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IBM 000-428 Exam -

Free 000-428 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 A customer has a System z10 installed for over a month The customer calls IBM rep, mentions that he has a problem with his system. What corrective action should be taken to help
A. Get the Hardware Installation team involved
B. Go to the Customer site and resolve the problem.
C. Call the customer on phone and walk them thru the PMR process to resolve the problem
D. Refer the customer back to the Sales Team
Answer: C

Q: 2 Which temporary Capacity on Demand offering is NOT permitted to increase capacity by more than 100% of the purchased permanent capacity?
A. Capacity Backup
B. Capacity for Planned Events
C. On/Off Capacity on Demand
D. Disaster Event on Demand
Answer: C

Q: 3 When building the image profiles for a large system, the client should be concerned with the size requirements for which of the following?
A. Extended Common Save Area (ECSA)
B. Expanded Storage
C. Common Save Area (CSA)
D. Hardware Systems Area (HSA)
Answer: D

Q: 4 The System z10 processor installation is complete. Which of the following are the next steps the customer expects from IBM team?
A. Setup a meeting with customers to discuss project summary plans and conclusions.
B. Have a IBM internal team meeting to discuss project
C. Invite the customer to an installed customer event
D. Reopen application discussions to start up another project
Answer: A

Q: 5 A very large retailer selling books on the internet is considering a z10 server running Linux or a Dell Xeon server running Windows. Which of the following characteristics should be emphasized?
A. Linux solution provides a completely secure environment due to z10 hardware
B. Linux solution provides higher performance due to processor speeds
C. Linux solution has a lower cost due to the lower people support cost
D. Linux solution supports more adapters enabling the solution to connect more users and sessions
Answer: C

Q: 6 A z10 customer is interested in migrating at least some of their applications to Linux. The technical staff asked the IBM System z Technical Specialist which Linux they recommend and how is it supported. Which of the following is the proper response?
A. IBM System z supports all major Linux distributions.
The customer should select their choice distribution.
Support for Linux comes only from the distributor.
B. IBM System z supports both Red Hat and SUSE Linux.
The customer should select the better performing distribution.
IBM supplies all z10 Linux support.
C. IBM System z supports all major Linux distributions.
The customer should select the best performing distribution.
Support comes from independent Linux support groups.
D. IBM System z supports both Red Hat and SUSE Linux.
The customer should select their choice distribution.
First call support for Linux comes from IBM.
Answer: D

Q: 7 A manufacturing company is planning to implement a new inventory application on an IBM System z10. They are considering z/OS or Red Hat Linux. Which of the following differences should they consider?
A. z/OS outperforms Red Hat Linux in commercial workloads
B. z/OS is more expensive, Linux is shareware
C. Red Hat Linux does not support all the devices supported by z/OS
D. z/OS is supported by IBM SupportLine, whereas Red Hat Linux can only be supported by Red Hat
Answer: C

Q: 8 A customer running a Windows environment wants to move to a Linux environment for security reasons. The customer asks what makes Linux on z10 different from Linux on HP Integrity servers.
Which of the following addresses this request?
A. Linux and CSM on System z provide superior cluster high availability features over Integrity's cluster offerings
B. System z's support of a flexible Linux software/hardware environment has greater market share
C. Linux supports a larger number of processors on System z than Integrity and, as a result, has higher performance results in industry standard benchmarks.
D. Linux is available as a single edition that supports full function on all z10 servers, whereas Linux on comes in four editions on Integrity to support different servers.
Answer: B

Q: 9 The intelligent dispatching of Hiperdispatch helps reduce which of the following?
A. Number of started tasks
B. Amount of memory consumed
C. Movement of cache and data
D. Amount of CPU consumed
Answer: C

Q: 10 A System z Technical Specialist is making a call on a Sun account. The Sun rep has told them that Dynamic Domains offer the best solution for server partitioning. Which would be the best response to use as a rebuttal?
A. System z servers offer the flexibility of both hardware and software partitions.
B. Sun's Dynamic Domains, every domain must be running the same version of Solaris.
C. With z/VM and logical partitioning, System z servers provide use of multiple operating systems.
D. Sun Dynamic Domains feature costs extra and is only available on Sun's mid to high end systems.
Answer: C

