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IBM 000-446 Exam -

Free 000-446 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An OnDemand user is a member of two groups. These groups have different permissions to the same folder. What describes the permissions of the user to the folder?
A. The authority of the group that was created first.
B. The authority of the group that is most restrictive.
C. The authority of the group with the lowest GID number.
D. The authority of the group that comes first alphabetically.
Answer: C

Q: 2
You can configure an OnDemand system to maintain copies of reports on disk and in archive storage. The copies in archive storage are for long-term storage. OnDemand supports a variety of optical and tape storage devices. Archive Storage Management includes which two components? (Choose two.)
A. A server program that maintains a database of information about the devices and data that it manages.
B. Client commands that control the server program activities such as data migration and expiration.
C. An iSeries Navigator client program that you can use to define storage management policies.
D. A Windows client program that you can use to define storage management policies.
Answer: A,C

Q: 3
After creation of an OnDemand instance, what must be changed in the ARS.INI file to cause OnDemand security to be used for that instance?
Answer: A

Q: 4
An OnDemand application group will contain many documents that will be stored in the system for a long period of time. Which application group database field option should be used to optimize the efficiency of document searches?
A. Log
B. Segment
C. User Exit
D. Database Value Mapping
Answer: B

Q: 5
To create a default date-range search option for a report to specify the last six months, which task must be completed?
A. Change the application group default date-range interval.
B. Change the Folder - Field Information default date-range interval.
C. Change the Application - Load Information default date-range interval.
D. Change both the folder and the application default date-range intervals.
Answer: B

Q: 6
A report layout contains multiple account numbers (each containing 10 numeric characters) per page but there are some inconsistencies when locating account numbers. Often, a description field will overlap into the account number column. These numbers do not appear sequentially.
What can be used to ensure that the indexer will collect only the account number and not part of the description?
A. Define the field with a mask and offset values
B. Define the field based on a floating trigger
C. Define the field based on a floating trigger with mask values
D. Define the field based on a floating trigger with mask and offset values
Answer: C

Q: 7
An OnDemand administrator has received an error message indicating that journaling needs to be restarted for the OnDemand database files. Which command would be used to accomplish this task?
A. Select the restart journaling option from the OnDemand Administrative client.
B. Use the RSTONDJRN command.
C. Use the RSTJRNOND command.
D. Run program QRLCSTRJ with parameter PARM(RLC) from the command line.
Answer: D

Q: 8
A customer intends to store all of its archive data into DR550 or Centera storage devices. Which statement is true?
A. An OnDemand storage set links directly to a DR550 or a Centera device.
B. TSM cannot be configured to interface with Centera devices.
C. TSM can be configured to interface with DR550 or a Centera devices.
D. OnDemand can write directly to Centera devices; therefore TSM is not required.
Answer: C

Q: 9
An administrator wants to store a System Log message whenever a user deletes an annotation.
The box in the Application Group Message Logging for Annotation Delete is checked. A test is performed to validate that messages are being stored as expected. The administrator deletes an annotation and then queries the System Log for the proper message (Message number 70), but nothing is returned. Which additional required step should be completed for the proper message to be logged?
A. Annotation delete message logging must be selected for the administrator's userid.
B. The System Log does not have an option to store a message for annotation deletions.
C. Administrator permissions allow annotations to be deleted and so no message is stored.
D. Application Group Messages must be checked in the System Logging section of the System Parameters.
Answer: D

Q: 10
An application group specifies to Migrate Data from cache as "When Data is Loaded". A report is archived into OnDemand. In addition to the CACHE directory, a copy of the archived report is placed into which directory?
Answer: B

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