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IBM 000-416 Exam -

Free 000-416 Sample Questions:

1.The business analyst tells you that they expect to be able to unduplicate over 50% of their customer records using Social Security numbers. How do you determine if this is feasible?
A.Be sure to standardize the Social Security data prior to the match.
B.Design the match to accept missing values in the Social Security data field.
C.Ask others in the IT department if they have the same expectations as the business analyst.
D.Review the results of Character Investigation on the field containing the Social Security data.
Answer: D

2.A QualityStage job has patient visit records for input. The job should group all visits for a patient together. How can this grouping be accomplished?
A.Use the Undup option.
B.Use the GeoMatch option.
C.Use the Match Sets option.
D.Use the GeoMatch Multiple option.
Answer: A

3.Which method should be used to create the directory structure under a master project?
A.Create a run profile.
B.Deploy the first job in a project before running it.
C.Add a directory path record to the repository database.
D.Install the QualityStage Server and the project directories will automatically be created.
Answer: B

4.Which two statements are true about a job that contains an Investigation stage? (Choose two.)
A.It contains no other stages.
B.It cannot be run in Real Time.
C.It can contain multiple Investigation stages, but no other types of stages.
D.It can contain other stages, but it cannot contain more than one Investigation stage.
Answer: A, B

5.A group of addresses are failing standardization because of an unrecognized street type. Which technique should be used to customize the address rule set?
A.Use the input text override screen to correctly handle these occurrences.
B.Modify the Pattern Action Language to recognize occurrences of this street type.
C.Add the street type item using the classification tab in the Standardization Overrides feature.
D.Use the input pattern tab in the Standardization Overrides feature to correctly handle patterns with this occurrence.
Answer: C

6.You are running your QualityStage job using the Parallel Extender mode while varying the degrees of parallel that it is using. What is the key factor that influences performance?
A.location of the buffer pool
B.location of the conductor node
C.number of stages used by the job
D.whether the job is CPU­bound or IO­bound
Answer: D

7.What is helpful when defining the structure of the target data?
A.Understanding the degree of data drift over time.
B.Understanding the size and complexity of the project.
C.Understanding how to organize data for investigation.
D.Understanding the data mission that satisfies the business goal.
Answer: D

8.You installed, but have not yet started, the QualityStage server on a UNIX machine. You plan to use the QualityStage server with the IBM Parallel Extender engine. Which two actions must be performed? (Choose two).
A.You must run the script.
B.You must enable the Projects directory for NFS mount.
C.You must add the INTBIN environment variable to your PATH.
D.You must install and configure Parallel Extender before starting the QualityStage server.
Answer: C, D

9.Which two types of data are analyzed with Character Investigation? (Choose two.) ID
Answer: A, C

10.A customer wishes to household all their customers. The records are all on one file. Which match option should you choose to accomplish this?
D.Match Sets
Answer: B

11.The provincial government of Ontario, Canada needs to modify its names rule set to identify corporate numbers located in a business name field. These corporate numbers must have a length of 9. Which statement is true?
A.The Pattern Action Language in the CANAME rule set should be modified for this requirement.
B.This condition can be handled using the input pattern tab in the Standardization Overrides feature.
C.Word investigation with the CANAME rule set can be used to handle this without rule set modification.
D.The only modification required is adding Ontario corporation numbers to a lookup table in the CANAME
rule set.
Answer: A

12.In which phase is Data Investigation a step in the QualityStage data re­engineering process?
A.Phase Two
B.Phase Four
C.Evaluating Results phase
D.Understanding the Business Requirements phase
Answer: A

13.You need to standardize address information using QualityStage Real Time. Which two ways is address information passed to the QSRT Server? (Choose two.)
A.from QSRT client
B.from QSRT manager
C.from QualityStage Designer
D.from a file in QualityStage Data directory
Answer: A, D

