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IBM 000-530 Exam -

Free 000-530 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following is true regarding how SiteProtector can be deployed?
A. It can only be deployed as a stand-alone server or as an appliance.
B. It can be deployed in a stand-alone or distributed architecture.
C. It must be deployed by IBM ISS Professional Services.
D. It must be deployed with all Network IPS appliances.
Answer: B

2. Which component commits IDS events to the SiteProtector Database?
A. IDS Appliance
B. Agent Manager
C. Event Collector
D. Secure Sync
Answer: C

3. Which policy contains signature exceptions for specific VLANs?
A. Firewall
B. User Defined Events
C. Protection Domains
D. Connection Events
Answer: C

4. At the beginning of 2009, approximately how many URL's were contained in the IBM ISS Web Filter and Antispam Database?
A. 3 Billion
B. 9 Billion
C. 23 Million
D. 60 Million
Answer: B

5. Which of the following protocols is protected by the Proventia MFS appliance antivirus engine?
Answer: B

6. The Proventia GX4004 can be used inline prevention mode with how many segments?
A. Two
B. Four
C. Six
D. Eight
Answer: A

7. Which of the following products competes with IBM Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment?
A. Snort
B. Cisco NAC
C. Qualys
D. TippingPoint
Answer: C

8. Proventia Desktop uses which antivirus engine?
A. Sophos
B. Norton
C. ClamAV
D. BitDefender
Answer: D

9. A Stealth Port Scan consists of which of the following?
A. Single packet with the PUSH flag set
B. Full TCP handshake
C. Single SYN packet
D. Single packet with the URG flag set
Answer: C

10. What function does the Agent Manager provide in SiteProtector?
A. Provides central alert storage and analysis
B. Acts as a communication channel for the Proventia appliances
C. Communicates vulnerability assessments to Proventia appliances
D. Compares, analyzes, and reports all Proventia events
Answer: B

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