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IBM 000-640 Exam -

Free 000-640 Sample Questions:

1.Which of the following are viewed using the Rational Test Log Window?
A.Output files created during the script execution
B.Test plan listing with details
C.Test cases that are marked suspicious
D.Event types with pass/fail results
Answer: D

2.Which of the following tasks can be completed using the Manage Test Script Queries Window in TestManager? (Select all that apply.)
A.Delete script queries from the test datastore.
B.Use a default query to retrieve all scripts from the test datastore.
C.Create a new query to retrieve all scripts meeting standard criteria.
D.Customize script queries with userdefined criteria.
Answer: A, B, C

3.Which of the following statements describe TestManager Suites? (Select all that apply.)
A.Can include programming logic between scripts to control suite execution.
B.TestManager Suites cannot contain other suites.
C.Execution results appear in a single test log.
D.Execution results in the test log cannot be promoted.
E.Can run on any computer designated in the defined computer list.
F.Can include automated and/or manual test scripts.
Answer: C, E, F

4.What are the standard test input types in TestManager? (Select all that apply.)
A.Microsoft Project tasks
B.Rational Rose model elements
C.Rational RequisitePro requirements
D.Microsoft Excel values
E.Microsoft Word headings
Answer: B, C, D

5.Given: You want to distribute a TestManager Suite to run on the first available resource. What
kind of selector would you need to include in the Suite?
D.Random with replacement
Answer: B

6.TestManager offers reporting capabilities for requirements such as planning coverage and
progress reports.
Answer: A

7.Given: You have implemented Rational Robot, Rational TestManager, and Rational ClearQuest.
Which of the following tasks can be automated? (Select all that apply.)
A.Test results reporting
B.Defect tracking during testing
C.Test script version control
D.Test script automation
Answer: A, B, D

8.The Test Log Window can display log files from previous script runs.
Answer: A

9.Which of the following can be directly observed using the Test Log Window? (Select all that apply.)
A.The pass/fail status of individual verification points
B.Causes of verification point failures
C.The pass/fail status of the script
D.Causes of script failures
Answer: A, C

10.Which test asset management tasks does TestManager allow users to perform? (Select all that apply.)
A.Plan scripts before recording them
B.Manage data used in testing
C.Safeguard Robot test logs
D.Automatically create test requirements
Answer: A, B, C

11.Given: You have created a default test datastore, have made no customizations, and are using the datastore to facilitate your testing effort. The test datastore contains which of the following assets? (Select all that apply.)
A.Test scripts
B.Test application
C.Test browser
D.Test logs
E.Test configuration
Answer: A, D, E

12.The Rational Administrator is used for which of the following tasks? (Select all that apply.)
A.To manage web site testing using Robot
B.To create and manage test datastores
C.To view test results
D.To create and manage users and user groups
Answer: B, D

13.Which of the following test input adapters are built into TestManager? (Select all that apply.)
A.Rational Rose model elements
B.MS Word documents
C.C++ files
D.Rational RequisitePro requirements
E.Rational ClearQuest change requests
Answer: A, D

14.Which of these information items are used when logging in with Robot, assuming that no other
Rational products are open? (Select all that apply.)
A.User Name
C.Data types
D.Project location
Answer: A, B, D

15.Which of the following contains the record of events that occur while playing back a script?
A.Test log
B.Data log
C.Synchronization point
D.Test plan listing
E.Verification point
F.Error log
Answer: A

16.Which of the following can be used to coordinate the execution of a TestManager Suite? (Select all that apply.)
D.Computer lists
Answer: B, C, F

17.A TestManager test case is associated with both a manual and an automated implementation.
What happens when you run that test case?
A.The manual implementation runs, and then the automated implementation runs.
B.The manual test dialog appears with a warning, and then the automated implementation runs.
C.The automated implementation runs immediately and begins the test.
D.A dialog box appears asking which implementation you want to run.
Answer: C

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