14.Which statement is true when creating a Survive stage?
A.You cannot define complex rules.
B.You can only populate one field per rule.
C.The input records need a group identifier.
D.The output structure can be different from the input structure.
Answer: C

15.Which two statements describe a purpose for standardization? (Choose two.)
A.Fix invalid addresses.
B.Improve match processing.
C.Validate ZIP Codes within states.
D.Provide internally consistent data content and format.
Answer: B, D

16.A customer has data in XML format that they want to process with QualityStage. How can
QualityStage use the data? (Choose two.)
A.Use the XML importer.
B.Use the Format Convert stage.
C.Require the input in another format.
D.Use DataStage to pre­process the XML.
Answer: C, D

17.What distinguishes probabilistic matching from deterministic matching?
A.The use of predefined scoring outcomes.
B.The use of a hierarchy of rule precedence.
C.The use of statistical properties of the data values.
D.The use of decision tables and scoring thresholds.
Answer: C

18.Which two are valid Survive stage rule techniques? (Choose two.)
B.average value
C.all upper case
D.most frequent non­blank
Answer: A, D

19.You want to run a QualityStage job in parallel within DataStage. What is a valid way to do this?
A.Use the QualityStage Parallel stage.
B.Use QualityStage plug­in for DataStage.
C.Use the Command stage in the DataStage job sequencer.
D.You must use Windows batch files or UNIX scripts to complete the integration.
Answer: C

20.Which statement is true about QualityStage Standardization?
A.Records should be unduplicated and survived prior to standardization to reduce run time.
B.It is necessary to standardize all fields in a record before attempting to match records.
C.Placement of data within the context of a record is used by Standardization to help determine the meaning of the data.
D.Input records containing separate first and last name fields do not require standardization to be performed on those fields.
Answer: C

21.What is the maximum number of passes allowed in one match stage?
Answer: B

22.Which add­on stage will certify Puerto Rican addresses?
Answer: B

23.Which two are reasons to use Investigation on data? (Choose two.)
A.Verify the reliability of the data.
B.Determine a match pass cutoff.
C.Reduce the error rate of the data.
D.Reveal undocumented business rules.
Answer: A, D

24.You want to interactively test a Domain­Specific rule set using the QualityStage UI. Which statement is true?
A.You cannot change the Locale.
B.You can enter multiple input strings.
C.You can select a previously entered input string.
D.The result will be all rule set fields, even the blank ones.
Answer: C

25.Which two are reflected in the match agreement and disagreement weights for a field? (Choose two.)
C.standard deviation
D.discriminating power
Answer: B, D

26.Your customer is producing a mass mailing and is very interested in keeping the cost of mailings down versus getting the most complete coverage. Which two should you consider? (Choose two.)
A.using household unduplication
B.skipping address standardization
C.using customer unduplication that might over match
D.using customer unduplication that might under match
Answer: A, C

27.The QualityStage Real Time Manager is installed. Which two functions are provided by this service? (Choose two.)
A.The QualityStage Real Time Manager provides load balance statistics.
B.The QualityStage Real Time Manager starts the QualityStage batch server, if necessary.
C.The QualityStage Real Time Manager starts QualityStage Real Time servers and tracks them.
D.The QualityStage Real Time Manager provides connection support between real time clients and QualityStage Real Time servers.
Answer: C, D

28.The p.FRQ report is produced by which stage?
Answer: C

29.Which statement is true?
A.Standardize stage uses Dictionary files to create patterns.
B.Standardize stage dynamically builds patterns for the data.
C.Standardize stage uses patterns pre­built in Investigation Stage. D.Standardize stage uses domain specific database lookup tables.
Answer: B

30.A QualityStage server is to be installed on Linux, with the client on Windows XP. Which two steps should be completed prior to installing the QualityStage server? (Choose two.)
A.Install the Parallel Extender engine.
B.Install the QualityStage real­time service.
C.Create a user and a group both named qsadm.
D.Create a symbolic link pointing to your QualityStage installation directory.
Answer: C, D

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