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IBM 000-426 Exam -

Free 000-426 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the IBM System z SAPR guide?
A. Provide information on product details
B. Mitigate potential installation issues before hardware installation
C. Determine IBM resources available for post-sales support
D. Document pricing and contract information on a sale
Answer: B

2. A customer created a z/VM with a Linux environment. After installation, the customer notices that some Linux applications are not running as fast as expected. A decision is made to tune the system because of these performance problems. Which of the following must be done before making tuning changes to the system or workload?
A. Provide additional memory in the z/VM / Linux LPAR
B. Upgrade z/VM and Linux to the latest releases
C. Install an additional Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL)
D. Determine what resource is the limiting factor in the configuration
Answer: D

3. The System z sales specialist has brought the System z technical specialist in very late in the pre sale process. This caused several problems, and the specialist had to correct some misunderstandings about the technology and capabilities. To avoid these misunderstandings in future, which of the following would be the most appropriate way to handle this?
A. Document the problems and send a written summary to the sales specialist.
B. Explain the situation to the customer and document the problems in the SAR.
C. Ask the sales specialist to bring them in earlier so that they can better understand the account.
D. Discuss the situation and the related issues with the sales manager and ask them to discuss with the sales specialist.
Answer: C

4. A company wants to enable customers to access their sales catalog via the Internet but is concerned about security. What z9 features are available to prevent an unauthorized person from viewing the data as it passes through the Internet?
A. OSA/Express GbE card and QDIO or non-QDIO features of z/OS
B. Crypto Express2 card and System SSL in z/OS
C. PCICC or PCICA adapter and the Ported Tools feature of z/OS
Answer: B

5. A customer is installing a z9 EC for their DR site. There is a short narrow driveway to the loading dock at the DR site. Which of the following should the customer do to ensure the truck can deliver the z9 EC?
A. Specify height reduction for the z9 EC
B. Ask the System z Technical Specialist request city truck delivery
C. Specify the z9 EC be delivered in two separate frames
D. Order a crane to move the z9 EC through a window
Answer: B

6. A performance analysis indicates that a customer's current z9 needs more processing power. The MES is being requested based on the analysis to add additional processors as soon as possible. The customer cannot afford the maintenance window for installation. Which of the following is the preferred action?
A. Ask the customer to schedule the installation when the machine can be stopped.
B. Tune the current machine to improve the performance as much as possible and delay the installation until the machine can be stopped.
C. Persuade the customer to schedule the installation window immediately.
D. Schedule the installation to be performed concurrently.
Answer: D

7. A System z Technical Specialist is directing the implementation planning process. This customer has several non IBM software licenses and an OEM storage subsystem. Which of the following describes how these two non IBM areas are addressed?
A. Customer is responsible to contact all vendors to ensure the proper level of software support and all planned features are tolerated or exploited. The customer is also responsible to contact hardware vendors to ensure all devices are attachable and supported on the planned z9.
B. IBM is responsible to contact all vendors to ensure the proper level of software support and all planned features
are tolerated or exploited. IBM also is responsible to contact hardware vendors to ensure all devices are attachable
and supported on the planned z9.
C. Each vendor is responsible to physically demonstrate the function of each software and hardware component with the z9.
D. The customer must upgrade their existing System z to the planned z/OS system level to test the function of both non IBM software and hardware.
Answer: A

8. The z990 Model A08 has 2 SAPs, 2 spares, and how many characterizable processor units?
A. 4
B. 6
C. 8
D. 10
Answer: C

9. A customer is planning to replace several older mainframes with z9, but is concerned about the current operating system levels installed. What is the first release of z/OS that requires a System z hardware architecture?
A. z/OS Version 1.4
B. z/OS Version 1.5
C. z/OS Version 1.6
D. z/OS Version 1.7
Answer: C

10. What zSeries virtualization technique is required to run 50 instances of DB2 Connect on Linux zSeries on a z9?
A. VM/ESA software
B. z/VM software
C. LPAR only
D. LPAR with the chaining function activated
Answer: B

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