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IBM 000-551 Exam -

Free 000-551 Sample Questions:

1. You must have a password to review and change Product Options. What is the default password?
A. "null"
B. "softech"
C. "optim"
D. "ibm"
Answer: C

2. Where can the Optim Directory be stored?
A. DB2 UDB v8.1 for z/OS running on mainframe platform
B. SQL Server 7.0 running on UNIX platform
C. DB2 9.1 LUW running on Windows, UNIX or Linux platforms
D. Microsoft Access database running on Windows platforms
Answer: C

3. What is the maximum number of rows allowed in an Archive File?
A. 1073241824
B. 2**30 - 1
C. 999,999,999
D. 1,000,000,000
Answer: C

4. What are two Optim archive project requirements that directly impact the high level architecture? (Choose two.)
A. archive access
B. automation of archive processing
C. archive retention
D. archive business elements targeted
E. archive selection criteria
Answer: A, C

5. In Optim implementations, which object aligns with the term "business object"?
A. Archive Request
B. Archive Reporting Tool
C. Access Definition
D. Archive File Collection
Answer: C

6. What is the first phase in the Optim Implementation Methodology?
A. Solution Design
B. Project Planning
C. Product Installation
D. Requirements Analysis
Answer: B

7. Which Optim method is used to: mask Name and Address fields, produce consistent results, use fictitious yet valid data, and is easy to maintain?
A. rand_lookup
B. shuffle
C. hash_lookup
D. cbhash
Answer: C

8. In an Optim TDM project, what is the starting point for the requirements analysis and validation?
A. the speed with which TDM based subsetting can be processed
B. the target "end" size of the test database
C. the proposed test data management use cases
D. the selection criteria
Answer: C

9. Which two data types should implementation teams plan to test more thoroughly in the archive reporting design and build phase? (Choose two.)
A. character
B. blob/clob
C. date/timestamp
D. identity
E. long char
Answer: B, E

10. What does an Access Control List protect?
A. the Optim program
B. nav_util
C. Optim Configuration tasks
D. any Optim object
Answer: D

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