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IBM 000-712 Exam -

Free 000-712 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which method allows a user to change the 'interrupt' key (commonly control-C)?
A. Use the BREAK command
B. Change the VOC record INTR.KEY
C. Use the PTERM command, for example>PTERM INTR ^D
D. Use shell command, for example >SH -c "stty intr ^D"
Answer: C

Q: 2
On Microsoft Windows NT systems, the primary source of file access to UniVerse accounts and files is performed
A. by BASIC programming for access
B. using Start > Settings > User Management
C. using entries in UV.ACCESS file in UV account
D. by user information in UV.ACCOUNT file in UV account
Answer: B

Q: 3
What service must be running to open the UniVerse Administration Control Panel?
A. UniRPC service
B. UniVerse REXEC service
C. UniVerse telnet service
D. UniVerse Resource services
Answer: A

Q: 4
In UniVerse Data Replication, how are publishers and subscribers related?
A. Publishers can also be subscribers
B. Publishers must also be subscribers
C. Each publishers can have only one subscriber
D. Each publishers must have at least two subscribers
Answer: A

Q: 5
With Transaction Logging active, a completed transaction is written from the buffer to?
A. the log file and then the data file
B. the UniVerse data file then the log file
C. the data files and the log file simultaneously
D. in the order specified in UV Admin Transaction Logging parameters
Answer: A

Q: 6
The existence of which file in the UniVerse account determines whether BASIC object code will be loaded into shared memory?
B. load_shm_cat
Answer: A

Q: 7
Using the 'SETPRT 1,132,66,3,3,3,AT LP3, FORM WIDE' command, which statement describe disposition of subsequent print request?
A. Channel 1 will immediately print only LP3
B. Channel 1 will use wide proper and immediately print
C. Channel 1 will spoof from the &HOLD& file when released
D. Channel 132 will hold the print the until set to 'print'
Answer: C

Q: 8
Which UniVerse Admin Control Panel option allows the administrator to set/modify telnet policy settings for users?
A. UV Admin Control Panel> Users
B. UV Admin Control Panel> Data Sources
C. UV Admin Control Panel> Administration
D. UV Admin Control Panel> Network Services
Answer: D

Q: 9
Which option is often the problem when a memory error is encountered?
A. File corruption
B. Misuse of a BASIC program instruction
C. Improper assignment of a program variable
D. Catalog Shared Memory segment is too small
Answer: A

Q: 10
Which command is used to display file sizing information ONLY, without the opportunity to experiment with changing file parameters?
Answer: B

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