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IBM 000-444 Exam -

Free 000-444 Sample Questions:

1.A UNIX­based OnDemand system will receive report files from a mainframe. The load process
runs every evening. To determine how much space should be reserved for the OnDemand download directory, which of the following information is required? A. The average Compression Ratio for all of the report file data types B. The sum of the maximum sizes of the largest report files that could be received C. The numbers of each report type that are expected to be received during
a peak period D. Length of time a typical day's loaded reports will be stored in cache
A.A only
B.B and D
C.B and C
D.A, B and C
Answer: C

2.An insurance company has nine divisions and would like to keep the users and the reports separated by division. Which of the following is the best way to completely isolate these environments on a single system?
B.Object server
C.Optical jukebox
D.Application group
Answer: A

3.An OnDemand for Windows system needs to download report data from a mainframe system. Which of the following services must be configured and started for the data transmission to take place?
A.OnDemand Load Data Service
B.OnDemand Scheduler Service
C.OnDemand MVSD Server Service
D.OnDemand Archive Data Service
Answer: C

4.When enabling "Full Report Browse" which of the following occurs?
A.The full report is displayed in a separate window.
B.All pages of a large object document are transferred to the client automatically.
C.All documents from the same load as the selected document can be viewed from the client.
D.All pages of the large object document are viewed if "View Combined Documents" is selected.
Answer: C

5.To add more than one application to an application group, which of the following must be defined when creating an application group?
A.Permission to add
B.Permission to update
C.A Segment date field
D.An Application ID field
Answer: D

6.A company has a security requirement that users be logged off of the OnDemand system after 1 hour of inactivity. The 'Inactivity Time Out' value on the System Parameters dialog is set to 'Time Out In 60 Minutes' but not all users are being logged off after 60 minutes of inactivity has passed.
What is preventing some users from being logged off as expected?
A.The users not being logged out have System Administrator authority.
B.The 'Inactivity Time Out' option for some users is not set to 'Use System Value'.
C.The 'Inactivity Time Out' option for some users is set to 'Time Out in 30 Minutes'.
D.The 'Logoff' option is not selected in the System Logging section of the System Parameters dialog.
Answer: B

7.After the position of triggers and indexes have changed in a report, the report will not successfully archive into OnDemand. Which of the following should the OnDemand Administrator modify prior to archiving the changed report?
A.The view information
B.The load information
C.The indexer parameters
D.The logical view fields
Answer: C

8.A user would like to convert PCL data and display it to the Web browser in PDF format. Which of the following must the administrator do to accomplish this?
A.Set the PCL_DISPLAY variable to Yes.
B.Change the configuration file on the Client PC.
C.Incorporate the AFP2WEB transforms in the Web Enablement Kit.
D.Incorporate the Xenos transforms into the Web Enablement Kit.
Answer: D

9.In order to locate data that may not appear in every document, which of the following ACIF parameters must be used?
A.Group Trigger
B.Floating Field
C.Floating Trigger
D.Transaction Field
Answer: C

10.When viewing transaction data in the OnDemand client, users would like every other row of data to be green/white for ease of viewing. Which of the following actions allows the OnDemand administrator to meet this requirement?
A.Define a trigger.
B.Define a logical view.
C.Specify "GREENBAR=1" in the indexing parameter file.
D.Enable the highlight option on the field property page.
Answer: B

11.To create and maintain Storage Sets, an OnDemand Administrator must be which of the following User Types?
A.System Administrator
B.Storage Set Administrator
C.Application Group Administrator
D.Application Group/Folder Administrator
Answer: A

