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IBM 000-632 Exam -

Free 000-632 Sample Questions:

1.ClearQuest E­mail is a subsystem. The ClearQuest Core application logic provides the bi­directional services between ClearQuest and user email server. Which of the following statements are correct concerning e­mail operation under ClearQuest? (Select all that apply)
A.When ClearQuest sends out an e­mail notification, ClearQuest Core application logic generates the e­mail and sends it directly to the e­mail server.
B.The Rational E­mail Reader directs e­mails rejected by ClearQuest to a separate folder.
C.Rational E­mail Reader reads the in­coming e­mail from a given e­mail account and automatically processes every e­mail message as a separate ClearQuest activity.
D.The e­mail subsystem links directly to the ClearQuest Database to submit change requests received by e­mail.
Answer: A, C

2.After importing an update packet, you see the following message: Multiutil: The UPDATE_PACKET packet sent from NEWYORK at 2001­07­16 23:30:38 is destined for schema revision 3, not 2; re­exercise syncreplica after site admin has upgraded database. Review the following statements and select all that apply.
A.The replicated schema repository at your site has been updated, but the replicated user database has not.
B.You need to use the ClearQuest Designer at your local site to upgrade your replicated user database first, then re­run the "multiutil syncreplica ­import" command.
C.You need to make a request to the NEWYORK site to upgrade their user database with the latest schema version first, then send you an update packet.
D.You have to make a request to the NEWYORK site to send you an update packet for the new schema version.
Answer: A, B

3.Which of the following ClearQuest API library objects are hook­specific? (Select all that apply.)
Answer: A, D

4.What kind of ClearQuest hook or script can be called anywhere within the schema?
A.Global scripts
B.Action hooks
C.Record scripts
D.Field hooks
Answer: A

5.At site A, you use the ClearQuest MultiSite multiutil mkreplica ­export command to generate a packet to create the first replica for a given clan at site B.Which of the following statements is correct for this situation?
A.The replica creation packet contains the information to create the replicated user database at site B only.
B.The replica creation packet contains the information to create the replicated schema repository at site B only.
C.The replica creation packet contains the information to create both the replicated user database and the replicated schema repository at site B.
Answer: C

6.Given the proper privilege, which of the following methods permits editing of the choice list content of a field without modifying the underlying schema? (Select all that apply.)
A.Constant List with Recalculate Choice
B.Constant List with Limit to List
C.Dynamic List with Limit to List
D.Dynamic List with Recalculate Choice
Answer: C, D

7.In ClearQuest MultiSite, which mechanism is used to ensure consistency among synchronized replicas?
A.record history
B.schema version
C.epoch table
D.package version
Answer: C

8.You have opened the attachment of a change request record and modified its contents. What statement is true concerning the attachment?
A.When you change the attachment the ClearQuest database is automatically updated with the latest attachment version.
B.When you change the attachment, ClearQuest prompts you to choose whether to update it in the database.
C.When you delete the attachment, ClearQuest prompts you to select if you want to delete the attachment.
D.Changes in the attachment file do not affect the ClearQuest database's link to the attachment.
Answer: B

9.Which of the following are methods you can use in ClearQuest to restrict the execution privilege of certain actions to members of a user group? (Select all that apply.)
A.Designate a user group to have the execution privilege of the action.
B.Develop an Access Control action hook to control which user(s) or group(s) have the execution privilege of the action.
C.Assign user(s) or group(s) to have the execution privilege in the corresponding Behavior table.
Answer: A, B

10.Which of the following statements correctly describe the functionality of ClearQuest Web? (Select all that apply.)
A.Users with ClearQuest node­locked licenses cannot use the ClearQuest Web client to update change requests
B.Users can still use the ClearQuest Web client to submit change requests, even if no ClearQuest license is available.
C.Users can run all queries, charts and reports in their Workspace if they have the ClearQuest floating license.
D.Users must have the ClearQuest floating license to submit change requests using the ClearQuest Web client.
Answer: A, B, C

