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IBM 000-445 Exam -

Free 000-445 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Prior to installing Document Manager servers, the PATH system environment variable should include which of the following?
A. Information Integrator C++ Connector DLL directory
B. %IBMCMROOT%\cmgmt directory
C. Information Integrator installation directory
D. Information Integrator Java Connector directory
Answer: A

Q: 2 Which application must be used by DM to create a thumbnail rendition from a CAD file?
A. Cimmetry AutoVue
B. AutoDesk AutoCAD
C. Bentley MicroStation
D. Informatative Graphics MYRIAD
Answer: A

Q: 3 If the Name field of the properties of a Cache Service does not equal a LibraryName value in ddmcasrv.ini, what happens to the Document Manager Desktop when an attempt to log on is made?
A. The Document Manager Desktop will fail to connect to the selected library and return an error.
B. The Document Manager Desktop will succeed in connecting to the selected library.
C. The Document Manager Desktop will hang until a predetermined timeout value is reached.
D. The Document Manager Desktop will succeed in connecting to the selected library with degraded performance.
Answer: A

Q: 4 When configuring Designer to connect to a library, the Name field in the Library Configuration must match the LibraryName in which file?
A. ddmsmtp.ini
B. ddmcasrv.ini
C. ddmcfgsv.ini
Answer: B

Q: 5 In order to conduct a web based install of the Document Manager Desktop, which of the following files must be copied to the web server directory?
A. ddminst.htm,, ddmdsktp.js, index.htm, default.htm
B. ddmdsktp.htm,, ddmdsktp.js, index.htm, default.htm
C. ddminst.htm, ddmdsktp.htm,, ddmdsktp.js, default.htm
D. ddmdsktp.htm, ddmcasrv.ini,, ddmdsktp.js, default.htm
Answer: C

Q: 6 The System Administrator can configure datastore pooling to improve the overall performance of a DB2 Document Manager system. How does datastore pooling improve performance?
A. It allows the specification of a department-level cache server that is used to "pool" document data that is local to that department.
B. It allows the administrator to specify allocation of pools of memory that can be shared by different item types in the repository.
C. It reduces the overhead associated with opening a new connection each time a request is issued by a user by reusing cached datastores.
D. It retains a database connection for each user of the system for a period of hours as defined in the DdmConnCfg.ini file.
Answer: C

Q: 7 Assuming standard naming conventions, which metadata information is required, in Document Manager's Library Configuration, to work with data in the library?
A. Class and Revision
B. Class and State
C. Revision and Properties
D. State and Revision
Answer: B

Q: 8 In addition to a user name, password, and DM Library Server name, which additional item is required for the Designer to login to the library?
A. The Content Manager machine name.
B. A user with the SysAdminCM privilege set.
C. The Content Manager database name.
D. SOAP information if the server is not behind a firewall.
Answer: C

Q: 9 Which of the following commands can be used to determine the currently installed version of IBM Information Integrator for Content?
A. cmlevel
B. dmlevel
C. db2level
D. ii4clevel
Answer: A

Q: 10 Which INI file must be configured after the Document Manager Server is installed?
A. ddmconncfg.ini
B. ddmcache.ini
C. ddmcfgsv.ini
D. ddmcasrv.ini
Answer: D
Q: 11 When installing the Document Manager Server for the first time, which two
managers are installed by default (Choose TWO)?
A. Cache Manager
B. Lifecycle Manager
C. Rendition Manager
D. Print/Plot Manager
E. Notification Manager
Answer: A, B

Q: 12 What is the consequence of leaving GPSLibraryServerCacheMachine blank in ddmcasrv.ini?
A. The cache service will not run.
B. The cache service will run but cannot log into Content Manager.
C. The Document Manager desktop connection will fail with return code -2143832
D. If blank, DM will look for a Cache Server on the same machine as the Library Server. If there is no local cache server on that Library Server DM will use the client's cache server
Answer: D

Q: 13 Which of the following is a capability of the item loader?
A. It can scan a file system and add new or modified files to the repository.
B. It can monitor a folder and add new or modified files to the repository.
C. It can add specified documents to the repository.
D. It can process an XML file - adding specified documents and associated attributes to the repository.
Answer: C

Q: 14 What is the method by which the Lifecycle Services can be configured to process ONLY specified classes?
A. Configure a role that applies to only the classes that need to be processed.
B. Select the "Enable Processing" toggle in the Document Class definition for the classes that need to be processed.
C. Select the "Advanced" button within the Lifecycle Service Configuration and enable the classes that need to be processed.
D. Lifecycle Services cannot be configured to process specific classes. When Lifecycle Service runs, it processes documents from ALL classes.
Answer: C

Q: 15 A company extensively uses the file properties when Microsoft Word documents are created. They have a requirement to store the file properties in the library and reflect any changes to those file properties when a document is checked out and launched in Word. How can this be achieved in Document Manager?
A. Create a bi-directional library property.
B. Use a new item template to define property values.
C. Use property exchange with Write mode of Update both.
D. Use property modification with Update mode of Automatic.
Answer: C

Q: 16 Which commands are provided by Document Manager for interacting with Content Manager processes?
A. Select Route, Manage Routes, and Define Route
B. Select Route, Manage Routes, and Continue
C. Select Route and Continue
D. Select Route, List Work, and Continue
Answer: A

