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IBM 000-425 Exam -

Free 000-425 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A prospective manufacturing customer with an existing complex environment is requesting a proposal for a TSM data management solution. What should be the first step taken to validate the customer's project?

A. Perform a TSM benchmark
B. Verify funding
C. Contact the IBM Software Sales Professional
D. Survey customer's current environment

Answer: C

Q: 2
Which of the following statements best describes a customer's pain point that a sales specialist can immediately act upon?

A. "Which solution is right for my environment? There are so many to pick from
B. "I cannot get the payroll done in time each month, and it is costing me dearly in penalties."
C. "Our outage window is one weekend a month. I cannot afford to have the system down any additional time."
D. "We are on oldertechnology. I know that getting upto date will help us improve on our customer satisfaction."

Answer: B

Q: 3
A customer has an older mainframe installed and is considering moving to a new z9. The IT
Director asks the System z Sales Specialist for reasons to move to the z9. Which of the following is exclusive to the z9?

A. Server Time Protocol
B. Multiple Logical Channel Subsystem
C. Multiple Subchannel Sets
D. System Managed CF Structure Duplexing

Answer: C

Q: 4
A Syslem z competitor has announced their potential entry into the main? lame market. It Rather claims that thew system can run z/OS. What should the sales rep male sure the customer understands.

A. z/OS can only run on IBM mainframe systems.
B. Customer should verify the system wIll also run zNM and Linux.
C. Programs such as OS/390 and z/OS are licensed for use only on Designated Machines,
subject to IBM licensing terms.
D. Programs such as OS/390 and z/OS must be demonslrabd to run on Designated Machines. subject to IBM System z Technical Specialist approval.

Answer: C

Q: 5
A company is running many small applications, each on their own Intel server with the Linux operating system. They would like to consolidate the servers but maintain the flexibility to scale as business grows. Which of the following describes the characteristics of z9 virtualization to address this issue?

A. A virtual machine may use as little as 1/10,000th of a physical processor.
B. A virtual machine may use as little as 1% of a physical processor.
C. A virtual machine may use as little as 10% of a physical processor.
D. A virtual machine may use any percentage of a physical processor.

Answer: A

Q: 6
What is the advantage of dynamic oscillator switchover?

A. Allows the backup oscillator to detect the failure, switch over and provide redundant power capabilities.
B. Allows the backup oscillator to detect the failure, switch over requiring only an IPL instead of a full Power on Reset.
C. Allows the backup oscillator to detect the failure, switch over, and provide the clock signal to the server transparently.
D. Supports enhanced availability for z890, z900, and z9

Answer: C

Q: 7
A System z9 customer is evaluating z/OS capacity requirements. Which of the following IBM tools can perform capacity planning from customer SMF data?

C. CP3000
D. AD Tools

Answer: C

Q: 8
A System z9 retail customer has several underutilized distributed Linux servers and is considering options to consolidate. This business has many database servers, application
servers, and a test and development environment. Which of the following directly impacts the financial justification for this plan?

A. Virtualization to reduce software licensing costs
B. Improved use of data center floor space
C. Increased performance of server workloads
D. Enhanced infrastructure cooling efficiency

Answer: A

Q: 9
A universily physics department issues a RFP for a large system for research purposes. The
System z Sales Specialist has never met this group previously. Which of the following describes the likely financial justification process?

A. The department will conduct a study of all the operating systems available
B. The department will compare distributed, clustered, and centralized implementations and decide based on TCA
C. The department will compare communication sub systems, and LAN topologies between all vendors
D. The department will purchase a system to meet pertormance needs at the best price and consider the total cost of ownership

Answer: B

Q: 10
A new ClO plans to reduce the complexity of the IT infrastructure. Which of the follow features or approaches will appeal to this individual?

B. Server consolidation
C. Linux
D. Virtualization

Answer: B

Q: 11
A moderate sized customer wants to exploit 4Gb FICON on IBM Disk Storage with 40 TB and they are space constrained. Which of the following should the sales specialist recommend?

A. DS4000
B. DS6000
C. DS8000
D. ESS 800

Answer: C

Q: 12
Which of the following statements best describes who should be involved in a Systems
Assurance Review?

A. All parties directly involved with the install and the Systems Assurance Coordinator.
B. All parties directly involved with the install and the ITSO.
C. All parties directly involved with the install and Poughkeepsie Product Assistance Center (PPAC).
D. All parties directly involved in the install except business partners

Answer: A

Q: 13
A Sun customer has recently experienced several critical processor failures. When replacing the processors, the customer was not able to recreate the problem. Which of the following System z PAS features should the sales representative emphasize during the sales call?

A. Chipkill Me mow
B. Service Processor
C. Lightpath Diagnostics
D. First Failure Data Capture

Answer: D

Q: 14
An installed zSeries customer is migrating to a z9 EC server. They are concerned about the number of PCI-X cryptographic adapters available. Which of the following is the maximum number available?

A. 16
B. 8
C. 48
D. 336

Answer: A

Q: 15
If a customer wants to install a new release of z/OS and has little or no systems programming staff, which of the following could the customer consider as an alternative?

A. LIDS Express Services
B. UDS Migration Services
C. Systems programming services
D. Custom Pack

Answer: C

Q: 16
A prospect with a large Windows server farm is considering migrating to System z9. The CIO has spent significant effort using current utilization and commercial benchmarks to predict required server upgrades and additions. Which of the following describes z9 modeling?

A. CP 3000 uses machine data to predict requirements
B. Virtualization radically improves utilization and modeling
C. LPAR allows a single z9 to run large numbers of individual virtual servers
D. Commercial benchmarks are converted to MIPs and extrapolated to z9

Answer: A

Q: 17
A System z customer plans to order a z9 EC processor. The technical specialist has identified a need for 160 GB memory, but significantly more will be required within a year. The customer must concurrently upgrade memory at that time. Which of the following describes the correct recommendation to handle this growth?

A. z9 EC Enhanced Book Availability
B. z9 EC Flexible Memory
C. z9 Hot Pluggable Memory
D. Order the larger memory amount, use CoD to activate later

Answer: A

Q: 18
Which or the rollowing is an IBM Reference Architecture?

A. Business Continuity
B. System z9 BC

Answer: A

Q: 19
A growing z/OS customer has purchased another company running on a System p server. Both systems are purchased and have been installed for more than four years. Which of the following can be used to establish the ability to merge these two workloads on an existing or new System z server?

A. Run CP3000 on both systems.
B. Review disk and processor utilization for both systems to estimate the total system
C. Establish growth plans for both application areas, run CP3000 on the System z and review the processor and storage utilization on the System p
D. Run a sample of the System p AIX workload in an LPAR to establish the total system requirements

Answer: C

Q: 20
A current 2084 A08 304 customer intends on getting off of the mainframe in the next year by moving applications to a distributed environment. Today they are running at 98% capacity and think they will grow at least 10% before year end. What is the best solution for this customer.

A. Move to the new System z9 BC which is smaller than the 2084 and allow for software savings and provide a way to downgrade using capacity settings.
B. Add an engine to the existing machine so they can turn it on right away.
C. Upgrade to a z9 EC and use capacity settings to downgrade as needed and get some IBM
software savings.
D. This is really not a customer the Sales Rep would want to deal with since there is no long term potential, but should suggest outsourcing as a viable option.

Answer: C

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