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IBM 000-622 Exam -

Free 000-622 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
In a GDPS/Active-Active solution using stand-by mode what can be done to verify an IMS application will continue to run at the secondary location?
A. Schedule regular fail over tests.
B. Keep software maintenance current.
C. Schedule regular application stress tests.
D. Verify that data is consistent between locations.
Answer: A

Q: 2
For a financial company, what is a key element that drives a strong Business Resilience plan?
A. Avoiding business driven risks and failure to meet IT standards.
B. Preparing for audits and compliance with regulatory requirements.
C. Preparing for natural disasters, power outages, acts of war, and economic downturns.
D. Recovering from virus attacks, data corruption, disk failure, application outages and network
Answer: B

Q: 3
After discussing a customer’s current Disaster Recovery implementation and a reported procedural error that caused their last test to fail, IBM proposed a GDPS/PPRC based solution.
Which of the following are reasons to support this?
A. Synchronous replication
Parallel sysplex at primary site
Automated failover
B. Asynchronous replication
Single CEO at each site
Geographically separated data centers
C. Synchronous replication
Basic sysplex at each site
Manual failover
D. Asynchronous replication
Parallel sysplex at primary site
Automated failover
Answer: A

Q: 4
A customer has a VSAM application that requires High Availability.
An evaluation of the application and environment should discover which base components?
A. GRS Ring
Coupling Facility
Server Time Protocol
Application Owning Regions
B. Parallel Sysplex
Function Shipping
Server Time Protocol
Record Level Sharing
C. GRS Star
Parallel Sysplex
Coupling Facility
Server Time Protocol
Record Level Sharing
D. Lock Structures
Parallel Sysplex
Coupling Facility
Cache Structures
Server Time Protocol
Answer: B

Q: 5
A customer is debating which platform to choose to run their new application workload. Which of the following will assist customer to confirm their platform of choice?
A. CP3000 study
B. Fit for Purpose (FFP) study
C. High Availability assessment
D. Application design review workshop
Answer: B

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