrator has upgraded the WebSphere Application Server fix pack level and now plans to create a new IBM WebSphere Commerce instance. If the operating system is AIX, before creating the new instance, the administrator needs to run:
A. WC_installdir/bin/ as root user.
B. WC_installdir/bin/ as non-root user.
C. WC_installdir/bin/ as non-root user.
D. WC_installdir/bin/ as non-root user.
Answer: A

Q: 8
An IT team is formulating best practices for WebSphere Commerce installation. Their installation requirements include installing a WebSphere Commerce feature pack along with a required fix pack. One of their key objectives is to minimize the number of installation steps to save time and to prevent additional risk that comes from having more execution steps. Which of the following sequence of actions would involve minimum number of steps and thus become a part of these best practices?
A. Install WebSphere Commerce, install fix pack, create instance
B. Install WebSphere Commerce, install feature pack, create instance
C. Install WebSphere Commerce, install fix pack, create instance, install feature pack
D. Install WebSphere Commerce, create instance, install fix pack, install feature pack
Answer: C

Q: 9
An administrator has noticed errors during store publish process. To troubleshoot and rectify the issue, the administrator needs to check:
A. trace.txt
B. install.log
C. db2.setuplog
D. messages.txt
E. native_stderr.log
Answer: A, D

Q: 10
Initial troubleshooting has indicated the initial heap size needs to be adjusted. For performance analysis, how should the administrator set the heap sizes?
A. The initial and maximum heap sizes should be equal.
B. The initial heap size is less than maximum heap size.
C. The initial heap size 128MB and maximum heap size 256MB.
D. The initial heap size 64MB and the maximum heap size 512MB.
Answer: A

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