Q: 17 A controlled vocabulary list (CVL) can be generated dynamically from all of the following types of data in the library except one. Which is NOT a valid type?
A. A DM Configuration list such as a list of document classes or document states
B. A user or a Group List of Content Manager groups
C. An Item Property list that is created from a saved search
D. A Standard list of items retrieved from a file during runtime
Answer: D

Q: 18 Which of the following is a valid step or factor in configuring the "Item Delivery" tab of a Desktop Template?
A. Set the full path name of the desktop compression utility in the text field associated with the "Use data compression on upload of item" checkbox.
B. Check the "Enable (Select Path Location) dialog" if you want to overide the system default of delivering items to the My Documents folder on the user's machine.
C. If "Clear view temp on library exit" is set, then specify a file path name in the Path field for the view path (such as C:\DDM\View) that is different from the copy or checkout paths (because the contents of the view path are deleted by the system).
D. Make sure that the file path name in the Path field for the view path (such as C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 7.0\Temp) matches the path for the temporary files created by the third-party viewer specified for the Desktop.
Answer: C

Q: 19 Which of the following statements concerning a configured property exchange is correct?
A. A "Write mode" of "Update library only" will update the specified library property in the system with the item's property tag value during an "Check-in" action.
B. A "Write mode" of "Update library only" will update the specified item property tag with the library property value during a "Check-out" action.
C. A "Write mode" of "Update both" will update the specified library property in the system with the item's property tag value during an "Modify" action.
D. A "Write mode" of "Off" prevents the property exchange from processing unless the "Operator" has been set to "Clear" in the property exchange configuration.
Answer: A

Q: 20 In Document Manager, the name of the user identity that is configured to send e-mail notifications is:
A. extracted from the "Created-by" library property of the item entering a state that has the releated notification.
B. generally set to one of the Content Manager administrator users (icmadmin or ddmservice).
C. defined in the DdmSmtp.ini file.
D. defined in the Designer as an administrator under the folder "Administrators" --> "Users".
Answer: C

Q: 21 Item types that are defined to store dynamic folders should have which item type classification?
A. Item or Resource
B. Document or Resource
C. Document Part
D. Document Item
Answer: A

Q: 22 The system administrator must create or otherwise utilize an appropriately configured "search" class to enable a system to support saved searches. Given this, which one of the following statements is true?
A. The search class must be a controlled class.
B. The search class must be a stateless class.
C. The item type with which the class for saved searches is associated must be either a Document or a Resource item because a text file is created to contain the search criteria.
D. The item type with which the class for saved searches is associated must be an "Item" item type because the saved search is a "document-less" structure.
Answer: C

Q: 23 Which two DM Services are used in combination to execute jobs from Automation Services?
A. Cache Service and Automation Services
B. Alarm Manager and Automation Services
C. Cache Service and Lifecycle Services
D. Lifecycle Services and Automation Services
Answer: B

Q: 24 A company wants the capability to add a document to a library and automatically create a folder to contain the document. The name of the folder will be based on the document's attributes. How can this be achieved in Document Manager?
A. Use an Add dialog with the Add to folder option.
B. Add a document into a stateless class with associated folders.
C. Add a document into a controlled class, whose initial state creates a folder.
D. Add a document into a controlled class which initiates an automated process to create the folder structure.
Answer: C

Q: 25 Which configuration object(s) are users and groups directly assigned to in the Document Manager Designer?
A. Menus
B. States
C. Action and Dialogs
D. Searches
Answer: C

Q: 26 Document Manager can automatically create an accompanying PDF when a document is declared as a record. When is this option specified?
A. When configuring a class for Auto quick declare
B. When configuring a class for Selection quick declare
C. When configuring the destination configuration of the PDF rendition
D. When configuring an item type
Answer: B

Q: 27 In the Quick Declare dialog, the user is presented with a list of file plan locations and associated record types to choose from. Which Quick Declare method is being used?
A. Selection
B. By Property
C. User's Choice
D. Auto Classification
Answer: A

Q: 28 Which of the following four objects is NOT assigned to a document state?
A. Roles
B. Notifications
C. Property exchange
D. Property modifications
Answer: C

Q: 29 A company's business rules require that all documents be automatically declared as records when transitioned to the Issued state. How can this be implemented in Document Manager?
A. Create an auto classify rule.
B. Add the Quick Declare command to a menu.
C. Configure the Issued state to declare an item of record.
D. Configure the Lifecycle map to allow declaration of records.
Answer: C

Q: 30 By which of the following methods can Document Manager services be configured to utilize DM Cache?
A. Configure the "GPSLibraryServerMachine=" parameter in the ddmcasrv.ini with the machine name of the Document Manager Cache Server.
B. Configure the "CacheServer=" parameter in the ddmdsktp.htm file to include the machine name of the Document Manager Cache Server.
C. Configure the "CacheServer=" parameter in the default.htm file to include the machine name of the Document Manager Cache Server.
D. Configure the "Cache Server" field in the Service Properties dialog for each specified Document Manager service with the machine name of the Document Manager Cache Server.
Answer: D

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