12.Which of the following statements best describes the manner in which the OnDemand Web
Enablement Kit handles large objects when being viewed by the AFP Plug­in?
A.A document segment is uncompressed at the server and sent to the Web client. As the user moves through the document, the next segment is requested, as needed, from the server.
B.The entire document is sent from the server to the Web client compressed. The entire document is then uncompressed by the client. The user may move through the document without making any further requests of the server.
C.A document segment is sent from the server to the Web client compressed. The segment is then uncompressed by the client. As the user moves through the document, the next segment is requested, as needed, from the server.
D.The entire document is sent to the Web client compressed. The client decompresses the first segment.
As the user moves through the document, each segment is decompressed by the client as necessary, without making any further requests of the server.
Answer: C

13.Which of the following system components can be created during the initial installation of an OnDemand instance?
A.A TSM Storage Set
B.An OAM Storage Set
C.A Cache Only Storage Set
D.TSM, OAM, and Cache Only Storage Sets
Answer: C

14.A customer plans to store all their report data in cache storage. Which of the following is NOT required?
A.Storage Set
B.Primary storage node
C.Tivoli Storage Manager
D.OnDemand Cache Storage Manager
Answer: C

15.An Application Group and an Application have been created and both were called "Customer Data". The OnDemand instance is "archive". The data to be loaded resides in file d:\ondemand\customer_013181. Which of the following commands is used to verify that the indexing parameters are set up correctly without loading the data?
A.arsmaint ­I archive ­v d:\ondemand\customer_013181
B.arsload ­g "Customer Data" ­i d:\ondemand\customer_013181
C.arsload ­g "Customer Data" ­v d:\ondemand\customer_013181
D.arsdoc query ­G "Customer Data" ­d d:\ondemand ­I customer_013181
Answer: B

16.An Administrator wants to store a System Log message whenever a user deletes an annotation. The box in the Application Group Message Logging for Annotation Delete is checked. A test is performed to validate that messages are being stored as expected. The Administrator deletes an annotation and then queries the System Log for the proper message (Message number 70), but nothing is returned. Why has the message NOT been stored in the System Log?
A.Annotation delete message logging was not selected for the Administrator's userid.
B.The System Log does not have an option to store a message for annotation deletions.
C.Administrator permissions allow annotations to be deleted and so no message is stored.
D.Application Group Messages has not been checked in the System Logging section of the System Parameters.
Answer: D

17.Which of the following can be performed with the OnDemand Client for Microsoft Windows, but NOT with the OnDemand Web Enablement Kit?
A.View full fidelity AFP and PDF documents
B.Provide logical view support of line data
C.Display the annotation flags on the hit list
D.View multiple documents from multiple folders in one window
Answer: D

18.Which of the following is used when determining the size of the OnDemand database?
A.The size and number of Indexes and Filters, the length of time to store the documents, and the number of documents to be loaded
B.The number of bytes per page, the report data type and the number of concurrent users
C.The size and number of Indexes, the predicted number of documents to be stored before expiration processing, and number of concurrent users
D.Number of documents loaded each month, the predicted concurrent usage and associated retrieval rate
Answer: A

19.The default password in OnDemand is 8 bytes long. Which of the following, in the OnDemand Administrator, changes the default password length?
A.User definition
B.Group definition
C.System parameters
D.Application Group definition
Answer: C

20.An OnDemand Administrator creates an application group and specifies "NONE" for its tablespace type. After loading many documents to the application group, the administrator wants to move the application group table into its own SMS tablespace. Which of the following commands could be used to do this?
B.arsdb migrate
C.arsadmin unload
D.arsadmin load_db
Answer: A

21.An AFP file contains 100 statements, one for each of 100 customers. Each of these statements is similar in nature, with the only differences being the customer name, account number, and total due. Resources are contained in a single pagedef and overlay. Which of the following specifies how many of each item are created or stored during the ARSLOAD process?
A.1 database row, 1 resource file
B.100 database rows, 1 resource file
C.1 database row, 100 resource files
D.100 database rows, 100 resource files
Answer: B

22.A customer has an intranet portal and they need to implement secure searches over file systems, databases, two content management systems and various intranets. Which product should the customer choose?
A.IBM Lotus Extended Search
B.WebSphere Content Discovery Server
C.WebSphere Information Integrator Content Edition
D.WebSphere Information Integrator OmniFind Edition
Answer: D

