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IBM 000-424 Exam -

Free 000-424 Sample Questions:

1.The customer's direction is to get off the mainframe because of cost concerns. Which of the following should the zSeries Sales Specialist do?
A.Convince the customer to only use the mainframe for a database server
B.Move on to the next customer since this customer is already leaving the mainframe
C.Work with the customer to migrate the zSeries workloads to a distributed platform
D.Work with the customer to understand their issues and see what can be done to preserve zSeries footprint The customer's direction is to get off the mainframe because of cost concerns. Which of the following should the zSeries Sales Specialist do?
E.Convince the customer to only use the mainframe for a database server
Answer: D

2.Which of the following statements best describes a customer's pain point that a sales specialist can immediately act upon?
A."Which solution is right for my environment? There are so many to pick from."
B."I cannot get the payroll done in time each month, and it is costing me dearly in penalties."
C."Our outage window is one weekend a month. I cannot afford to have the system down any additional time."
D."We are on older technology. I know that getting up to date will help us improve on our customer satisfaction."
Answer: B

3.Which of the following is the software pricing model that was introduced with the IBM eServer z890?
Answer: A

4.Which of the following operating systems is specially designed for the IBM eServer zSeries 800 and 890?
B.z/OS 1.4
Answer: C

5.The customer needs additional capacity and requested a used upgrade. The zSeries Sales Specialist has provided the customer with a used and new proposal. The new solution has lower costs over three years compared to the used solution due to significantly lower maintenance costs. The customer accepts the new proposal, but wants to make sure that everything about the installation goes smoothly. How can the sales specialist ensure that everything will go smoothly?
A.Offer IGS Operational Services.
B.Contact TechLine to involve services offerings.
C.Work closely with the customer and IBM teams to develop a pre­ and post­installation plan.
D.Hand the pre­ and post­installation tasks over to the technical specialist.
Answer: C

6.Which of the following are prerequisites for running a zAAP?
A.Java 1.4.1, IBM z/OS 1.6
B.WebSphere V4 or V5, IBM z/OS 1.3
C.IBM z/VM V5, Linux with SuSE SLES V8
D.IBM z/VM V4, Linux with SuSE SLES V8
Answer: A

7.A VM/VSE customer wants to implement a WebSphere Application Server (WAS) on an existing zSeries server. On which of the following operating environments would WAS best be implemented?
Answer: A

8.When looking at a 3­year Total Cost of Computing Analysis for a traditional zSeries, which factor typically has the largest influence on the total cost of the solution?
D.Hardware Maintenance
Answer: B

9.The OSA­ICC is most similar in function to which of the following devices?
A.37XX Communications Controller
B.ESCON Director
C.2029 Fiber Saver
D.2074 Console Support Controller
Answer: D

10.When recommending z/OS.e as a solution for New Workload software price reduction, which of the following key areas need to be addressed?
A.Has a Special Bid been submitted to approve the New Workload Application running under z/OS.e?
B.Is the New Workload Application supported on z/OS.e (that is, will it run under z/OS.e)?
C.Is z/OS.e compatible with zSeries z890 processors? What level of z/OS.e is required?
D.Is z/VM able to support the workload that is anticipated by the New Workload application?
Answer: B

11.A z/OS customer is trying to decide whether to acquire an IBM eServer 9672­z77 or an IBM eServer z990. What risk will the customer need to consider on the IBM z77?
A.z/OS is not supported.
B.z/OS will not support Linux.
C.z/OS requires z/VM to run.
D.z/OS support for an IBM 9672 ends March 2007.
Answer: D

12.A customer needs an upgrade from a 2 CP IBM eServer z900 to a 3 CP IBM eServer z900. Which of the following tools would a zSeries Sales Specialist use to create the configuration?
B.Rapid Online
Answer: A

13.A customer with VM/VSE on an IBM 9672 with 60 MIPS and an IBM RVA with 1 TB wants to migrate his workload into a WAS Solution in the next 48 months. If the customer is interested in migration to WAS on Linux under z/VM, which of the following should the zSeries Sales Specialist offer?
A.IBM eServer z890, MLC for the remaining traditional workload and an IBM TotalStorage ESS
B.IBM eServer z890, MLC for the remaining traditional workload and an IBM TotalStorage FAStT
C.IBM eServer z890, WLC for the remaining traditional workload and an IBM TotalStorage ESS
D.IBM eServer z890, WLC for the remaining traditional workload and an IBM TotalStorage FAStT
Answer: C

