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IBM 000-436 Exam -

Free 000-436 Sample Questions:

1. The customer has completed an installation of TBSM 4.1.1 and will be using an existing Netcool OMNIbus instance, on a separate server, with a customized schema. How many times and where will the customer need to run rad_discover_schema to ensure TBSM and OMNIbus schemas are synchronized?
A.Twice on the TBSM server
B.Twice on the OMNIbus server
C.Only once on the TBSM server
D.Only once on the OMNIbus server
Answer: A

2 To use the results of a Data Fetcher query to affect the status of a service instance, which of the following must be done?
A.Configure an appropriate expression for the Data Fetcher
B.Configure an auto-population rule and check, the "Incoming Status" checkbox and input values for Marginal and Bad
C.Configure an incoming status rule, check the "Incoming Status" checkbox and input the values for Marginal and Bad
D.Nothing - the results of a Data Fetcher will automatically affect the status of the associated service instance
Answer: C

3 When creating an incoming status rule within TBSM, what type of TBSM object is being directly edited?
A.A service
B.A template
C.A data fetcher
D.A custom canvas
Answer: B

4 A Custom Page has been created on which a user has added a Service Viewer viewpoint (among other viewpoints). One of the users is complaining about not being able to see the 'Service Viewer'. What might be the cause of this problem?
A.user does not have Administrator privileges
B.user is not allowed to view Service Instances
C.user does not have the right Security ID for the Page
D.the specific viewpoint that the user is complaining about does not have the right Security ID assigned for the user
Answer: D

5 Where is the Tree Template Editor located?
A.In the Service tab
B.In the Templates tab
C.In the Edit Service 'Service Name' page
D.In the Edit Template 'Template Name' page
Answer: A

6 What are Three Authentication Mechanisms supported by TBSM 4.1.1 ? (Choose Three.)
C.Local O/S
D.Object Server/Omnibus
E.RADIUS Authentication
F.Native, Security Manager
Answer: A, D, F

7 What Server Operating System is not supported by TBSM 4.1.1 ?
A.Sun Solaris 9
B.Sun Solaris 10
C.Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
D.Microsoft Windows 2005 Server
Answer: D

8 How is a service template in TBSM used ?
A.A template used to define service instances
B.A template that is used to define the events processed by TBSM
C.A template that defines characteristics common to a set of services
D.A template used by TBSM to to define data fetchers used by TBSM services
Answer: C

9 Which of the following is a Data Source that can be used by TBSM?
A.SNMP queries
B.Omnibus Events
C.Data read from excel spreadsheets
D.Data received by via the TBSM CORBA interface
Answer: B

10. What is the purpose of TBSM Incoming Status Rules?
A.Determining the root cause of a neTwork failure based on rules
B.Determining the current status of neTwork traffic flows to TBSM
C.Determining the current status of TBSM Services based on events
D.Determining the status of the TBSM Data Sources based on responses to queries
Answer: C

11. What type of TBSM rule is used to combine the output values of same type multiple child services?
A.Custom Canvasses
B.Incoming status rules
C.Numerical formula rules
D.Numerical aggregation rules
Answer: D

12. A customer is installing TBSM on a Windows server with the bundled Postgres instance. Which of the following is true about the user account that will own the Postgres services?
A.It must be owned by the Administrator user.
B.The user must have "Limited Account" privileges, only.
C.The user is a domain account with out "Run as Service" rights
D.The user must have full "Computer Administrator" account privileges
Answer: B

13. A customer is preparing to install TBSM 4.1.1 for his organization. There are many server types and operating systems available to the customer. Which of the following are acceptable server configurations for his TBSM server installation? (Choose Three.)
A.RHEL 4 - x86-32
B.AIX 5.3 - pSeries
C.Solaris 10 - SPARC
D.Solaris 10 - x86-64
E.Windows Vista - x86-32
F.SUSE LINUX Enterprise Desktop 10 - x86-64
Answer: A, B, C

14. A customer has installed TBSM using the "Simple Installation" method. Which port is used to connect to the TBSM Postgres instance?
Answer: B

15. A customer has been told that TBSM installation has been successfully completed with default values. What URL can Bob use to verify that TBSM is running correctly if the GUI Foundation server address is
Answer: B

16. A customer has installed TBSM on a Windows Server using the "Simple Installation" method and rebooted the server. Which of the following Services must be running for TBSM to operate correctly?
A.Netcool Process Agent
B.Netcool Administrator
C.Netcool MySQL Database
D.Netcool Postgres Database
Answer: D

17. On a TBSM single server simple install, what TBSM component is optional ?
C.TBSM Agent
D.Security Manager
Answer: C

18. After installing TBSM what is the script on Unix that brings up all the required TBSM components in the correct order ?
Answer: D

19. On an Advanced, Two server install, what is the application that is recommended be installed with TBSM ?
A.Omnibus Server
B.License Manager Server
C.Security Manager Server
D.No other TBSM application
Answer: C

20. What is the default install location for the TBSM files?
Answer: C

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