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IBM 000-419 Exam -

Free 000-419 Sample Questions:

1. When running Word Investigation, producing a pattern report will help you do what?
A. Refine a standardization rule set.
B. Decide which fields to use for blocking fields.
C. Discover inconsistencies in data type representation.
D. Identify which patterns should survive.
Answer: A

2. A client states that phone data is in the North American format: 999-999-9999. Which field mask would determine if the client is correct?
A. C
B. T
C. X
D. N
Answer: B

3. What is a result when you increase the match cut-off setting?
A. It minimizes the false positives.
B. It minimizes the false negatives.
C. It adds agreement weight.
D. It subtracts agreement weight.
Answer: A

4. Which technique can be used to reduce the processing time of the Match Frequency stage?
A. Create a frequency file for all the fields in the input file.
B. Create a frequency file for only the fields used for blocking and matching.
C. Create a frequency file for only the fields used for matching.
D. Create a frequency file for only the fields used for blocking.
Answer: C

5. What are the two Match Specification probabilities that can be configured? (Choose two.)
A. m probability
B. u probability
C. r probability
D. pi probability
Answer: A, B

6. Which three components must be specified to configure a match specification? (Choose three.)
A. frequency file
B. match test database
C. Standardize stage
D. sample data set
E. Match stage
Answer: A, B, D

7. Which two columns are outputs of the Match Frequency stage? (Choose two.)
A. qsFreqAddressLine1
B. qsFreqFirstName
C. qsFreqCount
D. qsFreqColumnID
Answer: C, D

8. Which two processing methods should use candidate selection? (Choose two.)
A. real-time
B. initial load
C. one-time load
D. delta load
Answer: A, D

9. Which three types of rule set overrides are valid? (Choose three.)
A. column type overrides
B. classification overrides
C. output pattern overrides
D. unhandled pattern overrides
E. input text overrides
Answer: B, D, E

10. Which file contains the definition of the output structure of the standardize stage?
A. Classification table
B. Pattern-action
C. Dictionary file
D. Lookup tables
Answer: C

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