11.What object is not available when customizing ClearQuest with ClearQuest API functions?
Answer: C

12.Which of the following statements are correct concerning states and actions in ClearQuest? (Select all that apply.)
A.An action can have more than one source state, but cannot have more than one destination state.
B.The process model can have more than one End state, but cannot have more than one Begin state.
C.There can be only one action to transition from one state to another.
Answer: A, B, C

13.You want to select a defect activity to work on in the UCM/ClearQuest integration development view. What state must that activity be in before you can select it?
A.READY state type
B.ACTIVE state type
C.WAITING state type
D.COMPLETE state type
Answer: A

14.What is the family name for schema repository replicas in ClearQuest MultiSite?
Answer: C

15.The replica you are logging into does not have mastership of your user account. Which of the following statements is true in this situation?
A.All ClearQuest records become "read only" to you.
B.You cannot change your own user profile.
C.You cannot run the queries in your Personal Queries folder.
Answer: B

16.What product includes the base ClearCase/ClearQuest integration?
C.Rational Suite
D.None; the products are sold separately
Answer: A

17.Which of the following conditions must be met to prevent data corruption in a ClearQuest deployment?
A.Databases and servers must use the same code page, but not clients.
B.If different code pages are used, all databases must contain only ASCII data.
C.Only servers must use the same code page.
D.The data code page must be set to ASCII for all databases, servers and clients.
Answer: B

18.Which of the following data types are available in ClearQuest? (Select all that apply.)
Answer: B, C, D

19.Which of the following are system stateless record types? (Select all that apply.)
Answer: A, B, C, E

20.In the UCM/ClearQuest integration, what query finds all activities assigned to you?
A.All Defects
B.My ToDoList
C.UCM Projects
D.All UCM activities
Answer: B

21.What Action hook type do you use to ensure that the length of a SHORT_STRING field is exactly six characters?
Answer: B

22.Which functions can be used to access the ClearQuest User Administration dialogue box, as of version 2003.06.00? (Select all that apply.)
A.Rational ClearQuest menu
B.ClearQuest Client
C.ClearQuest Designer
D.ClearQuest Maintenance tool
Answer: A, C

23.The ClearQuest Import tool is used to import change request records. Which of the following statements are correct about the requirements of the imported file? (Select all that apply.)
A.The file must to be a text file.
B.The first row must specify the field names to which the values in the following rows map.
C.Each field name is in double quotes separated by the selected delimiter.
D.In addition to ClearQuest supported data types, the Import Tool accepts system data types "ID" and "STATE."
Answer: A, B, C, D

24.Which of the following are Action Hook types? (Select all that apply.)
Answer: A, B, C

25.Which of these are ClearQuest deployment types? (Select all that apply.)
A.Remote installation
B.Enterprise deployment
C.Desktop installation from a CD image
D.Silent installation
Answer: B, C, D

26.If you use an external program to access ClearQuest databases, you will use the GetAccessibleDatabases method to determine which databases are available for the specified user to log into. Which object has this method?
Answer: A

27.A user submits a change request in the ClearQuest Web client. Within what machine does the ClearQuest Core application logic process this request?
A.The machine where the ClearQuest Web displays
B.The machine where the ClearQuest Web server resides
C.The machine where the user submits the change request
D.The machine where the ClearQuest user databases reside
Answer: B

28.Which of the following statements about using the ClearQuest Export Tool are true? (Select all that apply.)
A.You must have the Super User privilege to run the ClearQuest Export Tool.
B.You consume a ClearQuest license when the ClearQuest Export Tool is exporting the contents.
C.You must login to the ClearQuest database.
Answer: B, C

29.In ClearQuest, the core application layer accesses ClearQuest databases via an industry standard API for connection and communication. What is the standard API?
Answer: D

30.Which of the following types of ClearQuest users cannot create or delete ClearQuest user databases? (Select all that apply.)
A.Schema designers
B.User administrators
C.Super users
D.Active users
Answer: A, B, D

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