Q: 11 A performance analysis indicates that a customer's current z10 needs more processing power. The MES is being requested based on the analysis to add additional processors as soon as possible. There is significant risk as the customer maintenance window for installation is extremely tight. Which of the following actions will minimize this risk at minimal cost?
A. Tune the existing machine to maximize the available maintenance window
B. Perform the installation concurrently during the maintenance window
C. Perform all required system saves just prior to the maintenance window
D. Use CoD to maximize the maintenance window
Answer: B

Q: 12 What is the best action to take with your customer to generate interest in moving their Marketing Department Operational Data Warehouse to System z10?
A. Arrange to have a benchmark of their existing Data Warehouse run in Gaithersburg in the WSC Benchmark Center.
B. Give the customer the newest listing of the Top 10 TPC-C benchmark tests to demonstrate z10 new capabilities in data warehousing.
C. Explain how the z10 continues to improve the performance of XML parsing on the zIIP specialty engine.
D. Present the new processor architecture design in the z10 MCM that boosts data warehouse applications.
Answer: D

Q: 13 The z specialist is working on the mainframe upgrade plan from z800 to z10. What are the items that require attention to have the successful migration?
A. The CP study, HW & SW configurations, IO requirement and connectivity check, cabling, z10 checklist, PSP bucket, EC level, TDA and SA.
B. Contact Techline. Let Techline z specialist figure out what is required and follow the instruction.
C. The CP study, HW & SW configurations, z10 checklist, PSP bucket, EC level, new HW order and contact GTS for installation planning.
D. Work with Techlne on the configurations. Work with the plant on the new box order and work with GTS for installation.
Answer: A

Q: 14 The STP feature has been ordered for the 2097 and plans are in place to implement STP after the 2097 is installed and is part of the Sysplex.
To support the use of the Sysplex Timer attachment ETR ports are needed, what needs to be order to support attaching the 2097 to the sysplex timer?
A. To get the ETR feature code for the 2097 insure that the no cost FC 6155, quantity of two has been ordered.
B. STP and the ETR connections use the same hardware to provide for attachment, with the STP feature code ordered there are no additional feature codes required.
C. To get the ETR feature code for the 2097 insure that the chargeable FC 6155 has been ordered
D. The 2097 comes standard with two ETR ports, so no additional feature codes need to be ordered
Answer: D

Q: 15 When customers experience very serious situations, a Critical Situation (CRITSIT) may be filed. Which of the following best describes a CRITSIT?
A. Online customer-initiated process to help fix a serious problem
B. IBM/Business Partner-initiated process to address a serious issue with an IBM solution
C. IBM Executive-initiated process to address a serious issue with the IBM sales solution process
D. Business Partner-initiated process to address the IBM/Business Partner sales relationship
Answer: B

Q: 16 How does Hiperdispatch provide increased scalability & performance for higher N-way & multi-book z10 systems?
A. By using a data in memory technique to reduce the number of of physical I/O
B. By assigning priorities to mission critical workload
C. By invoking Hipersockets and bypassing all the network overhead
D. By recognizing the physical processor where the work was started and dispatching subsequent work to the same physical processor.
Answer: D

Q: 17 A System z Technical Specialist is presenting MIDAW to a customer group.
One of the customers wants to know how MIDAW benefits parallel, ESCON and FICON channels.
Which of the following is the appropriate response?
A. Most benefit is seen for FICON, some benefit for ESCON, and no benefit for parallel channels
B. MIDAW is supported on only FICON channels
C. Equal benefit to FICON and ESCON channels
D. Equal benefit to FICON and ESCON channels, some benefit to parallel channels
Answer: A

Q: 18 How long can a Capacity Backup temporary record be active without being replenished?
A. 90 days
B. 10 days
C. 3 days
D. 24 hours
Answer: A

Q: 19 During the implementation the customer notices the storage for a key ISV program requires more than double the expected space. This is causing a problem for other application installs. Which of the following implementation team members is responsible for this issue?
A. System z Technical Specialist
B. Customer technical lead
C. ISV with the larger storage requirement
D. Customer storage management staff
Answer: B

Q: 20 The System z sales specialist has brought the System z technical specialist in very late in the pre sale process. This caused several problems, and the specialist had to correct some misunderstandings about the technology and capabilities. Which of the following would be the most appropriate way to handle this to avoid these misunderstandings in future?
A. Document the problems and send a written summary to the sales specialist.
B. l Explain the situation to the customer and document the problems in the SAR.
C. Ask the sales specialist to bring them in earlier so that they can better understand the account.
D. Discuss the situation and the related issues with the sales manager and ask them to discuss with the sales specialist.
Answer: C

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