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IBM 000-671 Exam -

Free 000-671 Sample Questions:

1.Which two 2 of the following IBM xSeries servers include a standard ISMP, and can upgrade system management capabilities by installing a Remote Supervisor Adapter?
A. xSeries 225
B. xSeries 235
C. xSeries 305
D. xSeries 345
Answer: B,D

2.A company wants to track applications installed on their network systems using a dictionary file with many predefined software product files. They also want to collect hardware and software data when a managed system is first discovered and at reular intervals after that. Which of the following IBM Director features would be used to perform this function?
A. Resource Monitoring
B. Inventory Management
D. DMI Browser
Answer: B

3.The technology built into most IBM xSeries servers that can drastically reduce service time by visually guiding the technician to a faulty component is called
A. IBM Director
B. Serverguide
C. Light-path diagnostics.
D. Predictive failure analysis.
Answer: C

4.What is the maximum number of ASMPs and ASM asapters that can be configured into one ASM Interconnect Network?
A. 12
B. 18
C. 24
D. 36
Answer: A

5.The IBM Director function that allows administrators to use a command line session to execute commands on the managed system is __________
A. File transfer
B. Process management
C. Remote session
D. Remote control
Answer: C

6.Capacity Manager ServeRaid Manager and cluster Systems Management are comprehensive tools provided by which IBM Director feature?
A. Update Connector
B. Resource Monitoring
C. Electronic Service Agent
D. Director Extensions
Answer: D

7.Which of the following system management functions is supported only by the Remote Supervisor Adapter
A. e-mail alerts
B. Generate SNMP traps
C. IBM Director via LAN
D. Automatic shutdown/restart
Answer: A

8.Which IBM xSeries server is an affordable entry-level uniprocessor server with rack-mount support provided by an optional rack conversion ket?
A. xSeries 205
B. xSeries 225
C. xSeries 335
D. xSeries 345
Answer: A

9.When comparing the IBM ServeRAID-4Mx and ServRAID-4Lx adapters, which feature is available on the ServeRAID-4Mx ONLY?
A. Ultra 160 SCSI
B. Dual Address Cycle (DAC)
C. 64-bit PCI 2.2 at 66/33 MHz interface
D. 64 MB battery-backed ECC data cache memory
Answer: D

10.Which two of the following IBM xSeries servers listed below are equipped with an intel Pentium 4 processor?
A. xSeries 205
B. xSeries 225
C. xSeries 305
D. xSeries 335
Answer: A,C

11.Which of the following is a RAID controller device that conta ins Fiber Channel Interfaces to connect the host systems and disk drive enclosures?
A. EXP300
B. SAN FC Switch
C. FAST Storage Server
D. RXE-100 Remote Expansion Enclosure
Answer: C

12.How many of the IBM xSeries 345 server PCI expansion slots are Active PCI slots?
A. 0
B. 2
C. 4
D. 6
Answer: A

13.A Proxy server is an example of what server type?
A. Centralized
B. Client/server
C. Device sharing
D. Web
Answer: D

14.When comparing the high availability features of the xSeries 235 and xSeries 255 servers, which feature is a standard feature of the x235 ONLY?
A. Chipkill memory
B. Active PCI-X support
C. Hot swap hard disk drives
D. Integrated RAID-1 support
E. Integrated systems management processor
Answer: D

15.An ISP requires an ultra-dense 2-way high performance rack server to provide as much capacity as possible in a crowded data center. The budget is tight so total cost of ownership is a consideration. The customer needs a solution that is easy to install and configure, and which makes adding or replacing servers simple. Which one of the following IBM xSeries servers would best meet these requirements?
A. xSeries 305
B. xSeries 335
C. xSeries 345
D. xSeries 360
Answer: B

16.Ten members of the Research staff in a small company have individual dial -up connections to the Internet. This is costing the company a lot of money. Which server type would provide the BEST solution to reduce the cost of internet access, and at the same time allow the company to better manage their wide area connections?
A. A centralized file server with a single, high -speed internet connection, managed by a member of the IT team who downloads the pages required by the Research Department.
B. A company-wide proxy server with a single high-speed internetconnection, providing internet access to all staff in the Research Department.
C. A database server, using an off-line dial-up connection, which caches and sorts the pages required by the Research Department
D. An HTTP server which downloads and mirrors the previous day page requests from the Research Department
Answer: B

17.Web-based management, DNS/DHCP support and e-mail alerts are functions of the IBM__________
A. Remote Supervisor adapter
B. Netfinity Advanced System Management PCI adapter
C. xSeries 225 interated System Management function
D. xSeries 345 integrated System Management proc essor.
Answer: A

18.Which two of the following allow RAID-5E to provide better protection than the standard RAID-5?
A. Hot-space defined as part of the array
B. More than one logical drive in the array
C. Stripes data and parity across all of the drives in the array
D. Two drives in the array could fail, but not at the same time.
Answer: A,D

19.What LAN hardware device is used to connect two network or systems? This device is protocol-independent but hardware-specific.
A. Bridge
B. Ateway
C. Repeater
D. Router
Answer: A

20.Which items from the following list are X-architecture Guiding Principles?
1- To drive and enhance industry standards
2- To make servers easier to service
3- To make servers easier to deploy and use
4- To make IBM servers easier to sell
5- To strive toward uninterrupted computing for intel processor -based servers
6- To lead the industry in driving down the cost of enterprise computing
A. 2,3,4,only
B. 1,3,5,6 only
C. 1,2,4,5, only
D. 2,5,6, only
Answer: B

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