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IBM 000-664 Exam -

Free 000-664 Sample Questions:

1. Which business factor least promotes a trend towards SOA?
A. The forces of change
B. Enterprise reconstruction
C. Industry deconstruction
D. Organizational stability
Answer: D

2. Which two are barriers to the adoption of SOA?
A. An existing component infrastructure
B. A deliberate, well-conceived path from the "as-is" to the "to-be" goal
C. A failure to collaborate across product units or divisions
D. Time spent in face-to-face customer meetings
E. The corporate tendency to just make it work
Answer: C, E

3. Which SOA entry point most accurately matches the following sentence? "Start by modeling an underperforming process, remove bottlenecks, then simulate and deploy the optimized process."
A. People
B. Process
C. Connectivity
D. Information
E. Reuse
Answer: B

4. Which SOA implementation change needs proper versioning of services?
A. New operations to existing service
B. Relocation of UDDI registries
C. Changes to service implementation
D. Changes to transport implementation
Answer: A

5. What is the most important business and technical benefit to an SOA?
A. Standardized integration of diverse and complex business systems
B. Ability to respond quickly to change and gain a competitive advantage
C. Justify the cost of investment in IT resources
D. True real-time performance of critical business applications
E. Loyal customers and improved end-user experience
Answer: B

6. Which is a true factor that poses a challenge to SOA adoption by organizations?
A. Stable and consistent technical standards
B. Co-location of service components
C. Universal inter-operability amongst different platforms
D. Defining services with appropriate granularity
Answer: D

7. Which three are benefits that SOA can provide to the IT community?
A. Homogenizes the IT environment
B. Promotes reuse of services
C. Promotes flexible solutions
D. Regulates the products that can be used in the IT environment
E. Justifies investment in IT more clearly
F. Increases traffic and throughput of business applications
Answer: B, C, E

8. IBM, in partnership with Mercer Management Consulting, has identified three core business-centric SOA starting points and two IT-centric starting points. What are two IT-centric starting points from the answer choices?
A. People
B. Process
C. Connectivity
D. Policy
E. Reuse
Answer: C, E

9. Which two people or technology factors could have a negative impact on a companys readiness for SOA?
A. An understanding that SOA requires a paradigm shift towards more flexible business models
B. Resistance to change in the organization
C. Empowerment of an SOA governance body
D. Support of senior executives
E. A vision of SOA that is not balanced with the delivery capabilities of the IT department
Answer: B, E

10. Which four are barriers to the adoption of SOA?
A. Seeking customer input when inventing new products
B. Obsession with time to market
C. A risk-taking management style
D. Organizational silos
E. Unskilled partners
F. A limited pool of local talent
G. Focusing on new market opportunities
Answer: B, D, E, F

11. Which factor is the least likely key business driver in deciding to adopt an SOA?
A. The existing technology represents an organic infrastructure that is simply too expensive or complex to maintain.
B. The existing system is exhibited proudly as evidence that the company is at the forefront of data-processing technology.
C. The existing system fails to offer the capabilities that the myriad of new business challenges require.
D. There are massive cultural changes occurring in business mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, and upsizing.
Answer: B

12. Which two people or technology factors have a positive impact on a companys readiness for SOA?
A. The clear division between the language used by the business operations community and the technical jargon of the IT community
B. Focusing on the technical issues and not considering the organizational issues
C. Finding an enterprise approach that allows business leaders and IT to meet in the middle
D. Unlocking new ways to address the issue of business-driven software changes and implementation
E. An existing investment in rich-feature software technologies
Answer: C, D

13. An online music store lets customers listen to the first part of songs for an album. If they buy the song, it is downloaded to their computer. Which three are the best services?
A. Open the music store
B. View songs on an album
C. Listen to a song clip
D. Buy a song
E. Listen to an album F. Print a receipt
Answer: B, C, D

14. Which standard specifies how integrity and confidentiality can be enforced on Web services?
A. WS-Security
B. WS-Encryption
Answer: A

15. Which two are part of identifying services?
A. Business analysis
B. Interviews with developers
C. Business process decomposition
D. Publishing existing public methods as services
E. Wrapping existing applications in adapters
Answer: A, C

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