23.If a segment date has been defined, which of the following describes the effect of selecting
"Expire by Load" in the Application Group?
A.All rows within a single Load ID are expired at one time based on the load date.
B.All rows within a single Load ID are expired at one time based on the segment date.
C.Only those rows that have met the load date expiration period are deleted.
D.Only those rows that have met the segment date expiration period are deleted.
Answer: B

24.A test system has been added in a customer account. The systems administrator would like to copy all user ids with all of their permissions into the new system. What is the first step required to accomplish this task?
A.'arsxml export' with the appropriate parameters/flags.
B.'arsadm user ­a add' with the appropriate parameters/flags.
C.After selecting the users to be added to the test system, use the Export option from within the OnDemand Administrator.
D.After selecting the users to be added to the test system, use the Export option from within the OnDemand Administrator and then select a user who will be provided administrator status over all exported users.
Answer: A

25.Administrator permission to an Application Group allows a user to perform which two of the following operations by default? A. Update the Application Group B. Update document indexes in the Application Group C. Delete documents archived in the Application Group D. Archive documents in the Application Group
A.A and B
B.A and D
C.B and C
D.C and D
Answer: B

26.To locate a field that may occur in row 6, 7 or 8 on the cover page of each report, which of the following indexing specifications is used?
A.Define Trigger2 as TYPE=GROUP, RECORDRANGE=(5,9).
B.Define an index as TYPE=FLOAT, and map a field to this index.
C.Define Trigger1 as TYPE=FLOAT and base the field off Trigger1.
D.Define Trigger1 as TYPE=GROUP and base the field off Trigger1.
Answer: A

27.A document search requires that the current day's date is always the maximum and minimum search value for the search. Which of the following options would accomplish this?
A.Map a "Today's Date" field to the folder.
B.Modify Folder Field Information to get current date from the server.
C.Create a variable 'date' that displays the system date and insert an interval date for the "last" X period.
D.Modify Folder Field Information to allow the search operator as "Equal To"; specify the default date as fixed.
Answer: D

28.An Application Group was created to contain legal documents. The data and indexes for this Application Group were set to expire in three years. New regulations now require that the documents be retained for seven years, but the oldest documents stored in the Application Group are nearly three years old. The original document files are no longer available. Which option provides the best solution to this problem?
A.There is nothing that can be done. The data will expire and be lost.
B.Create a new Application Group with a seven year expiration period, retrieve the data using 'arsdoc get' and reload with arsload.
C.Modify the expiration date in the existing Application Group in order to change the date for documents already stored in that group.
D.Create a new Application Group with a seven year expiration period, use 'arsadmin retrieve' to extract objects from the Application Group and reload the data with 'arsadmin store'.
Answer: B

29.An OnDemand administrator creates a new Application Group. Data is loaded to a Cache­only storage node and specified to remain in cache for 15 days. The index Expiration Type is set to
'Load' and indexes to expire in 15 days. The administrator selects a date extracted from the documents as the Segment date. The segment date for all documents in the load is 20 days prior
to the date when the data is loaded. The administrator successfully loads the data to the new Application Group. What will occur when scheduled index/data expiration (arsmaint) runs that night?
A.The indexes will expire but data will remain in cache for 15 days beyond the load date.
B.The data will expire but the indexes will remain until the table segment is closed and 15 days have passed.
C.The data and indexes will not expire until 15 days after the data is loaded. Because indexes are set to expire by load, the value of the load date directs when expiration occurs.
D.The data and indexes will expire. The segment date is used to expire the data and indexes and its value for all documents in this load are older than the 15 day retention period.
Answer: D

30.In order to store data within OnDemand, a Storage Set MUST contain which of the following?
B.Primary Node
C.Secondary Node
D.Application Group
Answer: B

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