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IBM 000-503 Exam -

Free 000-503 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What influences the data collection within the IBM Tivoli Monitoring environment?
A. Number of agents
B. Number of Tivoli Enterprise Portal Servers
C. Number of Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Servers
D. Number of Summarization and Pruning agents
Answer: A

Q: 2
Which permission must be set for a user to publish a workspace?
A. Administration Mode Eligible and Author Mode Eligible
B. Author Mode Eligible and Workspace Administration Mode
C. Workspace Administration Mode and Workspace Author Mode
D. Administration Mode Eligible and Workspace Administration Mode
Answer: C

Q: 3
What must be configured and distributed to the managed systems that data is being queried from, to enable the Specify Time Span for Query?
A. Historical Situation
B. Event Integration Facility
C. Historical Data Collection
D. The Until feature on a situation
Answer: C

Q: 4
Log in access to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal client is controlled by user accounts that are defined where?
A. Dashboard Hub Services
B. Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server
C. Tivoli Authorization Policy Server
D. Operating System User Registry
Answer: B

Q: 5
Which two tasks must a user perform to create custom workspaces for a group? (Choose two.)
A. Create the custom workspaces and then save them when exiting.
B. Change the group settings on existing workspaces and rename them.
C. Log in as the group account and create the views in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server (TEPS) for the team.
D. Custom workspaces can only be created in the TEPS if Dashboard Application Services Hub is installed.
E. Checkthatthere is a group assigned in the TEPS for the team and limit the use of the workspaces to that group.
Answer: A,E

Q: 6
When defining a user that will be responsible to ensure the proper backups are taken, which Tivoli Enterprise Portal Sewer user group would be assigned to the user?
A. Operations
B. Management
C. Administrators
D. Support Teams
Answer: C

Q: 7
What are two types of groupings in the Object Group Editor? (Choose two.)
A. Alert Group
B. Query Group
C. ManagedSystemsGroup
D. Historical Collection Group
E. Historical Configuration Group
Answer: C,E

Q: 8
Which command line interface is used to manage the Tivoli Authorization Policy Server?
A. tacmd
B. tivcmd
C. itmcmd
D. wadmin
Answer: B

Q: 9
What are three refresh options? (Choose three.)
A. Refresh on demand
B. Refreshatthesituationinterval
C. Settherefreshintervalat1second
D. Set the refresh interval at 60 seconds
E. Select View and then select Refresh Interval
F. Select Properties and then select Refresh Interval
Answer: A,D,E

Q: 10
Which two places allow access to the Launch application in the Tivoli Enterprise Portal? (Choose two.)
A. Navigator Item
B. Properties Menu
C. Workspace View
D. Historical Configuration
E. Launch Application Editor
Answer: A,C

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