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IBM 000-527 Exam -

Free 000-527 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following activities is not supported by the Rule Execution Server mod ule?
A. Deploying rules
B. Monitoring ruleset execution
C. Designing BOM
D. Debugging rules
Answer: C

2. What is the default name of the Rule Execution Server Console web -application?
A. localhost
B. bres_admin
C. bres
D. res
Answer: C

3. A hosted transparent decision service is a:
A. rule-based application that runs in background on the operating system.
B. rule-based application deployed and running on a cluster.
C. rule-based application that triggers no rules.
D. dynamically generated web service that runs for a ruleset.
Answer: D

4. Which one of these actions cannot be triggered by a query in Rule Studio?
A. Changing the priority of a rule
B. Moving a rule to a target package.
C. Renaming a rule.
D. Deleting a rule
Answer: C

5. In order to use a value editor for business rules in Rule Studio, you must develop this editor in:
A. Swing
D. JavaScript
Answer: A

6 .Synchronization between Rule Team Server and Rule Studio is initiated and controlled by the Rule Studio.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

7. A project in Rule Team Server Can has several baselines.
A. True.
B. False
Answer: A

8. During the execution of a rule engine using the Rete algorithm, all the eligible rule instances are collected in:
A. a thread.
B. a rule.
C. an agenda.
D. a context.
Answer: C

9. A ruleset interceptor is an execution mechanism that:
A. allows bypassing the execution of certain ruleflow tasks based on some runtime conditions.
B. allows selecting rulesets at runtime based on some routing logic.
C. allows adding some initial and final actions to the execution of a ruleset.
Answer: B

10. A ruleset archive contains the following elements:
A. BOM, Java XOM. Vocabulary, engine.conf
B. BOM.XML and Java XOMs, BOM to XOM mapping files,
C. BOM to XOM mapping files, rts.conf,res.conf,engine.conf,rsm.conf.
D. BOM,XML XOMs and the related XML schemas, BOM to XOM mapping files, engine.conf.
Answer: D

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