14.A customer has recently acquired another company, and now has mission­critical applications requiring a back­up location. The customer is planning on consolidating datacenters, since cost is
an issue. The customer asks for 2 CBU Tests per year. Which of the following needs to be done to fulfill this requirement?
A.CBU Tests are free; the customer may run as many as needed.
B.Ten CBU Tests are provided in the 5­year contract, which fulfills the customer's requirement.
C.The specialist needs to help the customer understand the ease of use and stability of CBU, such that CBU Testing is not required.
D.The specialist should explain that 5 tests come standard with a CBU contract and that additional tests can be purchased when the 5 tests are used.
Answer: D

15.A customer wants to go into production with WebSphere, but does not have budget for additional capacity this year. Microsoft has offered an inexpensive solution. Which of the following should the zSeries Sales Specialist recommend?
A.Defer full production until next year
B.Outsource the WebSphere workload to IGS
C.Temporarily migrate to Windows on xSeries
D.An IBM Global Financing lease with deferred payment
Answer: D

16.While meeting to discuss future upgrade options, the customer asks the zSeries Sales Specialist to see an LSPR comparison of their current processor to a new processor. Which of the following IBM workstation tools would the sales specialist be able to show the customer to present the differences?
Answer: B

17.Which of the following best describes the operating environment required to take advantage of EWLC sub­capacity pricing?
A.The processor must be running multiple LPAR in Basic mode with z/OS 1.4.
B.LPAR mode with z/OS 1.4 or above running in 64­bit mode.
C.Multiple operating systems must be installed.
D.Linux must be installed across all LPAR.
Answer: B

18.Which of the following software pricing metrics offers a sub­capacity option?
Answer: B

19.SAP R/3 can be hosted on IBM eServer zSeries under all of the following configurations EXCEPT
A.Application and database serving under z/OS
B.Application and database serving under VSE
C.Application serving on Intel, database serving under z/OS
D.Application serving on Unix, database serving under z/OS
Answer: B

20.The customer is installing their first IBM eServer zSeries 890 server and first FICON devices. They previously had an IBM 9672­G4 server installed. Which of the following unique services, which did not have to be considered previously, will the customer need to consider?
A.Raised floor
Answer: C

21.The IBM zSeries Application Assist Processor (zAAP) is designed for performing which of the following?
A.I/O workloads
B.Coupling Facility workloads
C.Linux application instructions
D.Java application instructions
Answer: D

22.Which of the following processors support operation in LPAR mode only?
A.IBM eServer z800 only
B.IBM eServer z800 and IBM eServer z900
C.IBM eServer z890 and IBM eServer z990
D.IBM 9672­G5 and IBM 9672­G6
Answer: C

23.Capacity Backup Upgrade (CBU) applies to which of the following?
D.Cryptographic co­processors
Answer: A

24.Which organization is available to validate the technical configuration before an IBM eServer zSeries is ordered?
B.Business Partner Sales Productivity Center
C.Business Partner Support Organization
D.IBM Global Services
Answer: A

25.Which of the following best describes what is done on the IBM eServer zSeries in the event of a PU failure?
A.The entire processor will automatically shut down until repaired.
B.The remaining PU will run in turbo mode until the repair is complete.
C.The failing PU will automatically move workload to the Crypto feature.
D.A failed PU's characterization is dynamically reassigned to a spare PU, if one is available.
Answer: D

26.Which of the following resources can be minimized by the use of the cryptographic co­processors?
A.I/O traffic
B.Network traffic
Answer: D

27.A customer has an IBM 9672­R26 installed, running traditional CICS type workload. The
customer is hesitant to consider new equipment due to the "high cost" of new versus used, but needs additional capacity in the next 30 days. The zSeries Sales Specialist believes a capacity setting 110 IBM eServer z890 will meet the customer's needs. Which of the following can the sales specialist do to help the customer justify this new purchase?
A.Propose the IBM z890 solution, showing lower software costs, lower maintenance cost, and greater system capacity.
B.Propose an IGS Optimization study, and analyze the customer's current workload on the IBM 9672 versus the IBM z890.
C.Propose a cheaper IBM z800 solution, as n­1 technology.
D.Explain the price curve and how S/390 and zSeries MIPS have come down significantly over the years.
Answer: A

28.Which of the following options will allow for the greatest virtualization flexibility in creating
Linux instances?
C.Linux native
D.Parallel Sysplex
Answer: A

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