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IBM 000-601 Exam -

Free 000-601 Sample Questions:

1.A customer is willing to buy one z196 with four zBX. The manager of the mainframe department is concerned about the acoustical noise from the zBX. What action should be done in order to address this concern?
A. Order Rear Door Heat eXchanger to minimize BladeCenter noise.
B. IBM Site and Facilities Services can provide sound attenuation panels for data center walls and ceilings
C. Order IBM acoustic door
D. Order 3rd party vendor acoustic attenuation enclosures for BladeCenter
Answer: C

2.Rising cost and complexity of distributed infrastructure due to "out of control" growth of servers supporting development, test, and production of Web and Java applications is the biggest concern for customer. Which of the following is the most complete advantage of Solution Edition for WebSphere?
A. Discounted price for System z hardware and maintenance, z/OS, DB2 for z/OS, an d WAS for z/OS
B. Discounted price for System z hardware, z/OS and free maintenance for three years
C. Discounted price for WAS for z/OS and DB2 for z/OS
D. Discounted price for System z hardware and no charge DB2 for z/OS
Answer: A

3.A customer signed an order for a new z196 system. What document should be used to verify the environment?
A. zEnterprise Red Book
B. SAPR Guide
C. zEnterprise Operations Guide
D. zEnterprise Product and Planning Guide (PPG)
Answer: A

4.A prospective zEnterprise customer is fascinated with the addition of the zBX products. The sales specialist is discussing the flexibility of System z family of servers. Which of the following is a key aspect?
A. Binary compatibility between servers
B. Hot pluggable processor and memory boards
C. Consistent CoD features with entire family
D. Ability to interchange features between systems
Answer: A

5.A customer recently ordered a zEnterprise with a zBX. Which of the following is the best action a specialist could take to ensure the customer is satisfied with the new zBX?
A. Propose Advanced Technical Support Contract for the zBX
B. Enroll the customer in IBM Technical Support for BladeCenter
C. Schedule a workshop with administration and operational teams from all platforms included in the zEnterprise system
D. Propose an Early Ship Program (ESP) for running their Windows applications
Answer: C

6.A zEnterprise customer is interested in Parallel Sysplex. Which of the following is required to put System z into a Parallel Sysplex environment?
A. A coupling facility, a z/OS partition, and a Sysplex timer
B. A coupling facility, two z/OS partitions, Server Time Protocol (STP), and coupling connectors
C. Two z/OS partitions, and a Sysplex Timer
D. A coupling Facility, a VM partition, a Server Time Protocol (STP).and coupling connectors
Answer: B

7.A customer asks the System z specialist to recommend which type of channel (FCP or FICON) to use for z/OS and z/VM Linux on System z. The customer is concerned about storage attachment. Which of the following list all valid channel options?
A. - FCP and / or FICON for z/VM
- FICON for z/OS
B. - FCP for z/VM
- FICON for z/OS
C. - FCP or FICON for z/VM
- FICON for z/OS and z/VM
D. - FICON for z/VM
- FICON for z/OS
Answer: A

8.A System z new IT Director has a defined policy of deploying all new applications on distributed platforms. The Director feels these platforms are oodA System z new IT Director has a defined policy of deploying all new applications on distributed platforms. The Director feels these platforms are good enough?and less costly than their mainframe. A new, WebSphere -based, mission-critical core application is under development and the customer has asked for price quotes on the infrastructure for its deployment. Which of the following meets these needs?
A. System z Solution Edition for WebSphere
B. System z BX for WebSphere
C. System z Solution Edition for Application Development
D. System z Solution Edition for DB2 and POWER7 servers for the application tier
Answer: B

9.A customer has heavy Linux on System z applications and wants to acquire a new z196 which will allow for 10 IFLs for production with an additional 10 IFLs for CBU to provide DR to another site. The memory required is 1TB for production and 1TB for CBU requirements. Which of the following is the minimum processor model that meets the customer requirements?
A. M15 z196
B. M32 z196
C. M66 z196
D. M49 z196
Answer: D

10.An HP customer has several HP/UX servers. The CFO is concerned about the lack of support for the HP proprietary operating systems, and the strategic move to Intel servers by HP. The CFO is considering a move to z10. Which of the following information should the System z Sales Specialist use to address this situation?
A. Industry articles confirming the new direction for HP
B. Industry articles related to recent HP corporate issues
C. References of customers successfully migrating from HP to z10
D. Introduce the CFO to the IBM Migration Factory
Answer: C

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