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IBM 000-432 Exam -

Free 000-432 Sample Questions:

1. An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) tape drive is not mounting tapes.
The operator issues a query drive command for the drive and finds that the drive is online. What should the operator do next to determine the status of the drive? the drive to see if it responds
B.issue the audit drive command for the drive
C.check the Drive Status Panel of TSM Operational Reporting
D.issue the query path command for the drive to make sure the path is online
Answer: D

2. How can the estimated restore time of a clients files be determined? the command query restoretime
B.look at the backup statistics and double the time the Estimate function button for restores in the Backup/Archive Client
D.from the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center Client panel, select Restore Estimate feature
Answer: C

3. How can it be determined which scheduled client backups were missed in the last 24 hours?
A.issue the command query schedule f=d Reporting from the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager menu the Client Schedule Status from the Reporting menu
D.issue the command query event * * begintime=-24
Answer: D

4. Some activities are running late, and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) server resources are running low.
Which command prevents clients from establishing new workload on the server until the resource constraints are resolved?
A.halt quiesce
B.disable sessions
C.enable events tivoli
D.disable events tivoli
Answer: B

5. What could help performance for a very large file backup?
Answer: B

6. What should you verify before running the audit library LIB1 checklabel=barcode command on your SCSI tape library?
A.that library phone home mode has not been enabled
B.that no processes are running or tapes are currently mounted
C.that at least one tape drive is available for the audit library to use
D.that the barcode scanner is working properly from the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Administration Center
Answer: B

7. Where can you locate information about all activity occurring on the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) server?
A.activity log
C.recovery log
D.server status log
Answer: A

8. Which command displays all logged messages from the last 60 minutes on the current day?
A.query actlog
B.query actlog search=all
C.query actlog originator=server
D.query actlog begindate=-1 begintime=-36
Answer: A

9. Which command is used to determine the status of a scheduled backup?
A.query event * *
B.query backup * *
C.query status * *
D.query schedule * *
Answer: A

10. Which command displays the backup action for the schedule named DBWeekly?
A.query cloptset
B.query node type=client f=d
C.query session format=detail
D.query schedule standard DBWeekly format=detail
Answer: D

11. Where are preconfigured warning thresholds displayed within Operational Reporting?
A.Threshold Summary
B.Node Activity Log
C.Issues and Recommendations
D.Activity Log Summary
Answer: C

12. While reviewing the Daily Report, you find a scheduled restore job missed the allocated scheduled window.
Which two actions should be taken to determine the cause? (Choose two.)
A.check to see if the file was backed up
B.check to see if the storage pools are full
C.check to see if any scratch tapes are available
D.check to see if the client scheduler service is running on the client
E.check the Activity Log to identify what was happening during the scheduled period
Answer: D, E

13. Which command is issued to determine which client backups are running?
A.query node
B.query backups
C.query process
D.query session
Answer: D

14. In IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), what information does the query session command provide?
A.start times for client sessions
B.clients that are communicating with the TSM server
C.Client Options that are being used by the TSM server much data needs to be backed up to the TSM server
Answer: B

15. What information is displayed by the query process command? estimated completion time for each process
B.the process numbers of all the processes running on the server
C.the parent process of each process currently running on the server
D.the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) administrator who started each process on the server
Answer: B

16. Which command provides information and statistics on a storage pool backup including primary pool, bytes backed up, unreadable files, unreadable bytes, and current output volume?
A.query backup
B.query process
C.query clientstatus all
D.query client node=
Answer: B

17. What information is displayed in response to a query mount command?
A.a list of tape drives available for use
B.tape drive and volume serial number
C.a list of volumes awaiting operator intervention
D.a count of tape mount failures in the previous interval
Answer: B

18. Why would an operator issue the query mount command? determine if a tape has damaged blocks determine how much of a tape has been used determine the volume serial number of the tape in a drive determine how to move a tape and to which tape drive to move it
Answer: C

19. What happens when an operator accidentally attempts to check in a tape used for valid data with a status of scratch?
A.The information on the tape will be overwritten.
B.The tape is checked in with its status set to private.
C.The tape is not checked in, and no data are overwritten.
D.The operation will fail because the Write Protect tab is set.
Answer: C

20. Which statement is true about a scratch volume?
A.It is not in a storage pool.
B.It does have its Write Protect tab set.
C.It does not have its Write Protect tab set.
D.It has TSM00001 written to the header of block 1.
Answer: A

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