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IBM 000-647 Exam -

Free 000-647 Sample Questions:

1. During test execution, the datapool framework is used to vary ___________.
A. user names and passwords
B. data in a transaction flow
C. the contents in responses
D. request header variables
Answer: B

2. What documents all artifacts that define the system, users, and tasks associated with the target workload for the performance testing effort?
A. datapool document
B. product manual
C. test schedule guide
D. workload analysis document
Answer: D

3. Which type of performance test determines the conditions under which a system fails and how it fails?
A. load
B. longevity and endurance
C. stress
D. volume
Answer: C

4. What must you do if you want to record tests on a web browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer?
A. download and install the RPT IE plug-in for the supported web browser from developerWorks
B. select Enable Environments for Testing from the Configure menu and add the web browser as described in the product documentation
C. manually configure the browser to communicate to the server(s) via a SOCKS proxy as described in the product documentation
D. manually configure the web browser to use the Microsoft JVM as described in the product documentation
Answer: C

5. You have an RPT test that does not indicate the correct number of pages in the actual web-based application. An application goes through eight distinct pages but the RPT recorded test only shows six pages. How can you correct this?
A. change the Performance Test Generation - Protocol preferences and re-generate the test from the recorded session (.recmodel file)
B. change the HTTP Recorder Options and re-record the test
C. manually add the missing pages or remove the extra/redundant pages from the test editor
D. re-record the test and, while recording, click on New Page from the Recorder Control tab where the pages were skipped
Answer: A

6. What is one way to modify or enhance a test programmatically?
A. add Java custom code classes to a test as well as directly to the test code (*.java)
B. add Java custom code classes to a test, but not directly to the test code (*.java)
C. directly modify the test code (*.java) by adding custom code classes to the appropriate files
D. modify the default test superclass with custom code
Answer: B

7. How can you create a copy of an RPT test?
A. right-click the test; select Copy from the menu; enter a new name for the copied test
B. select the test; from the File menu, click Save As ; enter a new name for the copied test
C. switch to the Navigator view; select the source Java file (*.rec) of the test; from the File menu, click Save As; enter a new name for the copied test
D. from the Navigator view, right-click the .recmodel file; select Generate Test; choose Performance Test Generator; enter a new name for the copied test
Answer: D

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