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IBM 000-594 Exam -

Free 000-594 Sample Questions:

1.The wsetrim command does NOT allow which option to be changed?
A.the server ID
B.the Instance home
C.the machine hosting the RIM object
D.the path where the database resides
Answer: C

2.Which free form SQL filter creates an event group to filter only Effect events?
A.effect_event = 1
B.cause_date_receptn <> 0
C.effect_event_receptn = 1
D.cause_date_reception > 0
Answer: B

3.Which database table is updated first when TEC is starting?
Answer: A

4.An administrator is tasked with deploying the non­TME event adapter for SNMP for the first time on an AIX server. What should the administrator do first to ensure a successful install?
A.issue tar ­xvf /cdrom_mount_point/NON_TME/AIX4­R1/SNMP.tar
B.import tecad_snmp.baroc into the assigned rulebase
C.import tecad_hpov.baroc into the assigned rulebase
D.edit the tecad_snmp.conf file with the current server port connection parameter
Answer: A

5.What happens to an adapter's event handling if Filter mode is set to IN and no filters are specified in the configuration file?
A.No events are forwarded to the Event Server.
B.The events are cached until a filter is specified.
C.All recognized events are forwarded to the Event Server.
D.Only events matching those in the adapter's .fmt file are sent to the event adapter.
Answer: A

6.What are two reasons to shut down the TEC Event Server prior to using the wtdbclear command? (Choose two.)
A.Events that are being processed by the rules engine are deleted.
B.The wtdbclear command exits if the Event Server is running.
C.The wtdbclear command shuts down the Event Server and removes events from the database tables.
D.The wtdbclear command could put a write lock on the event repository so any requests by the dispatch process are queued.
E.The wtdbclear command only clears out events from the disk­based files. It is necessary to cycle the Event Server to clear out events from the rules cache.
Answer: D, E

7.Which option on the Windows adapter filters the Windows event logs prior to adapter processing?
D.This option is not available for the Windows adapter.
Answer: B

8.What is the result of executing the wrb ­crtrb ­path /usr/local/Tivoli/ESI ESI command?
A.A new rule base called ESI, with appropriate sub­directories, is created within the /usr/local/Tivoli/ESI/
B.A new rule base called ESI, with appropriate sub­directories, is created within the
/usr/local/Tivoli/ESI/ESI directory.
C.A new rule base called ESI, with appropriate sub­directories, is created within the
/usr/local/Tivoli/ESI/rulebase directory.
D.A new rule base called ESI, with appropriate sub­directories, is copied from /usr/local/Tivoli/ESI to
$DBDIR/TME/TEC/rb_dir directory.
Answer: A

9.Which two slots are valid event matching criteria when setting up an automated task in the console? (Choose two).
A.Causing Event Id
D.IP Address
E.Fully Qualified Hostname
Answer: A, C

10.Which three fields must be filled within the NetView Server Setup application to successfully forward events from NetView to TEC? (Choose three.)
A.NetView rule name
B.IP address of the TMR Server
C.Tivoli Event Server hostname
D.NetView Event Server hostname
E.Forward events to Tivoli Event Server
F.Tivoli Enterprise Console rule base name
Answer: A, C, E

11.A customer wants to modify a Tivoli­supplied event adapter's configuration so that an event will be sent to the Event Server only if more than two of a particular event class occur. What is the appropriate procedure to accomplish this?
A.enable dup_detect within the adapter
B.It is not possible to provide this functionality with a Tivoli­supplied event adapter.
C.modify the filters in the configuration file to trap multiple instances of the same event class
D.write a rule at the endpoint level for the event adapter to perform correlation between duplicate events
Answer: B

12.What is the default value for ConnectionMode when not listed in an adapter's configuration file?
Answer: D

13.What is the correct behavior of the tec_task process?
A.It only runs scripts initiated by rules.
B.It only runs programs initiated by rules.
C.It handles TEC tasks initiated by wruntask .
D.It does not wait for a running item to complete before starting another.
Answer: D

14.An existing task has been modified, but the modifications have not been reflected on the endpoint at execution time. What is the likely cause of the problem?
A.The task is not executed with the force option.
B.The endpoint is not assigned to its preferred gateway.
C.The task has not been properly reimported into the Tivoli Database.
D.The endpoint belongs to a remote TMR.
Answer: C

15.An administrator adds the rule set tivoli.rls into the rulebase test_rb. Which command imports the tivoli.rls rule set into the rulebase target Event Server?
A.wrb ­imprbrule tivoli EventServer test _ rb
B.wrb ­imptgtrule tivoli EventServer test _ rb
C.wrb ­imptgtrule tivoli.rls EventServer test _ rb
D.wrb ­imprbtarget tivoli.rls EventServer test _ rb
Answer: B

16.Which three RDBMS platforms are supported by TEC V3.9? (Choose three.)
Answer: C, D, E

17.Which product installs the tec_gateway?
A.the Event Server Server component
B.the Event Server Console component
C.the Event Integration Facility component
D.the Adapter Configuration Facility component
Answer: D

18.What is responsible for delivering TME events from the endpoint to the TEC Server?
A.the tec_gateway process on the gateway
B.the endpoint that delivers TME events directly to TEC Server
C.the ServerLocation Statement in the tec_gateway.conf file
D.the ServerLocation Statement in the tecad_logfile.conf on the endpoint
Answer: A

19.What is the flow of data for an event that is processed by rules but immediately dropped?
A.reception engine only
B.reception engine to rules engine
C.reception engine to rules engine to master process
D.reception engine to rules engine to dispatch engine to event repository
Answer: B

20.What is the result of executing the wtdbclear ­e ­t 0 command?
A.All events in the reception log are cleared.
B.All events in the event repository and task repository are cleared.
C.All events in the event repository and the reception log are cleared.
D.Only events in the event repository older than one day are cleared.
Answer: B

21.Which two adapters can be installed and configured through use of the Adapter Configuration Facility? (Choose two.) A.SNMP Adapter
B.Macintosh Adapter
C.Windows Event Log Adapter
D.NetWare Adapter
E.AS/400 Message Adapter
Answer: A, C

22.A rule is needed to fire on the TEC_Start event that will source a custom prolog wic file. Which predicate should be used to source the wic file?
Answer: C

23.Given the need to integrate IBM Tivoli Data Warehouse (TDW) V1.1 using the TEC V3.9 Warehouse Enablement Pack EC0 (WEP), which table would be accessed by the ETL1 process to populate the Data Warehouse?
Answer: A

24.A named regular expression is searching for the string "error." Which result is returned by the re_before_match predicate when parsing string "The application XYZ has detected error ZT036"?
A."The application XYZ has detected error"
B."The application XYZ has detected"
C."error ZT036"
Answer: B

25.An administrator changes the preferences in the TEC Web Console. The next time the administrator opens the Web Console, the changes are not there. What is the most likely cause for this?
A.The administrator does not have the senior role.
B.The WebSphere server was not stopped and restarted.
C.The administrator did not click "Save and Close."
D.Cookies are disabled.
Answer: D

26.What is the default port number required to connect to the Web Console?
Answer: B

27.Which component is required to install the Web Console on AIX?
A.TEC Console component
B.WebSphere 5.0 base
C.TEC UI Server component
D.WebSphere 6.2 base
Answer: B

28.Which command determines the console name for use with the wsetemsg command?
Answer: B

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