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IBM 000-648 Exam -

Free 000-648 Sample Questions:

1. Why is a user with appropriate security rights and layouts unable to access the Portfolio Viewer from the Work Management view?
A. The root portfolio folder cannot be used to launch the Portfolio Viewer.
B. Projects and proposals under the selected portfolio do not have information to display in the Portfolio Viewer.
C. The user has not installed the correct version of RPM client.
D. There is no direct access to the Portfolio Viewer from Work Management. The user should go to My Portal to access it.
Answer: A

2. How do you configure one workflow to call another workflow?
A. You create a reference to the new workflow in the Outcome tab of a Terminal step.
B. You indicate the new workflow in the Start Process column of a condition, in the Outcome tab. Terminal steps cannot initiate other workflows.
C. RPM does not offer this capability.
D. You indicate the new workflow in the Start Process column of a condition, in the Outcome tab. This can be done at any step of a given workflow.
Answer: B

3. Which settings MUST BE configured so that Resource Managers have the ability to edit and approve their Resource Timesheets?
A. Timesheet Starts On + Timesheet Weeks Before Today
B. Manager Can Edit Timesheets + Timesheet Approved By
C. Manager Can Edit Timesheets + Manager Can Edit Expenses
D. Timesheet Weeks After Today + Timesheet Starts On
Answer: B

4. Which three elements belong to the same group of WBS elements in RPM? (Choose three.)
A. Task
B. Summary Task
C. Milestone
D. Organization
Answer: A, B, C

5. Why is it necessary for a proposal or project to be published?
A. to allow team members access to the proposal or project
B. to be able to level resources
C. to manage resources
D. to manage communication
Answer: A

6. Which statement is true about timesheet entry?
A. Timesheet entry is required for all participants affected to the project.
B. Timesheet entry is allowed only for effort based projects/tasks.
C. Timesheet entry is allowed only for duration based projects/tasks.
D. Timesheet entry is required for all projects/tasks.
Answer: B

7. During project execution, a resource changed the value of EETC. For this value to be considered for percentage complete calculations, the .
A. Project Manager must view the revised EETC
B. Project Manager must approve the EETC
C. resource must submit the timesheet
D. timesheet must be approved
Answer: B

8. Which statement is true about the financial setting Worksheet Estimates and (Worksheet + WBS) Actuals?
A. Only a Project Manager can enter the financial information.
B. Financial information can be entered only at WBS levels.
C. A Project Manager can enter financial information at a summary level as well as allow rollup to occur from various WBS elements.
D. Financial information can be entered only at the summary WBS level.
Answer: C

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