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IBM 000-715 Exam -

Free 000-715 Sample Questions:

1. Alphablox is installed in an environment that uses ActiveDirectory to authenticate users to the applications.
Users also need to be created in Alphablox to complete the authentication process. The best way to keep the users in sync between Alphablox and ActiveDirectory is to do which of the following?
A. Enable the Automatically Generate User Accounts option on the Alphablox server.
B. Disable authentication on the Alphablox server and only authorize the user in ActiveDirectory.
C. Set up a process where user accounts are created in ActiveDirectory and in Alphablox prior to giving access to the user.
D. Develop a process in the applications to automatically add the user to the Alphablox repository the first time a user logs in.
Answer: A

2. When creating a new Alphablox data source that connects to a WebSphere connection pool, what information is required?
A. The JDBC name.
B. The JNDI name.
C. The data source name.
D. The database name, port and server name.
Answer: B

3. With a limited number of database ports available and using relational data sources, how should the autoConnect and autoDisconnect properties be set?
A. autoConnect=true and autoDisconnect=true
B. autoConnect=true and autoDisconnect=false
C. autoConnect=false and autoDisconnect=true
D. autoConnect=false and autoDisconnect=false
Answer: A

4. A scriptlet in a JSP page is:
A. a block of code that contains XML.
B. a block of code that contains HTML.
C. a block of code that contains Java Code.
D. a block of code that contains a tag directive.
Answer: C

5. For some dimensions in a cube, the 'All' level should NOT be provided for which of the following reasons?
A. It only applies to the time dimension.
B. There is no top level dimension member.
C. It only applies to the measures dimension.
D. It is not available in the underlying dimension table.
Answer: B

6. What do fact tables required by the DB2 Alphablox Cube Server contain?
A. Measures and foreign keys to the dimension tables.
B. Measures, levels, and attributes of the dimension tables.
C. Measures, hierarchies, and levels of the dimension tables.
D. Measures, foreign keys, and hierarchies of the dimension tables.
Answer: A

7. A customer has a J2EE Application Server running. Prior to installing Alphablox, the customer needs to verify that the brand of application server is certified for Alphablox. After reviewing the documentation, which of the listed environments can the customer choose that are certified for use with Alphablox?
A. WebSphere Application Server, WebLogic, SunOne, and IIS.
B. JBoss, Apache, SunOne, WebSphere Application Server, and WebLogic.
C. Since Alphablox is Java based, any J2EE Application Server is sufficient to run Alphablox.
D. WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Application Server Express, WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Portal Server Express, WebLogic, and Apache Tomcat.
Answer: D

8. A customer has a large number of relational databases. Alphablox supports relational database connection pooling using the Application Server Data Source adapter. In order to take advantage of this feature within Alphablox, the customer must choose from a list of Application Servers to install Alphablox into for this feature to be available. Which of the following options list Application Servers that can use this Data Source adapter?
A. WebLogic and WebSphere Application Server
B. WebLogic, WebSphere Application Server, and JBoss
C. WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, and WebSphere Application Server
D. WebSphere Portal Server, WebSphere Application Server, Apache Tomcat, and WebLogic
Answer: A

9. A customer is looking to build an application that will allow end users the ability to review data from multiple data sources. There is a requirement to review "real time" data along side historical data. Since the data is for analysis, what would be the best selection of cube engines supported by Alphablox to satisfy this requirement?
A. DB2 Cube Views for the "real time" data and Cognos for the historical data.
B. Alphablox Cube Engine for the "real time" data and Hyperion Essbase for the historical data.
C. Hyperion Essbase for the "real time" data and the Alphablox Cube Engine for the historical data.
D. Hyperion Essbase for the "real time" data and a Business Objects Universe for the historical data.
Answer: B

10. A customer currently has data in a relational database. The end users require the ability to drill up and drill down to a desired level of detail within the data. So, Alphablox administrator will review the data to see if it is fit for use with the built-in Alphablox Cube Engine. In order to use the relational data with the Alphablox Cube Engine, the data needs to be in which of the following? (Select Three Answers)
A. A single table
B. A star schema
C. A snowflake schema
D. A stored procedure
E. A set of multiple fact tables representing a single cube F.a set of non-related tables in a relational database
Answer: A, B, C

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