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IBM 000-600 Exam -

Free 000-600 Sample Questions:

1. The Solution edition for Data Warehousing includes which of the following components?
A. Foundational z/OS and DB2 for z/OS software to deploy a warehousing database on z/OS
B. DB2 for Linux on System z with Partitioning feature
C. Information Management software and OPTIM Data Privacy Solution
D. A pre-defined hardware configuration of 2 general processors a nd 2 zIIPs with 16 GByte of memory for LPAR definitionWArialZ
Answer: A

2. When discussing the flexibility of System z family of servers with a prospective customer, which of the following is a key aspect?
A. Binary compatibility between servers
B. Hot pluggable processor and memory boards
C. Consistent CoD features with entire family
D. Ability to interchange features between systems WArialZ
Answer: A

3. A prospective manufacturing customer with an existing complex environment is requesting a proposal for a TSM data management solution. What should be the first step taken to validate the customer's project?
A. Perform a TSM benchmark
B. Verify funding
C. Contact the IBM Software Sales Professional
D. Survey customer's current environmentWArialZ
Answer: C

4. A customer has a defined policy of deploying new applications on distributed platforms. The customer feels these platforms are "good enough" and less costly than their mainframe. A new, WebSphere -based, mission-critical core application is under development and the customer has asked for price quotes on the infrastructure for its deployment.
Which of the following meets these needs?
A. System z Solution Edition for WebSphere
B. System z Solution Edition for DB2 and System z Solution Edition for WebSp here
C. System z Solution Edition for Cloud Computing and System z Solution Edition for Application Development
D. System z Solution Edition for DB2 and POWER6 servers for the application tierWArialZ
Answer: A

5. What determines whether a special bid is eligible for Solution Edition pricing?
A. The bid includes incremental new workload representing growth on the platform and the business situation requires a bottom line price.
B. The bid requires a bundled solution including hardware, software, maintenanc e and education.
C. The competitive context demands a bottom line price which can be met by adding the solution to an existing LPAR.
D. The bid includes incremental new workload on a shared outsourced machine providing a lower TCA.WArialZ
Answer: A

6. The Solution Edition for Security with the System z mainframe and Centralized Identity and Access Management provides significant benefits.
Which of the following describes those benefits?
A. Avoid the risks and exposures on System z platform and on other platforms in a business computing environment
B. Avoid the risks and exposures on only the System z platform in a business computing environment
C. Avoid the risks and exposures on IBM servers only in a business computing environment
D. Avoid security risks for all customer installed servers in a business computing environment
Answer: A

7. A prospect with a large number of Windows servers distributed across the globe is considering migrating to single System z. The customer is very concerned with the rapid growth of his Windows support staff, and the space used by the servers in the various locations.
Which of the following is likely to provide long term justification in this scenario?
A. Reduced Footprint size at the central location
B. Technical skill requirements
C. Power requirements
D. High AvailabilityWArialZ
Answer: B

8. A System z10 retail customer with home written Cobol applications is considering replacement of their older z/OS server with new technology. They do not believe a replacement would be less costly than keeping their current server.
Which of the following factors in z10 are relevant in convincing them otherwise?
A. Application costs, z/OS maintenance, and floor space
B. MSU software savings, hardware maintenance, software efficiency
C. z/OS administration, hardware maintenance, and database costs
D. Floor space, power and cooling, z/OS maintenance, and hardware maintenanceWArialZ
Answer: B

9. A customer has selected the functionality from System z Solution Edition for Application Development but is concerned about the financial impact of ordering the Solution Edition compared with the same functionality as individual components.
Which of the following best describes the financial impact of System z Solution Editions for a customer?
A. Lower TCA and lower TCO
B. Lower TCA but no impact on TCO
C. Lower TCO but no impact on TCA
D. Lower TCA but higher TCOWArialZ
Answer: A

10. What factors contribute to providing the lowest TCO for Java workloads deployed on z/OS?
A. Ease of use
B. Virtualized hardware and software
C. Availability of ISV solution software
Answer: B

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